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Tom from Oxford Online Marketing talks about some of the key areas of search marketing for ecommerce.

Transcript of SEO For Ecommerce

  • 1. SEO ForEcommerce

2. Beginning SEO for ecommerce can make you really sad. SAD SEOBABY Image: Island Spice 3. ...but once you get going:SEO stream roller Image: net_efekt 4. Resulting in:Search Traffic!Image: Lingaraj G J 5. IntroductionWell talk about: Easy on-page essentials Product pages Keyword research & search volume Internal link structure Categorisation, URLs & duplicate content Increasing content 6. On-Page Essentials Page titles H tags Unique product description Optimised images with ALT tag Unique meta description Correct keyword research DONT use more info etc. to link to products 7. Search Volume ChangesWorldwide:- Kids clothes- Childrens clothesWorldwide trend: kids clothes 8. Search Volume ChangesUK Searches: 2004-mid 2007: childrens clothes has higher search volume 2007 onwards: kids clothes has higher search volume Search volume changes, so keywords should be regularly reviewed and think about your geotargeting 9. Singular keywords?Q:Do your customers search for laptop or laptops?A:LaptopLaptopsPage Title Solution:Laptops: Buy a laptop from 10. Dont Forget Long-tail High volume, LOW CONVERSION Low volume, HIGH CONVERSIONDont forget to optimise product pages for long-tail, specific searchesVisitors from long-tail searches are later in the buying cycle andcarry much higher conversion ratesDont bury key product information in the page use it in your on-page basic optimisation 11. Brand Landing Pages Allows for optimisationdedicated to one brand Improves usability for visitorswith specific desires Increases chances of multiplepages in search results Ideal area for promotions 12. Product Descriptions Dont use standard, manufacturer descriptions Dont use second hand descriptions= duplicate content User reviews provide fresh content and buyer reassurance 13. First LinkWhen several links to one productappear on the same page, Googleonly considers the first.Displaying text such as more infofirst, or at the top of the product boxmakes Google count the more infolink, rather than the keyword-richtextual link. 14. Multiple CategorisationUse top levels for product pages: multiple categories to include the product withoutcreating duplicate pages at (eg.) 15. Fatal Pagination Go to a product category Arrive on Go to page two: Hit previous Arrive on = duplicate contentSolution:Use canonical element to tell Google that your page one is the same asthe original, 16. Session IDs...are bad for SEO because: They create unique urls for each visit(including search engines) Resulting in huge amounts of duplicatedcontent, which search engines hateDillutes inbound link building effortsSolution: Dont use them! Consider using cookies as an alternative 17. Ugly URLsURLs with category codes, product numbers,dynamic content etc. are not search enginefriendly. And theyre ugly.Rewrite/301 redirect URLs to search engine friendlyversion with keywords: could also use the canonical element but this wontchange the physical appearance from a usability pointview 18. Affiliates Dont let it create duplicate content!Eg. TEST OUT: Canonical element: rel="canonical 301 redirect to original page?NEVER provide identical productdescriptions to third parties. Produce twodata feeds internal and external. 19. TALK!The biggest challenge in ecommerce SEO is creatingenough content content that isnt made up of imagesand price tagsSolutions: Blog, blog, and more blog. Social elements Reviews Advice Category write ups/summaries (at top of page one) Competitions (also great for linkbuilding) 20. Tom Coxwww.oxfordonlinemarketing.cominfo@oxfordonlinemarketing.comTwitter: @oxonlinemktg