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My part of the group proposal.

Transcript of Senior Show Process

  • No.This is not a Senior Show Proposal

  • Its not. Its the prossess of making one.

    The missed blogpost count continues at 12 of 19.

  • For this project, I was grouped with Myles and Ashton, which was super cool. They are great designers and a lot of fun. I also learned how to not kill myself making a presentation (and thus have time to practice) from them.


  • The first day, we spent a lot of time discussing the personality of the class, and then making moldboards. It took us a good long time to come up with keywords, but we started a google doc full of less formal inspirations, including

  • Key ideas: design over multiple platforms designers arent machines design is art and vicea versa combatting the industry sarcasm

    and name ideas: -Tongue N Cheek -This is Not Design -No. - No. This is not design - - design and then some - youre welcome. -dadesign

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  • The next day, we talked, separated and pushed really hard to come up with logos. We werent falling in love with anything, but by meting 3, wed torn everything apart and put it back together enough that we had something we were happy with.

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  • The next step was to come up with a color scheme. On each of my studies, I put together two harsh colors and a pop color. That ended up being too much harsh (both to the eyes and the sole).

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  • Here is where Ashtons purple and gray color scheme and poster came in. We were relived to finally agree on something and be able to move forward with branding. We seperated a list of deliverables to work on at home and come to the next meeting with.

  • book /mt tags/ as website /as space /mt Take away (pamphlet?) posters for advertisement /EC face swap viewers with class / mt copy /EC eames cards /EC google cardboard /as

    I ended up not entirely pulling my weight.

  • The first thing I went to tackle was the copy. I thought it was horribly cheesy and in huge need of refining, but the version everyone heard and complimented at presentations was almost completely unchanged from the original. The next two slides show what I had at the time.


  • Copy Drafts:

    No. This is not design. Design isnt that simple. It isnt that easy. Design is the breath taken at a moment of discovery. Design is little scars on fingers. Design is big opinions spilling out in more than just words. Design is the words too. Its the research of hours and that 5th cup of coffee. Its shame and adulation, but only behind the scenes. Its a job, and its the thing you couldnt stop doing even if they fired you.

  • Copy Drafts Continued:

    Design doesnt exist on paper. It only exists in the presence of the designer.

    We hope you expected something different. We hope youre a little bit shocked to see us. Were sarcastic, opinionated, loud people and we dont want you to leave thinking anything different. This is our art. This is our Design. This is our water and air. Dont you think you can separate us. Dont you think its easy.

    Open your eyes to this place and you see our hearts. Welcome us, and you welcome our art.

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  • Why does this look so bad? I swear I used to be able to mock things up.

    It was also judged that having random artwork on the cards was confusing, so we should be pulling from actual people in our class, such as, I dont know Patric?

  • Yes, that should work.

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  • When working on the poster, I found myself stumped. After 20 minutes of staring at a blank sketchbook page, I decided to take pictures around studio to give me a base to start on. that was fun, and I impressed myself with how many digital sketches I could get done in an hour but they didnt quite work out.

    Meeting, we decided these posters were too busy. When re-doing the poster, we were going to aim for more simple and clean. I actually ended up spending that time on the Eames card mock up (it needed it) and Myles completely ruled making the poster.

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    I did it! all the missed blogs!

  • Im very happy with the take away cards I designed. Its one of the most complete things Ive done for this project and Im really glad to have contributed.

  • Things that make a mock up not terrible:

    high resolution shadows 3/4 view

  • The presentation we all put together with everyones work can be seen below.