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Real Estate Listing Services

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  • t r a c e y t a y l o r

    Helping shape community

    P O R T L A N D R E A L E S T A T E

    9600 SW Barnes Rd, #100, Portland OR 97225 503 292 9393

    P r e s e n t e d b y :

    T r a c e y T a y l o r

    P r i n c i p a l B r o k e r , A . B . R .

    t r a c e y t a y l o r@p r unw . c om

    5 0 3 7 0 1 5 931

    Prudential Northwest Properties

    Property Marketing Profile

    P r e p a r e d f o r :

    Paul and Catherine Snider

    4706 SW Vesta St

    Portland, OR 97219

  • Understanding Agency Relationships Understanding Agency Relationships

    When real estate professionals work with buyers and sellers, agency relationships are established.

    There are three kinds of agency relationships:

    Buyers agent represents the buyer during the home buying process. The buyers agent has a fiduciary responsibility to represent the buyers best interests, including reasonable care, loyalty and confidentiality.

    Sellers agent represents the interest of the seller and has a fiduciary responsibility of reasonable care, loyalty, confidentiality and disclosure to the seller. A sellers agent works to assist the seller in locating a buyer and in negotiating a transaction suitable to the sellers specific needs. Disclosed limited agent represents the interests of both the buyer and the seller, during the same transaction. A dual agent has responsibilities to both buyer and seller and must act in the best interest of both parties. This can be done only with the written permission of both clients.

    Please see Agency Disclosure Pamphlet for more detailed information. Cut and paste this address into your browser.

  • How the Process WorksHow the Process Works What are the steps involved in seller your home? Even if you are experienced with the home selling process, it can still be daunting. This chart is designed to help you better understand the many steps involved and how we work to tie them all together..

  • Order loan payoff statements and clear other title exceptions

    Receive and review Preliminary Title Report - email to Buyer and Seller and their RE Brokers

    Receive and review loan documents

    Order insurance binder - proof of coverage

    Receive and review fully executed Sales Contract

    Order Preliminary Title Report

    Obtain funds that are due for closing

    Prepare closing statements and Escrow documents

    Obtain signatures on documents from Buyer and Seller

    Return loan document to lender for review

    Forward documents to be recorded to Title

    Department for review

    Receive authorization from lender to record and fund and then authorize

    Title Company to record

    Receive loan funds

    Disburse all funds

    Receive confirmation of recording - rechecks

    After your offer has been accepted by the seller, Escrow is opened. Your earnest money check will be submitted to the Title Company and the funds deposited. This flow chart shows the role of the Title and Escrow Company in your transaction.

    Send out opening letters to all parties. Obtain contact info of everyone involved including lenders, accommodators, attorneys etc.

    Escrow officer calls the agent and lets them know its all funded and recorded and you officially own your new home

    Life of an EscrowLife of an Escrow

  • Sellers Benefits at a GlanceSellers Benefits at a Glance

    All showings of your home are followed up with an immediate email questionnaire to the buyers agent. The best feedback comes from the agents that show your home. We use to find out what the agents and their clients think about your home. We don't filter what they say. When we get a response, you get the same response at the same time. Together we will use this info to de-cide if we need to take action to get a more favorable response and/or sale.

    Through our Online Sellers Advantage program, you have the benefits of daily emails/and or weekly reports about web activity on your property and those in your neighborhood. I guarantee you will receive accountable, professional and overall exceptional service to meet your every real estate need. I communicate a defined service process which means you know what to expect and also holds me accountable. My buyers and sellers have the opportunity to assess and rate key points of my service and ability through an independent organization. These results will be posted to the website for your review.

    The Prudential name is recognized by 98% of the U.S. population. The Prudential name symbolizes strength, integrity and trust, as it done has since 1875. Prudential Relocation Department partners with a number of 3rd party companies to provide an extensive work of national and worldwide exposure for your listing.

    When you buy or sell your home with Prudential NW Properties you gain access to our industry leading Home Services Department. Your personal Home Services coordinator will assist in providing vendor referrals and will help facilitate their services. Further info will come via email or a phone call from your personal coordinator.

    Every home listed for sale with our company receives American No obligation Home Shield Warranty coverage for the life of the listing.

    Prudential Northwest Properties and Rainy Day Foundation have teamed up to offer confidence and peace of mind through our mortgage payment protection program. All homes listed for sale with us are eligible for this unique loan protection coverage.

  • My Services and Marketing at a GlanceMy Services and Marketing at a Glance

    An appraiser will measure and draw a detailed floor plan to show potential buyers the layout of the home and also confirm the square footage.

    In depth feedback will be provided on staging your home.

    Professional virtual tour and photos will be scheduled. I will meet with the photographer at your home to direct the process and make sure that he captures all the special features of the property.

    My custom yard sign will be placed on the property.

    Professionally designed color flyers will be printed.

    An Eco-Flyer will also be attached to the signpost - got to love that :)

    Custom business cards will be printed with your home showcased for you to distribute to friends, family and work associates. Potential buyers will be directed to the website with all the details, photos and virtual tour of the property.

    A website will be set up specifically for the property with its own website address.

    A home book will be put together for potential homebuyers to peruse with lots of pertinent information on your property, e.g. schools, demographics etc. We will also include the sellers disclosures, Plat map, title report and any .

    No obligation American Home Shield Home Warranty will be activated while in the listing period.

    You will be registered with Home Services and contacted by our personal Home Services Coordinator to explain the program.

  • My Services and Marketing at a GlanceMy Services and Marketing at a Glance

    Your listing will be entered in the RMLS and get online exposure through these websites, including, but not limited to:,,,,,,,, Craigslist and

    Your home will be a Featured Home on my website.

    I will begin actively prospecting for a buyer for your property through our internal company marketing which will reach over 700 Prudential agents.

    RMLS reverse prospecting - contacting all the agents that are using the RMLS reverse prospecting to search for homes with similar criteria to your home for their buyers.

    Prudential sends me and the buyers agent an automatic email alert if a client is online and looking at your property or has saved it in their favorite search.

    Email my real estate database introducing your property and inviting them to the Broker Open.

    Send out the property flyer via the internet and Your info will reach roughly 5,000 agents in the Portland/Vancouver area.

    Any price changes will be E-Blasted to all agents that have already shown your home to perspective buyers through This might be the news the buyers were waiting for to encourage them to make an offer.

    E-card/flyer of property to sphere.

    Property advertised on my Facebook business page.

    Direct targeted mail to neighbors, e.g. a postcard invitation to your open house.

  • My Services and Marketing at a GlanceMy Services and Marketing at a Glance

    Your home will have its own personalized QR Code so potential buyers with smart phones can get immediate property info that they can refer back to at any time.

    Buyers without a smart phone can text a code that will text the property info back to them so that they have all the property and contact information they need.

    Buyers might misplace a flyer, but they will never loose your property info once it is on their phone.

  • I ask specific questions about your home!

    Dear Showing Agent, Thank you for showing the property of 2431 West Palm Ave. Just like you, we visit other agent's listings to preview or show the property to our buyers. In the spirit of cooperation, we respond to agents' re