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You cant take something off the Internet. Thats like trying to take pee out of the pool. - Charlene LiDallas/Ft. Worth Search Engine Marketing AssociationSEO 101 Overview | Creating Your Digital Footprint@Jloomstein#DFWSEM

WaitAbout meIntegrated marketing firm with over 10 years of direct advertising agency experience

Extensive expertise in core marketing including:Local search marketing Pay Per Click (Google AdWords) Search Engine OptimizationInsights and Web Analytics (Google Analytics) Marketing Strategy Brand PositioningTargeting/Segmentation

Plus Im a dad, husband, and sports junkie I sat in your spot and used tools like these to build my business.And, If I wasnt doing this - Id love to be a PGA tour player, or storm chaser

AgendaA little background

Whats this seo thing and why should I care

What tools, platforms, and services matter

What is my short and long term strategy

How do I create a process and build my seo authority

What are the five things I can do today to impact my digital footprint, engage with my customers, and manage my time

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Why SEO matters SEO helps because:

More Reach means more visitors.

More visitors take more Actions.

More Actions lead to more Results.

And then...

Results can be improved with more targeted Reach.

More targeted Reach leads to more qualified visitors.

More qualified visitors take more desirable Actions.

More desirable Actions lead to better Results

SEO is all about amplification and being present (the key is to be where youre customers are).

If youre a tree service no real need to SEO your page.

Its like the circle of trust..Get inside of the trust tree 4

What you see vs. what Google sees




Its like the circle of trust..Get inside of the trust tree 5

Organic SERP Analysis

SERP | why keywords matter Dallas Bonsai Tree Service

Dallas Tree Service

SEOMOZ - Page Authority predicts the likelihood of a single page to rank well, regardless of its content. The higher the Page Authority, the greater the potential for that individual page to rank well in search results.How is Page Authority Scored?We score Page Authority on a 100-point, logarithmic scale. Thus, it's easier to grow your score from 20 to 30 than it would be to grow from 70 to 80. We constantly update the algorithm used to calculate Page Authority, so you may see your score fluctuate from time to time.Page Authority vs. Domain AuthorityWhereas Page Authority measures the predictive ranking strength of a single page, Domain Authority measures the strength of entire domains or subdomains. The same is true for metrics such asMozRankandMozTrust.



What you need to considerHow searchable is your website?CrawlabilityURLs indexed ( citations

What is your link value?Domain-level: the number, diversity and quality of all links to your websitePage-level: the number, diversity and quality of all links to your website pageQuality of referring domains

What is your link velocity? How quickly your message is spreading to your target audienceSERP Ranking Traffic from organic keywordsBrand versus non-branded organic keyword traffic

How searchable/engaging is your website?Visitor loyalty Page views / visitTime on-siteBounce rateComments and interactions

So lets switch gears for a minute and concentrate on what matters to your site. We can get back to keywords and SERPs in a minute.

Its hard to win the game if you dont know the rules Here is what Google their friends are continually looking at.

Tweetable moment what to consider (crawlability, link value, link velocity, and searchabilty/engagement)


SEO 101How you start the process Create your site on a scalable platform (StudioPress)Keep your hosting and domain separate Do your keyword researchOptimized URL structure Upload XML sitemap (GSiteCrawler)Implement Robot.txt Canonicalization (Rel=Tag) Allow categories and tags / Hierarchy matters Create Alt tags (Image optimization and dont forget about image compression) Help Google help you ( Google Webmaster tools / Google Analytics)Make it easy to find ( )Install cache plugin

How you keep your site optimized (the essentials) Run page speed tests ( and measure engagement/path ( / what you dont need (plug-ins) Remove unnecessary code

URL structure

Always use lowercase;Always use a hyphen or dash to separate words and never use underscores or spaces;Always use keywords throughout the entire URLTry to keep your content one to two folder levels deep (3 if absolutely necessary);Never use special characters (*^!@$).


Can you show me a couple of examples


How to keep SEO top of mind SEOYellowpipeSeo-browser.comSEOMOZWhitesparkHittail.comCrazyeggMySeoTool.comScreaming

Two Last Things + My Warning


CompletedTacticPlatformKeyword researchGoogle AdWords / SEOBookContent creationWriterAccess/TextBrokerContent Site Site healthGoogle/Bing Webmaster Tools / / Raven / SEOMOZUser Ecommerce


Keyword Research



Stay smart


My warning Stop chasing shinny objects Outsource things that hold you back Build your teamInvest in the tools that either save you time, make you money, or make you look smarter Create platform partnerships that you can leverage Replicate, scale, iterate, repeat Perfection is the enemy of good

The #1 problem all businesses face is obscurity --- If they dont know you..They cant buy from you.

James Loomstein, MBA@JloomsteinThank You#DFWSEM