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1. Student Page [Teacher Page] Seasons Greetings! Designed by: Title Clarissa Wylie Introduction Task ProcessEvaluationConclusionCredits 2. Student Page [Teacher Page]Introduction Title A whole year is made up of 4 seasons: Introduction-Spring Task -Summer Process-Fall -WinterEvaluationConclusion But which one is which?!What is each season like?!What season are we in right now?!I cant tell the difference between the seasonsclass! Can you all PLEASE HELP?Credits 3. Student Page [Teacher Page] The Task TitleGet ready class, Its camera time! Introduction Task We will be making a class news Process broadcasting film Seasons Greetings. Each of you will be assigned a groupEvaluation where you will research about theConclusion season your group is assigned, then your group will create a script for thenews show, and finally, its show time! After the whole news broadcast is finished we will all watch it in class!Credits 4. Student Page [Teacher Page]The ProcessAlright class, its YOUR turn to teach the class (And me) about the seasons. Title Heres what you do!: Introduction1)I will split you guys up into 4 different groups, and each group will be assigned a Task season to research (Use the websites and watch the videos on the next pageto help you with your research!) Process 2)Everyone in the group will research a specific topic that relates to your seasonEvaluation Here are the topics:-When your season starts and endsConclusion-Weather during your season-What do animals do during your season? -What do we as humans so during this season? -Any interesting facts your group finds!3) After your group has gathered great information about your season, your groupwill create a script for a news broadcast called Seasons Greetings that I will be filming for the class to watch! Make sure you include:-2 main broadcasters -2 sports broadcasters-2 weather broadcasters-2 breaking news broadcasters (REMEMBER: EVERYTHING HAS TO BE RELATED TO YOUR SEASON!)4) Make a Work Cited page and After Seasons Greetings is filmed, the entire class willwatch it!Credits 5. GO TO: click on weather for season information-Look at the pictures and watch the videos this video to help you remember the seasons! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!Dont forget to cite the sources you use to find your information! Including the ones that I give you! 6. Student Page Beginning Developing Accomplished ExemplaryScore [Teacher Page]1 2 3 4 TeamwoStudents meet and Students meet andA couple of team Meetings are rkdiscuss regularly. Alldiscuss regularly. meetings are not held students contribute toMost studentsheld. Most AND/OR Title the discussion and allcontribute to thestudents some team are listened to discussion and are contribute to themembers do Introductionrespectfully. All teamlistened todiscussion and not members contribute arespectfully. All team are listened tocontribute a Taskfair share of the work. members contribute respectfully. Allfair share of a fair share of theteam members the work. Process work.contribute a fairshare of the work.EvaluationConclusionConcept Team has a clear pictureTeam has a fairly clearTeam has Team hasof what they are trying topicture of what they brainstormed their spent littleachieve. Each memberare trying to achieve. concept, but noeffort oncan describe what theyEach member canclear focus hasbrainstormingare trying to do anddescribe what they are emerged for theand refining agenerally how his/her trying to do overall but team. Team concept. Teamwork will contribute to the has trouble describing members maymembers arefinal his/her work willdescribe the unclear on thecontribute to the finalgoals/final productgoals and howproduct. differently. theircontriubtionswill help themreach the goal.ScriptScript is complete and it Script is mostly Script has a few There is nois clear what each actorcomplete. It is clearmajor flaws. It is not script. Actorswill say and do. Entrieswhat each actor will always clear whatare expected toand exits are scripted as say and do. Script isthe actors are to sayinvent whatare important shows planning.and do. Script they say andmovements. Script is shows an attempt atdo as they goquite professional.planning, but seemsalong. incomplete.Credits 7. Student Page [Teacher Page] ConclusionTHANK YOU CLASS! Title I now know the difference between the 4 seasons! IntroductionYou all have now learned about a specific season and taught it to therest of the class, as well as learn about the other seasons by watching Taskour very own class news broadcast! ProcessGood work class!EvaluationConclusionCredits 8. Student Page [Teacher Page]Credits &References TitleThanks for the information and Introduction the videos! Task Thanks for the catchy song Process videoEvaluationConclusion The WebQuest Page The WebQuest Slideshare GroupCredits