SEO Competitor Analysis

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Transcript of SEO Competitor Analysis

  • Taylor Pratt Raven Internet Marketing Tools
  • Identifying targets Operation: Search On-site optimization information gathering Operation: Anchor O-site optimization tactics Enemy surveillance program Competitive analysis strategy
  • Determining W ho Your Competitors A re
  • Identify broad and niche competitors Broad competitor: competitor in your market Niche competitor: competitor for a segment of your market How to identify: Take note of competitors routinely showing up for related searches Ask client to compile a top 10-20 list of online and oine competitors Survey customers Research industry associations, forums and networks
  • On-site o ptimization information g athering
  • Goal: Determine w hat t heir s trategy is, how s uccessful they a re a t implementing it a nd to learn f rom it
  • What keywords do they believe are a priority? What keywords they are targeting that you should? How well are they ranking for their targeted keywords? How are they optimizing their title tag structure?
  • What keywords are they focusing their headlines on? Are they focusing heavily on branding or optimization? Are they optimizing their internal link structure? Which keywords are they using the most as anchor text? How often are they creating new content? What types of content are they creating? Is it link-bait like content or just branded content?
  • How well is their site rendering in the search engines? How are they optimizing their navigation? What are their calls to action? Are they obvious? How well is their site being indexed in the SERPs? How clean is their HTML? Does it look they are actively optimizing their code? How quickly is their site rendering? How does it compare to yours?
  • O-site o ptimization tactics
  • Goal: Determine w hat t heir e xternal s ite o ptimization strategy is a nd to learn how to c apitalize o n it
  • Total number of backlinks Date backlinks were created Pay close attention to growth patterns The pages receiving the most backlinks Outside of the homepage Anchor text being used Pay special attention to which pages are being linked to What percentage are images/no-follow?
  • What forums are they participating in? What associations/organizations are they members of? What conferences are they sponsoring? What blogs are they guest posting on? At what frequency On what topics Can you tell if they are buying links?
  • What are they doing to acquire these links? What is their content creation strategy? Are they inviting guest bloggers? Are they creating viral content? Are they creating free tools and widgets? Are they conducting interviews? Are they holding contests? Are people reviewing their products on their own sites? Where are they getting mentioned and what is the sentiment of those mentions?
  • Competitive a nalysis s trategy
  • After initial competitor review, revisit every quarter Determine how their strategy is evolving: How have their rankings increased/decreased? How many inbound links have they built? How much has their site grown? Did they launch any major link bait programs? What were their successes and failures? How does this compare to your site? Are there any new links, communities, keywords for you to target?
  • Taylor Pratt - @RavenPratt For a complete competitor c hecklist, e mail: