Secure Your Brand with Holograms

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Holistic India Ltd is a leading manufacturing and exporting company which is providing various specifications to meet the customers’ requirements. Holistic India Ltd designed Holographic Products that are extremely apparent for identification and security authentication. For more information visit

Transcript of Secure Your Brand with Holograms

  • 1. Secure Your BRANDwitholograms

2. Index What is a Hologram About Holostik Holographic Products Importance of Holograms How Holograms Help in Brand Security Why Choose Holostik for Brand Security 3. What is a Hologram It is a true, three-dimensional image of the original object It is created with photographic projection It contains depth and parallax 4. What is a Hologram The word hologram is composed of the Greek terms, holos meaningwhole view, and gram which means something written or drawn It offers authentication or identity to a product which can be identified byeven an inexpert And, is yet difficult or almost impossible to be copied or forged, offeringsupreme brand protection 5. About Holostik Established in the year 1991, Holostik IndiaAbout HolostikLtd. is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company It manufactures and exports securityholograms and allied products in India With more than 50% market share of securityholograms in India, it is a true industry leader Holsotik has been securing products forvarious clients including government andFortune 500 companies 6. About Holostik It is also the largest Indian exporter in the holography industry Holsotik is the First Indian Company to have received the prestigious status of"Full Member" by the "International Hologram Manufacturers Association"(IHMA), U.K. / U.S.A. It is also the founding member of HoMAI (Hologram Manufacturers Associationof India) 7. Holographic products Security Holograms Holographic Strips Holographic Hot Stamping Foils Tax Stamps Holographic Wads Holographic Scratch Labels and Foils5 Holographic Shrink Sleeves Paper Security Labels Holographic Transparent Laminate Holographic Wide Web Film Special Features Products Track and Trace 8. Importance of Holograms They help in authentication of the products Provide the much needed brand protection They are extremely difficult to be forged Can be obtained in sheet form or in spool form 9. How Holograms Help inBrand Security Manufactured through a complex processwhich involves advanced technology and highend equipment Exceptionally technical and well experiencedstaff required to manufacture holograms Extremely difficult to be copied or scanned. Huge investments are required to start ahologram plant Tamper evident and self-destructive Prevent forgery, duplication, copying andreplication of highly confidential documents 10. Why Choose Holostik forBrand Security Use of the latest technologies Highly safe and secure environment Dedicated R&D team Wide range of Customized Holographic Solutions Certified under ISO Standards More than 50% market share in India