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Transcript of Sellers Process Manual1

  • Sellers Registration Process Manual

    Sellers On Boarding

  • Sellers Onboarding ProcessSRF Seller Registration FormMOU Memorandum of Understanding (Service Agreement)

  • Getting Registered with SnapDealAB

  • Click on Fill Seller Registration Form (SRF)

    Enter all the details as required in the SRFGetting Registered with SnapDeal

  • SRF: Points to Consider Company InformationThe fields marked in Red are mandatory. A maximum attachment size of 5 MB is allowed. The 'Company' name filled in SRF should be the same as that specified in the documents.

  • The PAN should be in favour of companys nameOr in favour of owners name (In case of Sole Proprietor only).SRF: Points to Consider - PAN

  • The 'VAT/TIN/CST No. & Copy' are required for all Categories except Unstitched Apparel, Books and Handicrafts, Online Education

    VAT/TIN/CST should be certified copy issued by State Government and it should be of 11 numeric digits.

    Cancelled cheque copy shall be of current account only and company name must be printed / stamped over cheque.SRF: Points to Consider VAT & Cheque

  • SRF: Points to Consider Field Restriction

  • Step 2: Training & Evaluation

  • Step 3: SRF VerificationC

  • Step 4 : MOU AcceptanceYour PAN No. will be the Password for opening the document

    You may review and Accept / Reject the agreementIf Accepted, Agreement copy will be mailed to you

  • Step 5: Product Listing

  • If you require assistance at any step, you may please drop mail to for all Training related issues.

    For all other issues, you can drop mail to

    Required Assistance

  • Q. What is PAN number?PAN is Permanent Account number, issued by Government of India

    Q. Can I use my own PAN Card?You can use your own PAN card, only if you are the sole proprietor of the company, otherwise we require PAN card of company only.

    Q. Which products require PAN to sell on SnapDeal?A. PAN is required for each and every product. There is no exception into this. FAQs

  • Q. What is VAT / TIN /CST no, and how do I get this?This is Tax Identification number, issued by State Government. You can apply for this online or you can contact any CA.

    Q . Do I need to submit all the three documents VAT / TIN / CST?No, we just require any one out of these three documents. You may upload any one.

    Q. Which products required TIN to sell on SnapDeal?A. TIN is mandatory for all the products except for Unstitched Apparels, Books and Handicrafts


  • Q. Can I use my other company TIN / Located in other state?No, we require TIN for the same company and it should be issued by same State Government from which you want to do the business.

    Q. Can I Use my Savings Account for Payment Transfer?No, We require only Current account for Payment Transfer and it should be in the name of registered company name.