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Transcript of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training Course · PDF fileSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)...

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Training Course

    How to Rank Your Website on Page #1 of Google

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    Course Overview

    Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the process of optimising a website to rank on top of the search engine result pages for highly targeted keywords (search queries that potential customers key in to find your products and services). Organic search traffic is also ranked one of the most effective digital marketing channels when it comes to converting qualified prospects into paying customers. Marketing Land This intensive 2-day Search Engine optimization (SEO) Training course covers the most up-to-date search marketing strategies and how to implement them to your existing businesses.

    To better facilitate the learning, each participant will be provided with a demo website for practical sessions on keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building. Participants will also have the opportunity to work on their own website should they choose to. In order to reinforce the concepts learned, participants will participate in live exercises, group discussions, role-playing, Q&A sessions, and undertake quizzes after each module. By the end if the course, participants will take away actionable SEO strategies that will enable them to manage their own SEO campaigns, be able to spot any tell-tale signs of a third-party SEO vendor should hiring one be necessary, and oversee SEO campaigns as an SEO head. Unfamiliar with any SEO terms mentioned here? Check out our A-Z SEO Glossary of Terms & Definitions.

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    Course Highlights

    In this SEO workshop, participants will learn:

    What to include on any webpage to hit the 1st page of Google (complete with infographics)

    How to beat the competition when it comes to keyword research

    How to earn high quality editorial backlinks with a few simple techniques (completely white-hat)

    Important on-page and off-page ranking factors every marketer needs to know to stay on top of Google

    How to create keyword ranking reports, track and measure return on investment on SEO activities, and make strategic improvements (SEO analytics)

    And much more

    Key Features

    Up-to-date course modules

    Hands-on, instructor-led (with in-class time for individual hands-on practice)

    Actionable strategies you can Implement after attending the course

    Access to an individual demo website for practical implementation

    Structured curriculum

    Real world examples & case studies

    Developed by experts with extensive experience in the Asia region

    After-training support

    Lifetime access to course materials will be provided

    Weve partnered industry-leading SEO SaaS companies to provide you with premium access to a suite of SEO tools during the course:


    By the end of the class, participants will:

    Be able to conduct extensive and effective keyword research.

    Understand and able to implement white-hat on-page optimization techniques.

    Know how to identify link building opportunities ad be able to implement them to existing Search Engine Optimization campaigns.

    Know how to use various SEO tools to conduct competitive SEO analysis.

    Be able to create ROI-focused SEO campaigns.

    Be able to optimize a website locally and internationally.

    Be well-versed in the concepts of SEO, the correct methodology and processes required in place

    Be able to oversee and manage Search Engine Optimization campaigns in-house or through an agency.

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    Target Audience

    Marketing professionals, Web developers, Content developers, and Marketing managers who are required to understand how

    search engines work in order to manage SEO campaigns and oversee SEO vendors, as well as how to develop/optimize content

    and webpages to increase search rankings.


    Basic computer knowledge. Each participant will be provided with a windows laptop for the duration of the course. Participants

    may however opt to bring their own laptops.

    A live website will not be required as students will be provided with demo websites to hands-on with both on-page and off-page

    SEO techniques on dummy webpages to increase search rankings. Participants will also be given the opportunity to apply the

    knowledge learnt to their own websites during class.


    Certification of completion will be issued upon completing 75% of the course. .

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    Course Outline

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    Course Outline Chapter 1: Introduction

    Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation, Quiz)

    For a beginners introduction to SEO, check out our free

    guide: Step-by-Step Beginner SEO Tutorial

    The first section of the course provides participants with

    an overview of the course and what to expect from the 2-

    day session. The fundamentals of search marketing will be

    covered includes:

    Why every business needs SEO and how SEO can

    boost ROI

    How SEO can benefit your business: 3 main areas

    The fundamentals of how search engines function

    What is PageRank and its place in todays SEO

    White-hat vs. blackhat SEO

    Googles most significant and latest algorithm


    How to rank #1 on Google

    The 4-step SEO process

    Chapter 2: Keyword Research

    Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation,

    Demonstration, Case studies, Small group discussions,

    Role-playing, Practical, Quiz)

    Free guide: How to Conduct Keyword Research Like a Pro

    What is keyword research and why is it important

    How to identify buyer personas

    4 types of keywords to target and prioritize

    How to conduct user intent based keyword


    Recommended keyword research tools to expand

    your keyword list

    Advanced keyword research techniques

    Chapter 3: On-Site Optimization

    Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation,

    Demonstration, Case studies, Small group discussions,

    Role-playing, Practical, Q&A, Quiz)

    Free guide: SEO Keyword Optimization Guide

    What is on-page optimization and why is it


    On-page SEO cheat sheet

    Title tags: Best practices

    Domain and URL: Best practices

    Meta description: Best practices

    Image optimization: Best practices

    How to rank on Youtube and video optimization

    Content creation: Best practices

    Site architecture: Best practices

    Design and UX: Best practices

    Mobile optimization and common mistakes to


    Accessibility for search engine spiders

    Chapter 4: Link Building

    Instructor-led | Mode of delivery (Presentation,

    Demonstration, Case studies, Small group discussions,

    Role-playing, Practical, Q&A)

    Free Guide: How to Build Links to Your Website (A 4-Step

    Link Building Methodology)

    Why use links?

    Anatomy of a quality backlink

    3 major off-page SEO ranking factors

    Social media signals

    What to do if you receive a search engine penalty

    from Google

    How to fix a search engine penalty

    7 effective link building strategies

    How to do effective email outreach

    5-step link building process (with template)

    Hands-on Link Building

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    Chapter 5: Local and International SEO,

    Reporting, and Campaign Management