Secondary Target Audience Research

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Transcript of Secondary Target Audience Research

Secondary Target Audience research

Secondary Target Audience researchBy Jade Dowse

Secondary ResearchThis presentation will show the secondary research on my chosen genre of pop, as I am establishing the target audience for my music video. I will conduct my research by looking at websites, published statistics over recent years to see common trends and also investigate psychographic information. This information will then enable me to make a successful music video.

Google SearchBelow are the most popular pop artists who are searched using the Google search engine. This shows that 9 of the 14 artists are female and 5 are male. My song is performed by a female and this gender is by far creating the most media attention. I have established that female artists are currently creating interest, so now I have to extend my research to find who is listening to their music, buying their products and attending their concerts.

Websites Gary Ewer, states that: For pop songs, the target is the 14 24-year-old age bracket site states that:pop is essentially dance-pop, pop, and urban ballads that are marketed to teens. Often, it's performed by teens, as well. I have established the age of my target audience for pop music, although I appreciate that some songs or artists will appeal to younger and older people.

POP Concert AudienceEmeli SandeWords: Reginald Brooks & Lyssa QuallioSource IMC MagazineA sold out crowd at the Variety Playhouse located in Atlantas young & trendy district of Little Five Points were feverishly excited about one person Saturday night, English-born Scottish recording artist and songwriter Emeli Sand.The picture from the concert to the left and the opening paragraph of the article give me further confirmation that pop fans are young and trendy. I have found on this website the age demographics that like particular artists and genres. Some of the artists are mentioned in both lists opposite and can show that particular artist is mainstream than niche. However, more of the artists in the 13 year old listeners are pop artists. Looking at these results, it is noticeable that the artists in the 13 year old demographic are more contemporary. The table below shows how the artists own age relates to the age of their fans. This website has helped me establish what type of music each gender likes, see below . Pop is first choice for female listeners. The chart on the right shows the order that each gender likes a particular artist. This shows that females prefer pop music. I have noted that 7 out of the top 10 female choices are female pop stars. Males are listening to pop music and their top 10 features mainly male artists but they are from various genres. This gives me a good insight into my target audience.

Profile of Target audience shopping habitsSHOPPING HABITSThe Youth 100 report states that the top stores for 18-24s (within my target audience) are:1) H&M2) Ikea3) New Look4) River Island5) PrimarkMy Conclusions

My target audience shops at high street stores which offer good value for money.Also it is interesting to note that Rihanna started a line for River Island in 2013 and Lily Allen (2007) has modelled and had a fashion line at New Look. Thus you can conclude that some fans shop at these stores to emulate the style of these pop stars.

Information from:

Voxburner, has revealed that the youth market which includes the main listeners to pop the 16 to 24 year olds buy music online vs 42% from the high street. 68% use a laptop when shopping online compared to 11% on a mobile and 12% on a tablet .

I now have an insight into the music purchasing habits of pops major market.Where do pop music lovers buy their music?

YouTubeYouTube is a video sharing websites that allows individuals or media companies to upload, view and share videos. YouTube is a great way to see how many people like a particular music video or how many have subscribed to the artist. Through this research, I have found that pop music artists are mainly mainstream which means that my target audience is broad and would attract a big crowd.

YouTubeRankUserCreator(s)Country of OriginSubscribers1PewDiePieFelix KjellbergSweden41.1 million2HolaSoyGermanGerman GarmendiaChile25.6 million3YouTube SpotlightYouTube, Inc.United States23.8 million4SmoshIan Hecox, Anthony PadillaUnited States21.6 million5OneDirectionVEVOOne DirectionUnited Kingdom18.3 million6RihannaVEVORihannaBarbados18.1 million7KatyPerryVEVOKaty PerryUnited States17.5 million8TaylorSwiftVEVOTaylor SwiftUnited States17.4 million9EminemVEVOEminemUnited States17.1 million10JustinBieberVEVOJustin BieberCanada16.1 million

Current most subscribed channelsThis list depicts the top 10 most subscribed channels on YouTube as of December 11, 2015[5]

The popularity of pop music is shown with the entries 5-10 being music artists. The number of subscribers run into millions as the fans of these artists fall into my target audience it shows how many of them are accessing music through YouTube.

I researched into some pop artists and looked into Emeli Sand. I looked at Wikipedia, that told me that all her singles had achieved a high chart position. This means that her songs are popular. I chose a particular song, Next to Me, that so far had reached over 59 million views on You Tube. The graph shows the videos Next to Me - statistics on YouTube. Over the months of the videos release, it has been increasing every month, meaning that a vast amount of people like this artist and the genre of pop. This concludes that my target audience are loyal to their idols.Emeli Sand Next to Me

YouTube statisticsWikipedia source

Jessie J - Domino

To show this is a true result, (previous slide) I looked into another artist , Jessie J. After looking at the statistics on YouTube, I found Jessie J is a mainstream artist as the video statistics graph on YouTube shows that the number of views is inclining between the years of 2012 and 2015. There is over 200 million views proving the popularity of this artist, along with the genre. The results indicate that this song has continued sales across many months across the globe. These two examples show that pop fans are loyal and pop music has continued popularity.

FAcebookThere are 31 million Facebook users in the UK alone and 26% users are in the 25-34 age bracket and some 2.5 million users in the 13-17 age group. (Stats courtesy of Rose McGroryand eMarketer).

A large proportion of the users of Facebook come from the target audience for pop artists , so this is a good way for these artists to connect with their fans. Pop starRihanna is an active Facebook user who promotes herself successfully with photo and video content.

UK Tribes - UK Tribes is an award winning research project that has been running for a decade. This was created by Channel 4 and Crowd DNA. It is a long standing study of British youth culture.

On the UK tribes website, I went on different social groups pages to see whether any of the groups liked pop music and see what psychographic information that the particular social group would like. This website has also shown me the psychographic information such as the brands that they watch and use.

The UK Tribes website states that the mainstream social group have many sub groups, in particular I am looking into Fan Girls - a heavily female biased tribe who are passionately devoted to pop icons and twitter. The mainstream is where most young people start out and some never leave. They like chart music, prime time TV, local nights out and a bit of booze. They are happy with readily available high street influences. These are brands such as Capital FM and Radio One, Miss Selfridge and Burton.This site has given me a broad picture for the psychographics of my target audience. Favourite brands that the Mainstream Tribe like.

Below are the common brands that Fan Girls like. These are all popular brands that are mainstream.

The UK Tribes website states that Fan Girls have a devotion to mainstream pop icons such as One Direction and Cheryl Cole. These are young teens from the age of 10 to around 18 - when they tend to experiment with other interests. They are influenced by social media, in particular Twitter. Thanks to the internet and always on celebrity culture, young fan girls can now follow their idols every move from their bedroom online. They are the biggest purchasers of physical copies of music and merchandise from posters to VIP tickets to gigs. They congregate by the million online and have huge spending power. I now have a clearer insight into my target audience as music fans who enjoy following their idols by buying products and going to concerts. This tells me they like to see their idols in the flesh, follow them online and read about them. They therefore spend a lot of money on music and music related items.

Bauer Media Bauer Media is a multi media platform, that consists of companies collected together, mainly magazines and Radio. A worldwide media empire that offers over 300 magazines in 15 countries. This reaches to 22 million people and 107 brands. 600 magazines 400 digital products50 radio and TV stations

This helps establish the psychographic information of my target audience as it would find out the brands that my target audience.

I used the Audience Finder to start