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  • Selling WP PluginsWordPress Meetup Frysln

  • Hallo, met Barry

    WooCommerce Developer @ WooThemes

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  • Business Models

  • Business Models


    Free base plugin with extensions/add-ons

    Premium Only

    SaaS subscription

  • Freemium

    Free plugin with basic functionality

    Premium plugin with extra functionality

    Convert % to upgrade to premium

  • Extensions

    One core plugin that is extended by plugins

    Keeping it lean, easier to maintain

    Upselling & Cross-Selling

  • Premium Only

    Only a premium version

    A lot harder to market

    All dev & support is for paid customers

  • SaaS Subscription

    Free plugin that connects to remote application

    Recurring income

    Trial periods (free month)

  • Selling Platform

  • Selling Platform

    Hosted platform or self hosted?

    Distributing your plugin

  • Hosted

    No hosting hassle (SSL, Backups, PP, Legal)

    No licensing or automated updates out of the box

    Many keep a % of your sales

    SendOwl, Gumroad, Shopify, etc.

  • Self Hosted

    The hosting hassle (SSL, Backups, PP, Legal)

    Customizable (licensing, automatic updates)

    WooCommerce, EDD, Custom (?)

  • Plugin Distribution

    Updates? Automatic or manual?

    Protecting your plugin with license keys?

  • My ShopsRelated Postsfor WordPress

    Download Monitor Post Connector

    Business model Freemium Free base plugin with extensionsFreemium (formerly

    premium only)

    Platform WooCommerce WooCommerce EDD

    Licensing WP Plugin LicencingWP Plugin Licencing

    Software Licensing

  • The repo

    Free exposure

    Not for every business model

    Support / Reviews

  • Support

    Will you oer support for your free products?

    How will you support your premium product? Email? Forums?

    First Response Time

    Tools: Help Scout, TextExpander

  • Documentation

    Hosted or self hosted?

    Hosted: Help Scout Docs

    Self Hosted: CPT

  • Refund Policy

    Be very clear in when and for what period someone can get a refund.

  • Renewals

    Oer a discount

    Keep discount valid after license expired

    Send multiple renewal emails

  • Upgrades

    Oer to upgrade with current license price as discount

  • My Account

    Automatically create accounts at checkout

    Within my account: - Access to les- See licenses- Manage activations- Upgrade / Renewal options

  • VAT

  • HMRC, Brief 46

    On 1 January 2015 the VAT rules for cross-border B2C supplies of digital services (i.e. broadcasting, telecoms and e-services) will

    change. From that date, VAT must be accounted for in the member state where the customer normally lives, rather than where the

    supplier of the service is established.

  • VAT on Digital Goods

    The new EU VAT rules on the supply of digital services affect all companies (EU and non-EU) that

    sell to consumers inside the EU.

  • Barry Kooij