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AUTOMATED DIABETES DIARY Visualizing data from wellness trackers and medical devices for personalized diabetes treatment

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Presenting Sensotrend in SeedForum pitch event. Some progress from the working copy ( Strictest enforcement of the pitch structure that we've experienced so far. Feedback from audience indicated this is both good (easier to compare startups) and bad (gets boring quite soon).

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Visualizing data fromwellness trackers and medical devicesfor personalized diabetes treatment

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Diabetes treatment costs in 2013: $ 548 B



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> 1 000 apps, only 1.2 % penetration

“Apps rely on manual input of data.”“No interoperability with glucometers, health & fitness apps.”

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Glucose readings from meter & pumpActivity, nutrition info from trackersAnnotations

Support for multiple metersPatient owns the data


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Meals ActivityStress

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Business model: Phase 1

Go-to-market via• Diabetes organizations• Healthcare organizations• App stores

People with diabetes pay 79 € / y

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Revenue Streams: Phase 2Healthcare organizations pay for service and data– Patient empowerment saves cost– Personalized healthcare improves results– Legal obligations

Pharma companies pay for data– Valuable for product development

Insurance companies pay for data– Improved risk calculation– Payer role, want to improve treatment

Device manufacturers pay for integration– Better value for users

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H2/13 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

Personnel 3 3 3 5 8 12 16 20 30 60 75 90

Users 2 2 500 2.5 K 15 K 40 K 70 K 250 K 600 K 1.2 M 2.5 M 6 M

Revenue 0 0 675 K 1.5 M 11.4 M 92 M 484 M

Cost 0 195 K 950 K 1.4 M 16.1 M 52 M 120 M

Ebitda 0 -195 K -275 K 100 K -4.7 M 40 M 364 M

First users,

soft launch

Launch: F


Launch: E


Medical D

evice Cert.

Financials and Roadmap

FDA ap




& Canad


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Pirjo Ilanne-Parikka, MD, Finnish Diabetes Assoc.Jorma Lahtela, MD, UTA / UKU / TAYSPäivi Hannula, MD, PSHPAntti Virkamäki, MD, CMO, MendorAtte Vadén, MD, Koskiklinikka / MediverkkoJyrki Lähde, MD, Terveystalo

Type 1 diabetic (14 y), software pro (15 y)Startup experience (14 y)

Type 1 diabetic (4 y), software pro (15 y)Military software, visualisation

Healthcare PR, marketing (6 y)Protomo startup coaching





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Trade Sale Opportunities

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Investment Opportunity

Looking for 100 000 €, to– finalize product, start user trials in Q2 2014– launch in Finland on World Diabetes Day 14.11.2014– prepare for next round in Q1 2015, for medical device

certification and international growth

Also looking for advice and connections

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…making sense of diabetes trends

Mikael Rinnetmä[email protected]

+358 50

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Power Pitch

• Sensotrend makes life with diabetes easierwith an automated diabetes diaryutilizing data from wellness trackers.

• Our team consists of diabetics and their relatives, and we’ve got 6 top name diabetes doctors as advisors.

• We have a scalable business model with multiple revenue streams, and a first mover advantage on a globally growing market, driven by changes in legislation.