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  • To what extent can I manipulate my own appearance and s6ll present an image that can

    s6ll be classed as a portrait of myself.

  • Cris6na Otero cap6vates us with these zoomed-in self-portraits. Using fruit as her inspira6on in this series en6tled TuA FruA,

    Caryn Drexl kiss of death

    Ryan Michael Kelly miss behave

    Alex Lucka

    Dimtri danilo

  • Cris6na Otero

    Cris6na Otero has amazed viewers with zoomed-in self-portraits. Using fruit as her inspira6on in this series en6tled TuA FruA. This series of photographs is based on make up and ordinary and tropical fruit, the colours that she uses with the make up helps bring out the over all colour of the fruit making it more intense and vibrant. She has taken very close up portraits f mainly eyes and mouth. With a plain background and in a well lit studio. The photographs look awless and nothing appears to be out of place. Oteros photographs are very bright, happy and cheerful . The portraits themselves may seem too perfect for some people and wouldnt be what they like even though that the subject maRer is very unusual and work well with the pale awless skin. The viewers may mistake this as a computer

    pain6ng and not a photograph

    I like how perfect the photograph looks I will try to use sweets and crystals to try and create something that looks so perfect and awless. I also like the way the colour of the fruit is one

    of the main focuses of the photograph.

  • Dimitri Danilo

    Damilo was originally aspiring to be a mathema6cian, however when he was 26 years old he got a camera as a giU and from then on his intui6on has taken over and he has become a photographer with a wide range of focus points from magazine adver6sement and editorials to mostly photo edited photography. My main

    inspira+on comes from my intui+on. I just need to do what I do. I like to mix new graphic technology with my obsessions. I like to work around the idea of body mo+on / sculpture the confusion between male and female

    and hidden weaknesses. Damilo in a lot of his photographs uses models just as if they were mannequins that could be posi6oned in any way that he thinks is best. A few of his photography projects have an atmospheric feeling of everything being fake and plas6c that gives an inorganic feel to it. Those photographs appear dead and without any model emo6on which also makes the photographs cold and in some ways dull. In some of his work he

    highlights the body conscious areas of the model by making it the focus of aRen6on by adding dierent things on to it like gliRer or confeA.

    I want to try and recreate the similar feeling of fake posi6oned photographs where my portraits dont look natural and are to edited. I will use crystals to exaggerate the areas of my face that I consider to be not

    perfect and by adding crystals make them more beau6ful even though I had to add to the natural beauty to make it look nicer than they were before.

  • In this set of photographs I was exploring self portraits while making them look sweet and innocent . I was using dierent objects that I think are beau6ful and sweet such as sweets and rhinestones. i was inspired by a fashion photographer Dimitri Danilo who covered the models faces in dierent gems to make the photographs look more high end and unusual. However I wanted to instead of making the photographs look unusual I was aiming for a beau6ful innocent look, that the white

    gems create sprinkled all over the face.

    I also looked at a young photographer Cris6na Otero, she was using dierent kinds of fruits to be the main inspira6on of the make up in her self portraits. I was inspired by the colours that Oteros

    photographs had, the colour of the fruit made the whole photograph pop and come to life. I was aiming to achieve the same eect by using dierent kinds of bright sweets instead of fruit. By using sweets I'm keeping in with the sugar coated portrait look with having loads of objects covering my

    face that everyone likes.

    AUer I nished the idea I think that the photographs all turned out good apart for a few that didnt have good composi6on because the glue that I used to s6ck on the sweets didnt work which meant

    I had to lay down and put sweets on parts of the face that were the aRest. However the photographs with the gems were by far the best because the gems stuck to my skin and I was able

    to posi6on them were I wanted in order to achieve the maximum aect.

  • Marcel Van der Vlugt

    Meg Wachter

    Pich Urdaneta Koen Hauser

    Alison Brady Elene Usdin la chambre

    Lilya Corneli coccon

  • Pich Urdaneta

    Pich Urdaneta is an Venezuelan photographer who mostly photographs people in dierent environments with out of the ordinary objects with in a studio, he has done a series of photographs to depict the rela6onship that people have between food. In those photographs he has the models faces

    covered in dierent food items some that could be found in the fridge and some that are very disgus6ng but are edible. For the the fridge series he quotes ; we are the same we are food he is comparing us to nature and that we are in the food chain even though we are at the top there are s6ll

    animals and even humans that eat human esh. His photographs have a plain background and are very well lit to show o the maximum eect and

    detail, the models are dierent shapes and sizes which shows that there is no excep6on we are s6ll part of the food chain.

    I have been inspired by Urdanetas photographs and how focused they are on just the model with food that I have decided to try and achieve similar simplicity with a twist by photographing the images in front of dierent backgrounds and then edi6ng them to over exaggerate the key points that are

    disgus6ng to get a stronger response from the viewers. I will try dierent Photoshop techniques to achieve gruesome photographs that challenge the viewers

    comfort levels

  • Evalua6on

    AUer I have taken and edited photographs with dierent food items on my face to try and get a reac6on from the viewer , I realized that I need to go and explore dierent objects on face to get dierent reac6ons. Layering the photographs created a new portrait that looked even more disgus6ng than before. I think that

    making the photographs highly contrasted and layered allowed me to achieve a beRer eect.

    I also no6ced that the portraits like more scary and gruesome when they were in black and white rather than in colour. Thats why my developmental portraits are all in black and white. I also had to saturate the colours of some portraits while keeping the light to the minimum to the the muddy zombie like look that I

    was going for.

    I think I made the photographs have the similar atmosphere to the photographer I was inspired by who is Pich Urdanet, in some of my photographs I have kept them in coloured and just lightly edited the skin to make it look awless and so that all the focus of the viewer would be on the food thats on my face.

    If I was to do the same set of photographs again I think I would take more 6me with selec6ng my foods and also I would have done my make up to compliment the food rather than just having minimalis6c make up. I

    think that if the make up was done to match the food the photographs would have turned out more interes6ng and each thing would have complimented each other perfectly.

  • Robert Mapplethorpe

    Ren Hang

    Joshua Hone

    Photographer: unknown Title : save the children

    Nan Goldin Andres Serrano, Fatal Meningi6s, 1992,

  • Joshua Hone Joshua Hole quotes horror allows us to express repressed feelings ,such as terror and rage. Horror constructs an

    environment where these taboo feelings are sanc6oned - interview with Sublime Rush 2008 Horror lms are modern fairytales - interview with Whiskey Greg,2009

    Hole hid his horror photographs for years and con6nued doing wedding photographs and CD covers. In his horror

    series he explored childhood fears and how they van be illustrated in an innova6ve and unique way. Hole in some of his photographs reenacts the scenes from childhood stories and fairytales, however some of the photographs move away from childhood fears and looks at teenagers and adults fears because they are more graphical and they have no

    childhood symbolism. Hones photographs appear to be extra clean and everything is in its place I get the feeling hat even the emo6on is staged, it doesn'tt look natural but fake. I think that the subject maRer has a horror impact on the viewer however the models expressions could be less fake. The vibrant colours of all the images suggests to me that the monsters in the

    images are the ones that live under the bed, they are always there but out of sight and the child or adult can get on with their life as normal even though the fear could come back when ever it pleases it creeps up to the people when they

    least expect it . I will try to make my photographs clean and focused on t he horror part, make it the main focus of the photograph.

    However I will try to use less bright and a smaller range of colours because I believe that the very colourful photographs in Joshua Holes series dont live up to the expecta6ons.

  • Ren Hang

    Ren Hang is a photographer, poet and a magazine editor. His work has been displayed widely in china and other countries around the world. Hangs photography style is

    unusual and shocking because of his chosen object maRer. His photography challenges the boundaries of taste and boundaries in genera6ons because the new genera6on may see his photograph