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  • SEO For 2016 The Complete Do-It-Yourself SEO Guide

    Sean Odom

    “Less than 5% of all businesses on the Internet use professional SEO services, however of those who use Professional SEO services, they garner 87% of all

    clicks on the Internet.” —’s “November 2015 Internet Usage Report

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  • SEO for 2016: The Complete Do-It-Yourself SEO Guide

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  • This book is dedicated to:

    This book is dedicated to the SEO’s, the content writers and the webmasters who spend countless hours in the pursuit of the perfect search engine placement. And

    specifically to those who are willing to share knowledge with their peers.

    And there are too many to name, but to all of those who nurtured my knowledge and have helped me become one of the best Search Engine Optimization experts

    in the world.

  • About the author – Sean Odom Sean Odom ( has been in the Information Technology

    industry for over 25 years and in that time he has written for such publishers as Que, Wylie, Sybex, Coriolis, Paraglyph Press, Pearson Learning and Media Works Publishing.

    Sean is well-known in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) industry and has been since 1990 when he first wrote an article entitled, “Optimizing for Searches” in PC Computing a popular magazine during that time. This started a club which blossomed to over 25,000 members in the late 1990’s. This club then took on the name “The SEO Club” and in 2001 Sean Odom wrote his first book on SEO optimization.

    Today, many professional publications give Sean Odom credit for starting an entire industry of SEO professionals. In 2008 his SEO book which he republishes yearly to keep up with SEO advances and changes in technology became a best seller. Today, Sean owns and operates one of the most successful SEO companies in the world WebSEO His company caters to every size business and has contributed to the success of hundreds of businesses worldwide.

    His team of dedicated of professionals constantly trains, researches, monitors, and keeps up with the constantly evolving search engine algorithm changes. Implementing new tools and changes to keep his customers at the top of the search engines.

  • Acknowledgements I need to thank all those who have believed in me over the years and made this book

    such as success. Even though I have been the bestselling SEO author since 2008 and written over forty books, it still amazes me to see that there are over 35,000 preordered copies of this book even while I am working on it.

    It is truly you the reader that I do this for. I need to thank the entire team that worked me at MediaWorks to write, edit, and get this book on the shelves in the limited amount of time we had to do it. Special thanks needs to go out to Robyn Lindsey, Jason Andrus, Kevin Sawvel, Monica Morano, Todd Lammle, Mike Turner, Mel Fuller, and Ken Gregg for all their help in either publishing this book or forcing me to keep my skills top notch!

    —Sean Odom

  • Contents

    Table of Contents About the author – Sean Odom


    Where SEO Began

    What’s New In 2016

    Chapter 1 – SEO

    My website looks better than my competition! I’m good, right?

    Search Engine Algorithms

    Sidebar: How do search engines collect information on websites?

    Skynet RankBrain Algorithm

    Panda Algorithm

    Penguin Update

    Penalty Algorithms

    Domain Name Match

    Manual Intervention

    Hummingbird Algorithm

    PDF Algorithm

    Search Engine Queries

    Chapter 2 – Keywords

    The Science behind Choosing Keywords

    Long Tail Keywords

    Creating the Meta Data for Each Page

    Configuring the Keyword Meta Tag

    Configuring the Meta Title Tag

    Configuring the Description Tag

    Configuring the GoogleBot and the Robot Tags

    Language Identifier

    Configuring the Meta Revisit Tag

    Configuring the Meta Location Tags

  • Configuring the Meta Subject Tag

    Configuring the Author and Copyright Meta Tags

    WordPress Meta Data

    Choosing Quality Keywords

    Chapter 3 - What do I need to do first for SEO?

    Adding Your Website to Google Webmaster Tools

    How to Add and Verify A Site:

    The Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard

    Configuring Webmaster Tool Settings


    Setting URL Parameters

    Change of Address

    Creating Users



    Traffic Search Queries

    Links to Your Site

    Internal Links


    Remove URLs Option

    Structured Data

    HTML Improvements

    Content Keywords

    Data Highlighter

    Other Resources

    Next Step, Add a Local Business Listing To Google Places

    Next Step, Adding Your Site to Bing Webmaster Tools

    Verification Process

    Bing Webmaster Dashboard

    Configuring Your Site

    Reports and Data

    Diagnostics and Tools

  • SEO Analyzer

    Next Step, Add a Bing Business Portal Listing

    Next, Add a Business Listing To Yahoo!

    Next Step, Make Sure Your Website Has Good Mechanics

    Next, Submit Your Website to Bing

    Next Step, Submit Your Website to DMOZ

    Next step? Use A Major Shortcut! Use Submission Complete to Make the Rest of this Job Easy

    Chapter 4 – SEO and Website Structure

    SEO or Design Should Be Considered First?

    Implementing SEO in tDesign Before It Is Live

    Design and Optimizing For Devices

    Focus On Your Websites Impact

    The Very Basics of SEO in Design

    Meta and HTML Tags

    Header Tag Content

    Body Text

    Sidebar: Keywords in Text

    Sidebar: Things to Avoid


    Alternative Tags

    These Alt tags are also a good place to include additional keywords to make your site more relevant. Human visitors

    Other Items You Should Make Space For

    How to Create an RSS Feed for a Static Website

    Creating an RSS Feed From a Blog

    Other Valuable Content

    Other Website Considerations

    Hosting Location

    Keyword Frequency


    Keyword Density

    Chapter 5 – Off-Page SEO

  • Placing Keywords in Your Incoming Links

    The Quantity of Incoming Links

    Incoming Link Quality

    Bad Links

    Official News Sources

    Good Website Links

    Sidebar: Getting Good Links from Customer Reviews

    Matt Cutts From Google

    Disavow Tool - Common Mistakes

    Customer Review Acquisition Strategies

    Link Juice

    Sidebar: The Orphan Page Link Test

    Linking Within Your site

    Other Things on Your Linking To Do List

    Buy a Blog

    Using Social Bookmarking Sites

    Using Directory Links

    Buying Text Links Is A “No No!”

    Creating Outgoing links

    Where are my links from?

    Diversity of Your Links

    Negative SEO

    Google or Bing Link Penalties

    Link Spamming

    Comment Spam

    Blog Spam

    Viral Marketing

    Self Promoter

    Money Making Spam

    Varied Linking Text

    Sidebar: Getting Good Links

    WordPress Blog Commenting