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There was an application process to Startup Sauna local event, which is part of the application process to the Startup Sauna accelerator program. They asked companies to submit a slide set, with not much other instructions. So we put a bunch of different types of slides together and hoped they'll get the picture. We got invited to the local event, and based on the presentation there, also to the accelerator program.

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  • 1.AUTOMATED DIABETES DASHBOARD Investor deck March 2014

2. Visualizing data from wellness trackers and medical devices for personalized diabetes treatment 3. OUR VISION Giving citizens control over their clinical and self-monitoring data, and facilitating communication of that data between patients and different healthcare services, will enable personalized healthcare services and improve treatment results for empowered patients. OUR MISSION We make life easier for people with diabetes by automating the collection and management of data required for treatment, and improve treatment results by helping people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals analyze the data effectively. 4. Healthcare organizations as Health Providers get paid for achieved outcomes instead of per visit or procedure aim for lower cost through remote care, patient portals favor interconnected solutions see new entrants to market (Apple Healthbook) Citizens as Empowered Patients monitor their health, wellness and fitness using various trackers expect individualized treatment plans turn to social networks for advice 5. PROBLEMS Making any adjustments to diabetes treatment requires a lot of data, from an extended period of time: glucose values, medication doses, nutrition, physical activity, etc. Patients find diabetes overwhelming; adding more work may be too much for many of them to deal with. One of my major goals is to minimize the impact diabetes has on my patients' lives. If an app makes life easier, then fine. If they add another level of complication, once again, it can become overwhelming, and even discourage them from using the technology they need. Doctor My big thing is having to manually enter data. I used to go looking online for apps for diabetes weekly, but after most of them seemed to require manual entry, I've stopped. It seems to be a big deal- breaker for me. -Diabetic 6. VALUE PROPOSITION We make life with diabetes easier by simplifying the management of data required for treatment. We let people with diabetes choose the tools and devices that best suit their individual lifestyles to make self-monitoring easy and beneficial, fun, or even fully automatic. We let both people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals feel more in control over the condition and treatment parameters by providing informative visualizations of all factors affecting blood glucose levels. 7. DIABETES TREATMENT COSTS IN 2013: $ 548 B 8. ADDRESSABLE MARKET Currently 1 100 diabetes apps in stores, penetration < 2% Estimated CAGR 71%, reaching 24M active users in 2018 9. PHR PRODUCT SOLUTION Import data from wellness trackers Import data from medical devices We collect data from various sources; services consolidating data from wellness trackers, and services reading data from blood glucose meters. We operate as a service on Personal Health Record services and visualize the data for people with diabetes and their healthcare professionals 10. Glucose readings from meter & pump Activity, nutrition info from trackers Annotations Support for multiple meters Patient owns the data Competition 11. BUSINESS MODEL: PHASE 1 Go-to-market via Diabetes organizations Healthcare organizations App stores People with diabetes pay 79 / y (trial 6 / 6 months) 12. REVENUE STREAMS: PHASE 2 Healthcare organizations pay for service and data Patient empowerment saves cost Personalized healthcare improves results Legal obligations Pharma companies pay for data Valuable for product development Insurance companies pay for data Improved risk calculation Payer role, want to improve treatment Device manufacturers pay for integration Better value for users 13. CUSTOMER SEGMENTS Diabetes type 1 Diabetes type 2 Physically active Pump users Our early adopters 14. H2/13 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 Personnel 3 3 3 5 8 12 16 20 30 60 75 90 Users 2 2 500 2.5 K 15 K 40 K 70 K 250 K 600 K 1.2 M 2.5 M 6 M Revenue 0 0 675 K 1.5 M 11.4 M 92 M 484 M Cost 0 195 K 950 K 1.4 M 16.1 M 52 M 120 M Ebitda 0 -195 K -275 K 100 K -4.7 M 40 M 364 M Financials and Roadmap 15. COMPANY INFO Started as a team in Protomo incubator in Tampere in September 2013 Company founded 19 Feb 2014 Three investors, 2 % share each (valuation 500 000 ) Financial support from ELY-keskus 16. Pivi Hannula, MD, PSHP Pirjo Ilanne-Parikka, MD, Finnish Diabetes Assoc. Jorma Lahtela, MD, UTA / UKU / TAYS Type 1 diabetic (14 y), software pro (15 y) Startup experience (14 y) Type 1 diabetic (4 y), software pro (15 y) Military software, visualisation Healthcare PR, marketing (6 y) Protomo startup coaching Mikael Timo Assi Advisors 17. We introduced our service in Slush conference, Nov 2013. See the video at Also read about us in Slush Blog, 18. Were on the cover of Team Finlands and Finnish Foreign Ministrys annual publication Focus on Finland. Read the magazine online at You can also order a print copy, free of charge! 19. INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY Looking for 100 000 , to finalize product, start user trials in Q2 2014 launch in Finland on World Diabetes Day 14.11.2014 prepare for next round in Q1 2015, for medical device certification and international growth Also looking for advice and connections 20. SUMMARY Sensotrend makes life with diabetes easier with an automated diabetes diary utilizing data from wellness trackers. Our team consists of diabetics and their relatives, and weve got 6 top name diabetes doctors as advisors. We have a scalable business model with multiple revenue streams, and a first mover advantage on a globally growing market, driven by changes in legislation. 21. making sense of diabetes trends Mikael Rinnetmki +358 50 3855511