Season Greetings! - Season¢â‚¬â„¢s Greetings! Christmas Lunch...

download Season Greetings! - Season¢â‚¬â„¢s Greetings! Christmas Lunch Thursday 19th December Mary and her team in

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Transcript of Season Greetings! - Season¢â‚¬â„¢s Greetings! Christmas Lunch...


    December, 2019

    A round-up of recent events in and outside school



    Christmas Lunch Thursday 19th December

    Mary and her team in the kitchen served up their usual delicious turkey roast or Caramelised

    Butternut Squash, Brie and Cranberry Tart for vegetarians.

    Mary has to order ingredients at least a week in advance, so next year, if your child wants

    Christmas lunch, please look out for the letter and order early!

    In this issue:

     Christmas Celebrations in School

     Live Lounge Music Evening

     Remembrance Day

     STEM Science Show and Lectures

     Careers News

     Y10 Mock Interviews & Work Experience

     Library & Catering

     Le Théâtre Français (MFL Department)

     WiSPA House Hampers Fund-raising

     Health Awareness Day

     Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

     PE Department Reports

     Headmaster’s Message

    Kitchen staff have every-

    thing ready to go for when

    the first sitting of Christmas

    dinner starts at 1pm.

    The chocolate fudge pud-

    dings are all ready for


    Tables are laid for Christmas

    dinner and waiting for stu-

    dents to arrive back from

    the Carol Service

  • School Carol Service—Thursday 19th December

    We are always delighted to be able to visit Encounter Church on

    Gretton Road for our annual Carol Service, which is large enough

    (just!) to accommodate half of the school and their teaching staff.

    Two Houses walk down to the church for each service, with Y11

    prefects performing marshalling duties to help everyone to cross the

    road safely. Mrs Turner organises the service, this year she was as-

    sisted by Ms Broekman, our peripatetic strings teacher, who also

    played violin with the student ensemble.

    Rehearsing at school for Carol Service

    Pastor Mark Bailey (above) ad-

    dressed the students, staff and

    parents who attended each of

    the services and reminded us

    that we are all loved.

    Left: Encounter Church awaits

    the arrival of students attend-

    ing the first service

    The service comprised congre-

    gational carols (O Come All Ye

    Faithful and Hark the Herald

    Angels Sing) interspersed with

    Christmas-themed poetry and

    readings plus instrumental and

    vocal pieces.

    A fabulous start to the festive


    HOUSE DAY — WEDNESDAY 18th December

    Well done to Sudeley and Langley who were the joint winners of the House debate on

    Climate Change (thank you to Geography teacher Miss Hale, for putting together a thought

    -provoking Power Point to help start the discussion).

    Meanwhile in the gym, Years 7-9 played in a table tennis tournament, with Sudeley taking

    the lead, next Cleeve in 2nd place, then Langley followed very closely by Prescott.

    If any KS3 students are interested in playing table tennis, Mr Waller is still running his

    Monday lunchtime club in the gym.

  • Live Lounge Music Evening

    A colourful welcome to the Live Lounge !

    Mrs Turner’s Live Lounge Music Evening in No-

    vember was a student-led event, showcasing

    over twenty talented students from all year

    groups who performed a mix of cover versions

    and their own compositions.

    An enthusiastic audience also welcomed the

    return of former students Izzy Winstanley (2017

    Leaver), Molly Albutt, Ben Carley-McCauley,

    Aidan Cheale and Isabel Cornwall (2018 Leavers).

    Mrs Turner says that the money from ticket sales

    (approx. £150) will contribute to the further

    development of performing arts resources and

    equipment - we look forward to watching anoth-

    er musical production next summer!

    The Lion Sleeps Tonight Ensemble

    Remembrance Day 11th November 2019

    Our Head Boys and Girls attended the Winchcombe Abbey Terrace Remembrance

    Service on Sunday 10th November with Headteacher Mr Templeton and Assistant

    Head Mr Young. A two-minute silence was held on Monday 11th November at

    11am on the car park at the front of school. The whole school stood in their tutor

    groups at a short ceremony in which four pupils who are members of the Bishops

    Cleeve Air Cadets lowered the Union Jack to half mast as a mark of respect. Former

    student Jerome Edwards (2017 Leaver) played The Last Post and Reveille.

    Ed Cowper (Y10) was in the audi-

    ence; he writes:

    ‘On Tuesday 26th November, many

    talented musicians of Winchcombe

    school, including ex-pupil Izzy Win-

    stanley, performed in Winch-

    combe’s Live Lounge with a variety

    of different musical performances.

    The pieces ranged from smooth

    solos to a brilliant finale of “The

    Lion Sleeps Tonight” performed by

    y10 GCSE music students. They used

    various instruments such as the

    xylophone and the saxophone. It

    was a brilliant evening which show-

    cased the talent of Winchcombe

    School’s Music Department.’

  • Stem - news from the science department

    Mr Squire, Head of Science, writes:

    “On Monday 25th November we welcomed the STEM roadshow team once again. They

    represent the combined effort of the RAF and BAE in bringing Science, Technology, Engi-

    neering and Maths (STEM) into schools. Each year they bring in exciting real life examples of

    STEM careers and cool gadgets to engage audiences in years 7 and 8. This year they brought

    in Sphero robots, silly hats and a full size Zorb to explain concepts of mobile phone commu-

    nication, programming and encryption. Thanks once again to the roadshow team for an

    exciting, educational and engaging show. We hope to see them again next year.”

    Tom: STEM visited and talked about

    Engineering in the Navy and RAF and

    how computation is valuable and rele-

    vant to everyday life. It didn’t feel like

    an ordinary thing because of the inter-

    action they showed, making things

    relatable and easier to engage in. Hover

    boards were part of the show and it

    was cool watching them race around

    whilst they were talking. They were all

    quite funny because they were using

    puns and play-on-words to get their

    point across.

    Another side of the visit was under-

    standing mathematics and equations.

    To demonstrate how many circumfer-

    ences it takes to get from one side of

    the room to another, one of them

    climbed into a large inflated ball and

    was rolled by students to the other end

    of the room.

    A cool new gadget was tried out by

    lucky students: a small ball that could

    change colour and roll every which way

    at the click of a button. After that in-

    credibly interesting and informative talk

    I am definitely considering a job in


    Jasmine: The STEM show was a lot of

    fun and taught me and others a lot

    more about phones and new technolo-


    Before the show, I wasn’t interested at

    all in STEM but afterwards I was more

    interested in it and wanted to learn

    more. I liked how they included us in the

    experiments - not a lot of shows do this,

    so it was nice that we could get in-


    My favourite part of the show was

    when they got the giant zorb and

    pushed it to the other side with one of

    the presenters inside filming it so we

    could see her on the screen.

    They explained the show well so that

    everyone could understand.

    Jasmine Phelps and Tom Hunter (both 8CL) watched the show; here are their


  • Year 8 Trip to The Gloucestershire Schools’ Christmas Lectures

    A group of very keen Year 8 budding scientists

    headed off to Dean Close School at the beginning

    of December for the Christmas Lectures. Put on

    by the Cheltenham Festivals team, they aim to

    inspire students in future STEM roles (Science,

    Technology, Engineering and Maths) with exciting

    and innovative presentations.

    The first lecture was by Antonia Forster and she

    looked at ‘The Secret Stars of the Space Race’. As

    a scientist working in the field of virtual reality,

    we found out about

    how the lunar land-

    ing of 1969 was

    broken down into 5 main problems and how each of these was


    As part of this, we saw two of our students picked by Antonia, to

    demonstrate the difficulties of computer programming. Arianwen

    had to program a blindfolded Tom, to make a sandwich with just

    simple code. Who knew caramel biscuit spread worked so well

    with barbeque sauce? Tom even tried it just to see!

    Mrs A Hamblin

    Stem - news from the science department (continued)

    If students have been inspired by their introductions to STEM and want to attend a

    specialist Engineering, Design and Digital/Cyber academy after finishing GCSEs at Winch-