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Internet Marketing Expert Gloria Rand explains why and how businesses need to apply SEO copywriting techniques to generate leads and sales.

Transcript of SEO Copywriting Secrets Revealed

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2. SEO Copywriting Secrets Revealed 3. A little bit about me 4. What is SEO? Drives quality traffic to your website 5. What is SEO Copywriting? Gets Visitors to Take Action 6. Why do I need SEO? SEO + web visitors = $ for your business 7. SEO Best Practices Keyword Research 8. SEO Case Study 9. SEO Research Tools Google Adwords 10. SEO Best Practices 11. SEO Best Practices Key phrases in headlines and subheadlines Key phrases in hyperlinks Key phrases throughout the content Key phrase-rich Title Focus on 2-3 keyphrases per page 12. What does Google Want? 13. What does Google Want? Write Copy for Visitors, NOT Search Engines 14. What does Google Want? put yourself in your customers shoes and make sure you provide them with the information they need. 15. What does Google Want? Sales New Products Infographics 16. What does Google Want? Blog Articles 17. Why Blog? Promote Products Branding Reach New Customers Communicate Become Recognized Expert 18. SEO Solution Better Listings on 19. Why Blog? 57% of companies that blog have acquired a customer from their blog* Source: Hubspot 20. Use keywords in title & body 21. How Do You Get Readers? 8 out of 10 read blog titles 22. How Do You Get Readers? 8 out of 10 read blog titles only 2 of 10 read rest of article 23. How Do You Get Readers? Numbers get 3-8x more traffic 24. How Do You Get Readers? How to: How to write a blog article Question: Which one .? 25. How do you find ideas? Read other blogs Google Alerts Quora Twitter Search 26. Hot Tip! 27. Hot Tip! Golden Rule: They Ask, You Answer! 28. Whats the Payoff? 154 Leads from 3/09 6/12 for a dozen different keywords That one article has generated $1,700,000.00 29. Content formula Answer questions based on these three criteria: Costs Problems Comparisons 30. Keep copy short 250-500 words 31. Keep copy short 250-500 words One idea per post 32. Keep copy short 250-500 words One idea per post Article series 33. Use other social media sites 34. Repurpose content Podcasts Videos Slideshow 35. Other tips Know your call to action Visit website Email for a quote Sign up for newsletter Social Share 36. 37. FREE Breakthrough Session Boost Your Profits with Internet Marketing 38. How to apply Go to: Answer all the questions completely! 39. Formore SEO & SocialMedia Training, visit Twitter: @GloriaRand