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Search EnginesPrepared by: Mohammed JabariMohammed Jabari1

Early Search EnginesEarly search engines were like a directory or a listing of favorite websites.

If you have a new website you have to submit to the directory and a human being will decide which category your website belongs to.

Mohammed Jabari2

Search Engines TodayIn 1996, two students from Stanford University working on their PhD had an insight.While working on their research papers and looking at other research papers there were a list references.The list of references have a list of resources and citations that support the paperMohammed Jabari3

References and Citations

Mohammed Jabari4

Same Concept for Websites

Mohammed Jabari5

Page RankWhy not rank the authority or importance of a website based on the number citations on other websites?

This Concept became know as PageRank

Mohammed Jabari6

Page RankThe two who invented this concept were Google founders Lary Page and Surgey BrinThey published the concept in the technical paper PageRank: Bringing order to the Web Jabari7

Google Page Rank

Mohammed Jabari8

HOW Do search engines work?Basically, Search engines uses a program called a Crawler, spider, or Bot.

This program visits websites on regular basis.

The crawler follow links from one site to another.

9Mohammed Jabari

HOW Do search engines work?While visiting (crawling) these websites, the crawler keeps an index of the words it founds and where.

Almost 90% of the web is indexed and stored by Google Huge ServersGoogle analyze s this huge data using a complex computer algorithm

10Mohammed Jabari

The AlgorithmThe algorithm is the key for cracking GoogleHighly sophisticated (Complex)

Its regularly updated

Its a secret! Just like Coca Cola recipe

Mohammed Jabari11

SEOSEO: Search Engine OptimizationSEO: is the process of improving the ranking (visibility) of a website in search engines like Google.SEO in simple words, is how to make your site appears in the first results of the search page.

12Mohammed Jabari

Organic vs. Paid Results

Mohammed Jabari13PaidOrganic

SEOSEO is not about ad words and any paid serviceIts about how to naturally improve your site ranking (visibility) in search engines

SEO techniques consider how Search engines works.So, how does a search engine work?

14Mohammed Jabari

Why SEO?Free Traffic, leads, and sales

Should be integral part of overall marking strategy

Mohammed Jabari15

SEO Techniques Use the tag: page titles are displayed in the search results.Titles should describe the page contentCreate unique title for each page content

this is the title

16Mohammed Jabari

SEO Techniques Use meta tags:Use the description meta tag to add a description for your site.It can contain a sentence or two about your site.Google uses the description as a summary of what the site is about.Use a keyword meta tag to add some of the keywords used in the siteUse unique description and keyword for each page

17Mohammed Jabari

SEO Techniques