Sell your gold at the right price by negotiating like a pro

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Slide 1 Tips for Selling your Gold for Cash

The first thing to do is to find out as much as you can about the gold you are trying to sell.

Consider the weight and purity of your items, know exactly what you are selling. Even heavy items with a low precious metal content or karat rating will bring in only small amounts of cash. Similarly, a light item with a higher karat rating (such as bullion coins) will bring in a lot of money.

Know your merchandise backwards:

Evaluate each item individually if you are selling in bulk. Each has its own weight and precious metal content which will largely affect the price. Selling it all as one lump will likely get you less.

Is it a collectors piece or an antique? A lot of gold buyers are only interested in melting the item down for its usable resources. So if the value of your jewellery lies in its antiquity, try and sell it to a collector instead.

Find out as much as you can about your item by having it evaluated by a professional, such as those found at

Watch the gold price:

Like any other commodity, the cash that your gold will fetch in a sale depends largely on the global economy, specifically the gold price which is often measured by the kilogramme or the pound.

Wait for favourable conditions. If demand for gold is high (which it normally is) you will get a better deal, and more negotiation power.

While the gold price may be fixed to a certain extent (regardless of its fluctuations), dealers will never offer you the exact amount that it is worth, they have business interests to protect after all. So dont expect to get exactly what the item is currently worth.

It is unlikely that you will get the price that you had in mind from the first dealer you come across. So spend some time finding as many prospective buyers as you can. Take a look at jewellers, cash for gold stores and pawnshops in Melbourne like Gold Buyers

Research all of your buyers:

Compare, for your own benefit, the prices offered by each buyer, and whittle away those results which seem too far off the mark. Im not just talking about the ones that offer you too little, but also those that make offers which seem too good to be true.

Use the offers you have been given as leverage for negotiation with the various dealers you work with in the sale. Nothing galvanises a buyer of precious commodities to be more flexible with their offers like letting them know you can get a better deal somewhere else.


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