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Class of 2015

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    We wanted to get this letter to you as soon as possible to let you know about a special offer good until Friday, June 13th for all senior portrait sessions at M&M Photography.

    This deadline is just for you to call to reserve your appointment you do not have to be photographed by June 13th. So youll want to call now, even if you schedule your session to be done later in the summer.

    By calling today, youll get one of your big summer projects out of the way early. Youll also save up to 75% off your session fees, the best deal of the year. And youll relax knowing youre going to get the most creative senior portraits anywhere in the South Hills of Pittsburgh.

    Friendly and helpful service makes your portrait experience fun. When you schedule your appointment at M&M Photography, our team of experts will be there from your very first call right through the delivery of your finished order. We are fanatics about getting everything perfect, the first time. Youll be amazed with our skill and friendliness.

    A day or two after scheduling, youll receive a confirmation brochure that tells you everything youll need to know about getting ready for your session. In it youll find complete information on what clothes, props, jewelry and other stuff to bring. What to do about hair, makeup and glasses. How to look more tan. How to deal with the dreaded zit. who you should bring with you to your session to help you feel more comfortable. youll know exactly what to bring and what you can do to look your very best in your portraits. Well even call you the day before your session to see if you have any last minute needs. No other studio prepares you so well, which is another reason youll look so much better!

    Sincerely, M&M Photography

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  • SEE ThE DIFFERENCEAt M&M Photography, we promise you will have more fun than you ever imagined. dont believe us? then keep reading

    At M&M Photography youll have an unbelievable experience, trust us, there is fun to be had in being photographed! To help put you at ease, feel free to bring your mom, your dad, best friend Sarah, aunt Suzy, uncle Bob, cousin Freddie, little sister Cindy, trouble-maker brother Joey, etc. (ok, we werent serious about bringing the whole gang, but one or two wont hurt!)

    Alright, its time to share a little secret with you here at M&M Photography, we are all about capturing the real you. This means that, unlike other studios, we focus on your interests, hobbies, school, sports, family, friends, etc. Have you ever heard of the phrase, beauty comes from within? Well lets just say we are firm believers that there is more to you than just what you look like, so we want to capture it!

    STRESS FREELet us do all the workThe lighting, background choices, setting up props, different camera angles we got it all under control! All you have to do is pick out your favorite outfits (girls can you say shopping spree?!) And get ready to have a good time! If youre indecisive, give us a call were great at fashion advice!

    Sure Uncle Joe is cool, but can he take a great senior portrait? Ok so maybe he has the latest iPhone, the newest iPad, the biggest camera, the longest lens, and all the other cool gizmos and gadgets, but can he capture the real you with as much attention to detail, clarity, natural posing and expressions like we do? We dont think so. These things dont come with a digital camera instruction book or show up on Wikipedia when youre searching for professional portraits. These are things that come with expertise gained from producing leading-edge work for over 30 years.

  • ThE RIghT STuFFHundreds of seniors each yearM&M Photography photographs more seniors than anyone else in the area. Yes this may sound impressive, but were not here to brag. Were here to make sure you have a fun portrait session and get creative portraits at an affordable price. And that, my friend, is why more and more seniors choose M&M Photography!

    Friendly, creative staffWhen it comes to our staff, we are allowed to brag. Our staff is top notch! Many seniors and parents will back us up on this as well. In these days of impersonal, rude or even no service, its nice to know youll be treated with the respect and appreciation you deserve. After all, without our awesome clients, our business would not exist!

    Sales pitch? No thanks. not here.Most other studios require you to view and choose your images on the spot. Talk about pressure, right? Well good news we dont like pressure! Thats why M&M Photography lets you take a proof booklet home with you to review all of your images before placing your order. Your proof booklet will be ready to pick up just one week after your session.

    Confidence is keyWere so confident of making you look your very best that we are certain you will be satisfied. At M&M Photography, you will just love your portraits we promise! However, we understand bad things happen to good people (bad hair day, bad outfit, bad mood). If thats the case, give us a call and well be happy to retake additional poses to your liking at no extra charge (yeah, were cool)!

  • MONEy, MONEy, MONEyAt M&M Photography, you get just what you want a fun session and creative portraits at an affordable price. We dont believe in minimum orders (go ahead, have a sigh of relief). Our gift-size portraits are available a la carte from $40 to $79, depending on size and quantity. Several packages offer significant per-print savings, starting at just $119. We also believe in more for your dollar. Thats why all of our packages are under $1,200!

    Our clients tell us they like what we do because we have no minimum orders, no size requirements and no sales pressure of any kind (yes, we listen to our clients). Some seniors spend $200, others $2000. Its entirely up to you (and we dont judge either).

    There are many portrait options designed to fit your budget. If you would like more specific information, shoot us an email at or give us a ring at (412) 854-1414. Again, were here to help!

    TIME IS MONEyBefore calling to schedule your appointment, please know which session or sessions from this catalog you would like so that we know how much time to allow in our schedule. We offer ten different sessions so you can select one or more that suit you best. Most seniors choose two or more sessions for maximum variety. Check out the sessions throughout this book to make your selection(s).

    Along with your session fee, a $100 deposit is required at the time of scheduling your appointment. This deposit will allow you to take your proof booklet home with you. No further payment is due until your order appointment. At the time of placing your order, the deposit is fully applied to your order invoice. We accept cash, checks, MasterCard, Visa and Discover for your convenience.


    In N Out. 4 outfits. 1 hour. $58If youre ready for an awesome time, youve got to sign up for this session! Our most popular session of all gives you the opportunity to be photographed inside and outside the studio. One outfit for your yearbook must be indoors. The other three outfits are entirely up to you in or out!

    Deluxe. 4 outfits. 1 hour. $52This fun and exciting session gives you everything needed for a variety of senior portraits! Bring your pet, your instrument, uniform, bike, hats, shoes, etc. (Were not kidding bring it all!)

    Combination. 2 outfits. 30 minutes. $35For those who just want simplicity this session allows for two outfits; one for the yearbook and one for the real you.

    VIEw AND ChOOSEFor those who just want simplicity. View your images immediately after being photographed and make your yearbook selection for only $49. Order portraits for family and friends and receive a $24 credit towards any portrait package!


    Out N About. 1 outfit. addl 15 minutes. $40You want unique? We got it covered. Travel to South Park or a location of your choice. Great for those wanting a photograph with their car or horse. We just ask that you let us know if your location is more than 10 miles, as an additional fee may apply.

    Studio Outdoors. 1 outfit. addl 15 minutes. $15Youve got to have this! If you dont take advantage of outdoor photographs, we guarantee youll regret it! Our exclusive outdoor studio has been designed especially for you!

    Friends. 1 outfit. addl 15 minutes. $14This is your chance (mom were talking to you). Bring your sibling(s) or best friend(s) for some fun group shots. You dont want to miss out on this opportunity. Trust us.

    W.O.W. (White on White). 1 outfit. addl 15 minutes. $26Totally cool! This look is running wild in the senior portrait industry and you deserve to be a part of it! White clothing is required.

    B.O.B. (Black on Black). 1 outfit. addl 15 minutes. $26Ok, this is awesome! This session has attitude and you need to experience it! Simple black clothing is required. Accessorize with sunglasses, hats, black leather jackets, etc. for even more attitude.

    Dynamic Duo. $39Get the best of both worlds (W.O.W. and B.O.B.) at this special discounted price! This is an offer you dont want to miss!

  • KEEP IT SIMPLEBefore you call Choose the session (or sessions) you want from this brochure. We cant schedule your appointment unless we know which sessions you are interested in. Most seniors choose two or more sessions for maximum variety.

    Okay, call now yes now The best times go quickly, so what are you waiting for?! Pick up that phone! Give us a call early as our schedule fills rather quickly and we wan