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Securing everyThingThe Simplest and Most Secure UTM Available

Network Security: All-in-one full UTM hardware,

software and virtual appli-ances.

BYOD & Hotspot: Provide secure and simple Internet access for guests

and coworkers.

Quick & Easy Setup: Get your network protected

in a matter of minutes.

Endian Network Endians centralized management portal

About EndianFounded in Appiano, Italy in 2003 by a team of experienced network specialists and security enthusiasts. Endians goal is clear: Develop the worlds most powerful and easy-to-use Open Source Unified Threat Management system. With over 1.7 million users of the Community Edition and thousands of installations of the professional product in over 50 countries, Endian continues to deliver on its mission!

The number of Internet-connected devices is growing at an incredible rate every day in both the business and consumer markets. Endian understands that each of these appliances becomes exposed to millions of potential threats the minute its connected.

Our solution set is unique in that it can provide a com-prehensive security layer combined with a unique level of simplicity within the IoT industry. This can offer a tremendous value to businesses in terms of protecting their employees and users as well as enabling the cre-ation of new service and support platforms that can save costs and drive revenue.

Endians mission is to protect global communication networks and provide secure information access to anyone.

We help companies meet these challenges by providing an appliance- based architecture for network protection and for network management that is easy to buy, easy to own and easy to use.


Endian UTM Network Security Solutions Endian security appliances are easy to use, all-in-one products: no extra module has to be added to guarantee maximum protection to your network. In order to offer to our customers even more, an advanced hotspot service is included in every appliance. Endian gateways are available as hardware, software or virtual appliances.

Hardware Appliance

A complete range of specifically desi-gned appliances integrating our UTM software for everyones security needs, from branch offices and industrial faci-lities to large networks.

Virtual Appliance

Protect your virtual networks and inf-rastructure in seconds. Support for all leading virtualization paltforms (VMware, Xen/XenServer, Hyper-V, KVM).

Software Appliance

Turn your favorite or existing hardware into a full-featured Endian UTM appli-ance. Scale your hardware resources up or down to suite your business network needs.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

A Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliance is an all-inclusive product able to deliver multiple security fuctionalities within one single system. This approach allows to centrally manage all the needed services, inclu-ding firewall, IPS/IDS, VPN, web and mail security.

Endian UTM HighlightsUsing Endian UTM, your setup time is only a matter of minutes and with our intuitive web-based interface you can greatly reduce your network management time and costs. Protect and connect your network so you can get back to focusing on your business.

Wi-Fi and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Are you getting the most from your WIFI or guest networks? Endians Hotspot solution can help protect those networks and offer valuable Internet access-all while maximizing their potential value to your business. Utilizing the Hotspot, you can collect user information and manage your guest network traffic so that your business can benefit from those resources.

Centralized Management and Updates

Endian Network is a free cloud-based, centralized management portal for se-cure remote access to all your Endian hardware, software and virtual applian-ces. This unified solution allows you to access, monitor, update and upgrade your Endian appliances. A simple setup process and user-friendly web interfa-ce make managing, selling and supporting Endian a breeze.

Secure Remote Access

Business happens everywhere and you need a solution to allow your business to stay connected and be protected from network threats. Our UTM solution provides both secure site-to-site and remote access (road warrior) connectivi-ty options that are sure to meet your needs. In addition, our solution delivers strong access control and encryption which can help minimize data loss and/or inappropriate access.

Application Control

Take control of the network by properly managing time-wasting, high band-width or non-business applications like Skype, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and over 150 more. Endian makes it simple to manage applications on your network with just a few clicks, increasing productivity has never been easier.


Mail and Web Security

Protect your employees from web and email threats like viruses, malware, phishing, spam and even policy violations and in the process increase produc-tivity. Complete web security provides over 100+ million categorized URL and domains. Flexible web policies allow you to build rules based on users, groups, date, time and much more. Our email filtering stops spam and viruses in their tracks and keeps your mail servers and users protected.

Live Network Monitoring and Reporting

Do you know whats happening on your network? Can you identify what users are doing and which applications they are using? If not, your business could be losing valuable time and money. Our solution provides intuitive real-time and historical traffic monitoring along with management reports including web, email, security activity and more.

Event Management

The event notification engine was completely rewritten from the ground up to provide more advanced features and all new notification capabilities. Now you can keep track of things like IPsec and SSL VPN user activity (login/logout), errors and much more. In addition, weve added multiple notification options that include the ability to be notified via email or SMS or even have the system run a custom script upon an event occurring.

Advanced Content Security

Advanced Content Security is a powerful security bundle designed to enhance Endians malware signature database for more comprehensive threat awareness. It includes: CYREN URL Filtering that by using predictive detection technology, can recognize harmful sites before users are exposed to them, CYREN Anti-Spam that makes Endian able to respond to email threats within a couple of seconds while delivering the lowest false positives rate possible and Panda Anti-Virus, which helps Endian to provide maximum anti-virus protection .

Choose Endian UTM if you need:

All-In-One UTM hardware, software or virtual appliances

Reduce network management time and costs with our simple web interface

Central management platform to monitor and access all your UTM devices

Endian UTM Mini 25The ideal network security solution for small businesses and remote branch office loca-tions takes a step forward. The new set and forget Endian gateway is built on a comple-tely new platform and has double the power of the previous generation.

UTM Mini 25 WiFiThis product offers a complete set of UTM features including a powerful hotspot soluti-on that when utilized with our WIFI option makes this the only SMB solution you need to connect and protect your small business network.

Highlights Mini 25 4 Ethernet Ports 2 GB RAM 8 GB CFast Flash Memory Desktop Appliance WIFI Upgrade Available

Highlights Mini 25 WiFi Complete Hotspot Integ-

ration Up to 4 Configurable WiFi

Networks WPA & WPA2 Personal/

Enterprise Authentication Standards 802.11 a/b/g/n Support for 2.4 or 5 GHz 2x2 MIMO Antennas


Endian UTM Mercury 50Conceived to handle the processing of heavy Internet traffic, emails and VPN connec-tions to branch offices, the Mercury 50 is the ideal scalable solution to support your network growth.

This high-performance appliance provides Endians best-in-class security features to midsize organizations. The complete set of Unified Threat Management functionalities in combination with advanced hotspot gives you the most comprehensive features available.

Endian UTM Mercury 100Fast, flexible and easy to use. The Mercury 100 guarantees high security standards combined with the globally recognized Endian Hotspot technology.

Application level filters, anti-virus, anti-spam, web filtering, VPN functionality and much more create a complete and reliable shield for your network from all internal and exter-nal threats.

Highlights 5 Ethernet Ports 2 GB RAM 320 GB Hard Disk Desktop Appliance

Highlights 6 Ethernet Ports 4 GB RAM 2x320 GB Hard Disk LAN-Bypass Rack 1U

Endian UTM Macro 250 and 500Large organizations and distributed enterprises often experience critical security issu-es. To constantly keep the protection at a high level the support of a reliable hardware appliance is needed.

The Macro 250 and 500 offer integrated security services such as stateful inspection firewall, VPN, gateway anti-virus, anti-spam, web and email content filtering as well as a powerful hotspot in a single product.

Endian UTM Macro 1000 and 2500Discover the new powerful Endian appliances equipped with twice the memory and the latest multi-core processor technology to boost your network performance.

The Macro 1000 and 2500 are the ideal gateways to manage and filter the traffic of the most demanding netw