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  • 1. Welcome To Second Grade Parent Orientation East Hills School June 17, 2014 Picture of front of school

2. Community is the tie that binds teachers, students and parents together in special ways, to something more significant than themselves: shared values and ideals. It lifts students, teachers and parents to higher levels of self-understanding, commitment, and performance-beyond the reaches of the shortcomings and difficulties they face in their everyday lives. Community can help teachers, students and parents be transformed from a collection of Is to a collective we, thus providing them with a unique and enduring sense of identity, belonging, and place. Thomas J. Sergiovanni 3. We welcome you to our East Hills Family The East Hills family prides itself in its dedication and commitment to provide your children with a rigorous academic program coupled with the social and emotional support that will enable them to achieve at their highest potential. Our instructional program provides myriad opportunities for your children to thrive. Our teachers are lifelong learners who work diligently to increase their craft of instruction to meet the diverse needs of our students. Their ongoing professional development and collaborative communication has led to continued academic, and social/emotional gains. 4. Home-School Partnership There is a positive relationship between family involvement and benefits for students. When parents and school staff work together to support learning, students: Adapt well to school and attend regularly Have better social skills and behavior Succeed academically, socially and emotionally 5. East Hills continues to pride itself on building trusting and respectful relationships by Embracing a philosophy of partnership- The responsibility for our childrens educational development is shared. We engage all of our families by recognizing and respecting our cultural differences. We encourage involvement and address specific parental needs in a welcoming environment. 6. Which of the following are you thinking mostly about? 1. Your child finding his/her way around the school 2. Your child making new friends 3. Your child becoming a better reader 4. Homework 7. Your children are thinking about Meeting new friends in the class and on the playground Finding our way around the school Seeing our brothers and sisters Going to the movie theatre Knowing the names of all the teachers in the school 8. Here come the buses! Each and every morning, your children will be greeted with a huge welcome by our East Hills staff. Once we know that all is well on the ride to school, they will be dismissed first. All second graders will walk right into school through a designated door and proceed to their classroom. 9. Our First Visit to EH! 10. Our second grade teachers will welcome your children into their new home away from home and begin a day filled with exciting learning experiences. 11. Our teachers create a most inviting environment 12. A community of Learners Once your child has unpacked Put away his/her jacket and backpack Decided on their choice for lunch 13. Morning Meeting Begins Calendar Weather Days in School News for the Day 14. Whats next? Read Aloud Words Their Way Guided Reading Independent Reading 15. We learn how to work with letters, sounds and patterns to make words! 16. Reading Workshop Your child will learn how to choose Just Right books. These books will help improve fluency, stamina and comprehension. They will learn how to shop for these books from their classroom library on a weekly basis. Your child will keep a Reading Log to keep track of their daily reading both in school and at home. 17. Choosing Just Right Books 18. Independent Reading 19. Writing Workshop Your child will learn how to write in a variety of genres. They will be immersed in literature that will teach them how to write: Personal Narratives Realistic Fiction Fairy Tales Expert Books Persuasive Reviews Poetry Authors as Mentors 20. Books of the Month 2011-2012 21. What are the best items to send in for snack? 1. Chips and soda 2. Candy and juice 3. Cookies, cake and juice 4. Fruit, vegetables or cheese and water 22. We have Fifth Grade Buddies! 23. Oh, the places they will go and the people they will meet Physical Education Art Library Music Science Technology Lunch/Recess 24. Grade Two Support Services Remedial Reading Remedial Math ESL Special Education Resource Room Speech/Language Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy 25. Our new second graders are ready for lunch 26. We love recess: playing with our new friends! 27. And recess 28. After lunch, the children are brought back to their room When they get back to the classroom, they are ready for an afternoon of learning. Very often, math and social studies are scheduled for the afternoon. The children use hands-on manipulatives for problem solving and computation. Technology is incorporated into many lessons. Students typically have specials in the afternoon. 29. We love using Technology! 30. We are all scientists in Science 31. So many school wide activities Book Fair Swap a Book PARP Author Visits Spirit Week Fall Festival Cultural Arts Assemblies Circus Arts Project Health and Nutrition Week No Name Calling Week Buddy Classes East Hills Carnival Dinosaur Rocks Long Island Childrens Museum Long Island Science Museum Peaceful School Bus Program East Hills Picnic Lunch and Learn 32. Spirit Week Pajama Day Crazy Hat Day 33. Were in Charge of Celebrations 34. Sharing our published writing 35. Field Trip to the Whaling Museum 36. PFA Sponsored Fall Festival 37. Peaceful School Bus Program