Secrets of Personalization Revealed: How Citrix Cracked the Code on Personalization

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Transcript of Secrets of Personalization Revealed: How Citrix Cracked the Code on Personalization

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Secrets of Personalization:How Citrix Cracked the Code on Personalization

Todays SpeakersJessica FewlessDirector, Field & Partner MarketingDemandbaseCori KaylorSr Manager, Web Strategy & Online MarketingCitrix

Jessica Collier Web Conversion StrategistCitrix

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B2B is Different

ConsumersBusinessesIndividualsEmotional purchasingMay be impulse; buy in minutesLarge marketTransactionalCompanies/AccountsTask-oriented purchasingPlanned; buy in monthsSmaller, niche marketStrategic

For example, in the B2C space, companies like Amazon and Netflix have trained consumers to expect a personalized browsing experience the website uses implicit (previous browsing historly) and explict information (likes on specific movies, for example) to provide recommendations.

This data not only surfaces more relevant content, but it also provides the opportunity to test the layout and presentation of these recommendations.

The expectation of a personalized customer journey has begun to spread into B2B and other industries. Many companies, including Citrix, are beginning to see personalization as a key strategy to their future marketing.


channel in making the purchase decision.70% of buyers have indicated that the VENDORS WEBSITE MOST INFLUENTIAL was the

Source: DemandGen ReportYour website is a critical marketing tool

Whats clear is that your website is increasingly important for taking prospect accounts from research/inquiry and moving them toward sales leads.Think about itbefore our call today, you visited our website, or thought about checking it out, right?Its proven with research too. 70% of B2B buyers say your website in the most influential channel for making a purchaseNo matter what your job is (Website centric or not), we allow you to take advantage of the activity on your website and its importance in the buying process.


Website is #1 indicator of future revenue all roads eventually lead to the company Websitebuyers use company Web sites as a primary tool during the decision- making process...

Since Websites are such an important stop for buyers, and it is imperative that they have a good experience during their visits, vendors must not lag in this area.- IDC, 2012 CMO Tech Marketing Barometer Study (April 2012)

ALSO:80% of buyers listed the B2B website as an integral part of their educational and decision making processes. B2B Buyer Survey Reveals Impact of Social Media on Vendor Selection Process, -DemandGen Report, Sept. 11, 2012

all roads eventually lead to the company Web site buyers use company Web sites as a primary tool during the decision-making process... Since Web sites are such an important stop for buyers, and it is imperative that they have a good experience during their visits, vendors must not lag in this area. - IDC, 2012 CMO Tech Marketing Barometer Study (April 2012)

80% of respondents report the corporate website is not performing to its maximum lead generation potential. -Demandbase 2011 National Website Demand Generation Study

85% of website visitors are not potential customers80% of web visitors abandon a siteIn < 5 seconds 97% of website visitors will ignore call to actionBasic methods arent driving results

Have you heard these common complaints? Advertising doesnt work!The website sucks/is inefficient!All the leads are bad!

We as marketers work hard defending their ability to attract, engage and convert new opportunities for the business. But no one (especially Sales) ever seems to be happy.

ALSO:In a recent survey of more than 1,150 B2B sales executives only 31 percent of marketing generated leads were considered suitable. -Sales Speaks: Perceptions & Ponderings on Marketing Leads, The Bridge Group and Vorsight

Most of the time, marketers are missing a key strategic focustheyre marketing to masses of individuals, looking for anyone to show interest. Using tactics that originated with consumer marketingWe like to call that mass backwards

Hero image carouselFeatured contentClear navigationCookiesSo what can you do about it?

Given that you NEED to grab their attention within the first 5 seconds on their FIRST visit to your website, these tactics wont work

So now let me turn it over to Jessica and Cori who will walk you through the simple personalization tactics they deployed that DID work for them, overcoming these obstacles, and lead to some pretty amazing results

Carousel at the Top If the content you want isnt in the first slide, your audience probably wont see it. Theyll be scrolling and looking elsewhere on the page to find what they are looking forFeatured Content What does it mean to be featured or the most popular on your site? Who is it most popular with? Who is it intended for? Who is most likely to get value from it?Clear Navigation Every click that your visitor has to make increases their chances of bouncing. Not to mention youre expecting them to find the content you want them to see on your site.Cookies This assumes they come back to your site! If they dont find what they are looking for on the first visit, they are not likely to come back!

Founded 1989$3.1B+ 2014 revenue9,000+ employees330,000+ enterprise customers10,000+ partners in 100 countries#1 Desktop & App virtualization #2 Cloud Networking#2 Web CollaborationAbout Citrix

OverviewVisionChallengesStrategyTechnology stackTest plan and resultsNext steps and conclusionsQ&AAgenda

Centralized corporate team of web strategists, designers, producers and developers

Manage over 30 web properties, including

Deliver web experiences that tell the Citrix story, amplify awareness of our brand, move visitors through the customer journey and generate leads and revenue

Web Experience team

Personalization is collecting implicit or explicit user information to create a content delivery framework that not only manipulates the information presented to users but how it is presented.- MarketingProfs

Attitudes toward personalization have definitely come a long way.

Just a few years ago, I worked at an agency and we talked a lot about personalization personalizing landing pages with visitor information, prefilling forms fields and tweaking copy based on known user data.

Today, we think about personalization as collecting both implicit user information data that is not provided intentionally but gathered from available data streams and explicit user information to create a content delivery framework that not only manipulates the information presented to user, but how it is actually presented.

Increased engagement Increased conversionsMore efficient communicationEnhanced loyaltyBenefits of B2B Personalization

And I say beginning because personalization has been a marketing buzzword for a number of years, but it has yet to be FULLY realized as a strategic influence during the B2B buying experience. To become a marketing power play, personalization must get far beyond inserting name, title, or company into email messages that is customization, not personalization.

In Adobe's recent 2014 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey, 75% of respondents agreed that personalization is an effective method of converting site visitors into customers but the benefits of personalization go beyond conversions personalization can help a company communicate more efficient with their customers, helping to drive enhanced loyalty and brand.

Youd think it would be a no-brainer right?, yet many companies struggle to implement a successful strategy.


Vision and Challenges

VisionTo personalize and tailor the experience to the individual visitor


WebsitePagesBanner adsFrequencyJourneySelf selection

Goals and Strategy

Start with goalsIncrease engagement and conversions of anonymous to known visitors Accelerate buyers journey from awareness to sale



5 steps to a personalization pilot

Ensured uniqueReviewed data

Personal data Company BehaviorUser preferencesSocial dataReviewed company initiatives

Analyzed traffic Ensured that there is enough web traffic



Align goals

Pick a targetCreate content for each segmentDetermined prominent interaction points for each segment


Our target opportunityHealthcare, Education and Finance



So, lets talk about the technology. During our initial discovery, research and requirement gathering, we did our due diligence and evaluated several technologies. Some of which we already were leveraging, and others that were possibilities we looked at several real-time targeting and personalization tools.

Technology stack

We leveraged a powerful tech stack all technologies that were already being used across the organization, some in different departments.

- Accessed company-level data through Demandbase to identify target industries - Used Optimizely to A/B test the effectiveness of the personalization- Monitored additional data/reports in Google Analytics- Served personalized content and images on Adobe AEM, our CMS, using Optimizely


Personalization Test Plan & Results

Test to make decisions

Five lessons from the top 20% #1: They te