Seashells - Ruche Summer Lookbook

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"Seashells" - A Summer Dreaming by the Sea (Ruche Summer Lookbook 2013) Summer fashion has arrived! Inspired by nautical trends, our lookbook includes outfits made for sunny afternoons, summer dresses for every soiree, and of course, cute beachwear too. The new season awaits, Ruchettes! Dip your toes in the water and find everything you’ll need for the summer adventures and memories ahead. Wardrobe: Ruche ( Photography: Brandon Kidd Hair and Makeup: KC Witkamp Vintage Rentals: Found Vintage Ruche Stylist: Mara Ferreira Model: Lenka Videography: Vu Bui, Teresa Chu, Steven Kan

Transcript of Seashells - Ruche Summer Lookbook

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