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This fourth installment of the Boost Your Business Webinar Series provides pointers on how you can sell SEO effectively to your clients. Bernard and Will share SEOReseller's practices, the common challenges, and the do's and don'ts when selling SEO. Get a full recap of the webinar here: The presentation deck is available under the Resource Center:

Transcript of Selling SEO the Right Way

In 18 years Bernard has started 4 companies, taken 3 web-based companies to multi-million dollar status, launched over 300 websites, and has managed over a thousand marketing campaigns.

William has dedicated his 8 years as a web professional to growing online businesses. As lead of Business Development, hes helped 24 of our top partners reach 6-digit monthly revenues.

TOLL-FREE 1-800-250-6106 | US (415) 625-9700 UK (44) 203-769-7710 | AU (02) 8484-1116Selling SEO The Right Way

Meet Our

2Whats Next:Coming Happened During the Previous BYB WebinarIn the previous webinar, we shared some insights and tips on how to retain your clients and foster loyalty to your business.

Know Your BaselineSet GoalsHighlight SuccessAdd More Value to ClientsNever Stop Looking For Ways To Drive More Business

Selling SEO The Right Way

withWhats Next:Coming SEO The Right Way

withReputation Suite

A Streamlined Dashboard to Control Your Clients Online Reputation

Reputation ManagementListing ManagementReviews SummaryBusiness LocationsFeedback

Whats Next:Discussion SEO The Right Way

withPartner Bootcamp Series Launch

The Goal: Expand your knowledge base, work smarter, and provide enhanced service delivery.

Gain expert insights on cutting-edge industry developments and methodologies, and learn how to take full advantage of SEOResellers full suite of solutions.

Whats Next:Know Who You OverviewPitching SEO involves wit, confidence, realistic expectations, and strategies to attract prospects and make them stay with your business. In this webinar, we will show you how to go from good to great at selling SEO services.

Know Who You AreDetermine What Youre SellingLearn How To Sell EffectivelyMost Common Challenges & ObjectionsDos & Donts

Q&A Session

Feel free to send your questions in advance using WebEx chat. SEO The Right Way


Know Who You Are, Senior WriterFeel free to send your questions to our panelists via chat and well answer them during the Q&A portionUp Next:Define Your Initial MarketWhats Next:Define Your Initial Market | Practical Your Initial Knowing who you are helps you define your target market.

Case Study (Local):Powerhouse agency partner in Australia.

Never sold SEO beforeDecided to position themselves as the local authority in SEOStudied methodologyHave now grown 3 large national brands

Case Study (Industry Niche):Partner in the UK, specialising in Web Design.

Had access to a dentist networkNo SEO experienceMonthly recurring revenue is now at 30 0000 - 40 000

Selling SEO The Right Way


Whats Next:Define What You Are Capable of Your Initial APPLICATION:

Find a niche that you are familiar with or have history with.

Leverage a powerful rapport building tool: Common Ground

Speak the same language

Examples: Flooring & Toy Manufacturers Lawyer

Selling SEO The Right Way


Whats Next:Define What You Are Capable of Selling | Practical Application What You Are Capable Of scope and limitations of your business. What commodities are you selling?

Only 3 of our partners are selling 3 - 4 of our products - it takes time to build the expertise

Develop your revenue stream, one at a time.Dont try to provide everything at the same time.

Selling SEO The Right Way


Whats Next:What Is Your Differentiator? What You Are Capable Of APPLICATION:

Example: Business Coach started selling to other business coaches

Strong initial list of 49 clientsThe service didnt match the need of his clients.

Selling SEO The Right Way

withExample: Partner who over-promised the effects of Social Media

Short term successCouldnt maintain the campaign

Sell them a service that they need; you cant be a good enough salesman to keep selling them a service they dont needSharpest skill in a pitch is to LISTENDont be ashamed of walking away from a sale you shouldnt closeNO longevity in using the above strategies

Whats Next:What Is Your Differentiator? | Practical Application Is Your Differentiator? what separates you from your competitors.

Cost Effective

Technological Edge

Effectiveness of the Methodology

Selling SEO The Right Way

withChoose one differentiator to become expert at.

Dont try to leverage all, because when you try to project yourself as a jack of all trades, youre a master of none. Be a master of one.

What 3 Questions Must Your USP Answer?

What would make me transact with your business?What differentiates your product or service from others?What can you provide that others cannot guarantee?

Whats Next:Determine What Youre Is Your Differentiator? APPLICATION:

Case Study

Partner using cheaper prices as a differentiator by offering a DIY service

Self service campaignsUnnoticeable expenseUses volumeDoesnt try to sell like a premium provider

Selling SEO The Right Way

withMoral: Doesnt matter how you differentiate. It matters THAT you differentiate.

Determine What Youre

Leonie, Research and Development Feel free to send your questions to our panelists via chat and well answer them during the Q&A portionUp Next:Understand The SEO MethodologyWhats Next:Understand the SEO Methodology | Practical The SEO Find out why the methodology is different. Understand what you are selling.

Be The SEO Expert. Explain the SEO methodology; be transparent.

Dont forget to pitch alternative solutions. Look for areas of opportunities.

Selling SEO The Right Way

withRanks 80% of websites for reasonable target termsGets 60% of KW's to first page within 6 months or lessCan drive up to x22 ROI per dollar spentClients typically stay faithful to the service for over a year

Whats Next:Manage the The SEO APPLICATION:

Use the Resource Center to your advantage.

Pitch deck Leverage the cheerleaders bias of positive experience

Methodology Explainer Leverage the authority bias

TestimonialsLeverage group-think

Selling SEO The Right Way


= better chance to close the sale Whats Next:Manage the Experience | Practical Application the built to overcome buyers remorse.

Frequent touch points on the first 30 days

Strongest milestones in the first 60 days

Regular reporting and less collaborative activity afterwards

Increased frequency in the presence of clear opportunity (pos 4 to 6 KW's)

Set realistic expectations from the start

Don't Offer Guaranteed RankingsDon't be a "yes man"

Selling SEO The Right Way

withWhats Next:Understand The the SEO The Right Way


Whats Next:Understand The Technology | Practical Application The capabilities

View work in real timeCheck rankings dailySee traffic reports dailyClient dashboard view

Talk to your potential clients at their level of understanding.

Dont assume your potential clients know the benefits of using your technology.

Selling SEO The Right Way


Coming Soon: Reputation Suite

Where your clients are published onlineSee reviews of your site, business

Whats Next:Learn How to Sell The SEO The Right Way


Partner in the mid-west.Partner had a client who had a horrible morning.

Impact of real time reporting


Dashboard = Scoreboard

Learn How to Sell

Avi, Web & UI DesignerFeel free to send your questions to our panelists via chat and well answer them during the Q&A portionUp Next:Differentiate Commodity vs. ProductWhats Next:Differentiate Commodity vs. Product | Practical Commodity vs. = Service

What is your product?

Define your commodity and product and make sure your sales team knows it by heart.

Don't Sell a Product, Sell A Solution

Selling SEO The Right Way


Convenience - One Stop ShopPremium ExperiencePlug & Play ExperiencePerformance Driven

Traffic ResultsRankingsROI

Whats Next:Acing The Commodity vs. APPLICATION:

Case StudyPartner selling results as his product

Offers a Premium Experience

Nothing below $700 wholesale

Nothing under $2000 retail