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SEO refers to the optimizing onpage and offpage ranking aspects in order to reach to the top ranking for targeted keywords.

What is seo

1. Build a best website

SEO DosIf you want to show up your website on the first page of result. You must have to make great website

2. Research on content related Keywords

Find out the keywords which are related to your content with more traffic but less competition.

3. There should be unique title and description for each pageAlways add different title and description for each page. It helps to rank your website on first page

4. Always include updated sitemap pageA Sitemap is usually used to crawl all WebPages of your website so that it wont miss out on anything. Whenever you update content on your website you should update sitemap also because spiders cant index pages that cant be crawled

5. Make SEO-friendly URLs.A good structure can help the indexation process of your website. URL should be in proper format.

SEO Donts1. Dont spread your content over multiple domain URLs.Avoid adding same content on main domain and sub domain of your website. It causes duplication of content which is against Google algorithms.

2. Buying links should be strictly avoidedDont buy links as they rank your website on first page but it could prove harmful to you in the long-run.

3. Avoid duplicate content on your website.

Website with duplicate content is not good for ranking. It is against Google algorithms. It shows error when you add duplicate content on your website

4. Don't use links from unassociated, poor quality, or unauthenticated sitesDont use low quality sites because it affects the ranking of your website

5. Don't add more keywords for an individual pageAdding more keywords o each page leads to Keyword stuffing whichis considered to be an unethical search engine optimizationtechnique, which leads a website's being banned from major search engines either temporarily or permanently.