SEO 101: Keywords to Website

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Bill Rice [], Internet marketing expert, shows you how he does keyword research for web traffic generation and implements them on his website to actually capture that traffic.

Transcript of SEO 101: Keywords to Website

  • 1.SEO Fundamentals: Keywords to Website Lead Traffic Formula Webinar by Bill Rice, Digital Marketer @

2. SEO Fundamentals Not for SEO Pros Basics of beginner SEO But... 80% of what you ever need to know to drive web traffic with search engine optimization 3. SEO Smart Expert's Opportunity 4. My SEO Formula 1. Keywords 2. How customers search 3. Content architecture 4. Editorial calendar 5. Link building strategies 5. Do some searches 6. Do some more searches 7. Use Google Keyword Tool 8. Dump into spreadsheet 9. Organize into categories 10. Convert to website content plan 11. Get it into Wordpress 12. Use editorial calendar 13. Link building Social link building Editorial link building Relevant directories Outreach to colleagues Build relationships Games and contests Guest blogging 14. Social link building 15. Social link building 16. Editorial link building 17. Games and contests 18. Guest post 19. More Internet Marketing Tips? Sign-up for our newletter: Follow me on Twitter: @billrice Join us for our next Wednesday Webinar: