Secrets to a Successful E-Commerce Business

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In today’s competitive world a single wrong strategy can leave you far behind your competitors. Specially in the eRetail industry everyone is on their toes to not lose away even a single customer. People talk about best practices and strategies based on components like Pricing, Product placement , supply chain management , consumer service, consumer education , marketing and much more. Among all the perplexity of 1000s of best and top strategies by successful entrepreneurs people often miss out some of the basic things that should be taken care of in an e-Retail business. This story would tell you about one such thing that people always overlook…. This presentation shows how a man named Mike solved the most commonly confronted challenges in an eCommerce business.

Transcript of Secrets to a Successful E-Commerce Business

  • E-COMMERCE BUSINESS Secrets to a successful
  • Meet Mike! a 34 years old smart all- rounder guy having 10 years of experience in E-Commerce...
  • own E-Commerce Business selling lifestyle accessories As Mike always wanted, he started his
  • Mike had everything chalked out! online store development contract with a delivery company ...and started his ecommerce store...and started his ecommerce store
  • For back office and data entry tasks he hired 4 interns.
  • Mike himself could take care of all the spontaneous decisions Initially as order numbers were less... Mike was happy!
  • good planning skills support from his team By virtue of Mike s the business became w i t h i n o n e y e a r 10 TIMES BIGGER10 TIMES BIGGER
  • Mike expanded his business Multiple Warehouse Locations hired experienced professionals
  • on Human Resource and he ended up spending 30% OF HIS TOTAL EXPENDITURE
  • This led to growth of the company
  • This led to growth of the company But not as much as he expected! with the team he formed
  • Mike was concerned! ? ??
  • reputed research agency He invested in a to find out the root cause behind the slow growth rate
  • A detailed study showed... all the team members were putting in in their assigned tasks 100% effort
  • The problem was... mismatch between the team members true potential and the tasks assigned to them
  • Chloe ClaraJohn customer interaction online product catalog updations Best at Assigned Multitasking and organizing Manual order-processing Best at Assigned Generating cool marketing ideas Stock level maintainence on store Best at Assigned
  • other employees were assigned tasks which did not match their true skillsets And similarly ...
  • So Mike now made some changes in RESOURCE ALLOCATION
  • Employees were assigned roles they were best at eCommerce Operations Manager Marketing and Sales Executive Chloe ClaraJohn Customer Care Executive Manual, indecisive tasks were assigned to systems
  • for making some processes automated Mike introduced some intelligent software/tools
  • This gave Awesome Results! Increased Productivity Marked of employees No Late Office Hoursimprovement in the company s growth Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • So Mike found the secrets to a Successful E-Commerce Business! RIGHTPEOPLE RIGHTJOBSINTHE and right application for automating the manual work!
  • ...Are you facing problems like Mike? Do you have an E-COMMERCE BUSINESS?
  • Switch to World s easiest solution for connecting your E-Commerce with ERP!
  • We would love to know if your experience had been similar to Mike s journey. If you have a story to share, please comment on our blog. Click Here to Share Your Story
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