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Transcript of SeaPerch ROV Construction Manual - NORTHWEST PROGRAM ... ROV... · PDF file SeaPerch ROV...

  • Version 2010-04NW


    Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)

    Construction Manual

    Standard and Selected Optional

    Assembly Procedures

    August 2010

    The SeaPerch educational program was created by Harry Bohm and Vickie Jensen and published in their 1997 book "Build Your Own Underwater Robot and Other Wet Projects." The initial curriculum was developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and this version of the SeaPerch Construction Manual was provided under the Office of Naval Research National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering (NNRNE) Outreach initiative.

  • SeaPerch ROV Construction Manual – Version 2010-04NW


    Table of Contents

    Introduction ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I-1

    SeaPerch ROV Program Overview ------------------------------------------------------------ I-1

    What is SeaPerch? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I-1

    Program History --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I-2

    Original SeaPerch ROV Manual Development ----------------------------------------- I-2

    Updated Information in this Manual ------------------------------------------------------------ I-2

    Revised Standard SeaPerch Assembly Instructions ---------------------------------- I-2

    Expanded Testing and Operating Information ------------------------------------------ I-3

    Added Appendix Containing Troubleshooting Hints ----------------------------------- I-3

    Added Supplement for Construction Options and Enhancements ---------------- 1-3

    The SeaPerch Assembly Process -------------------------------------------------------------- I-5

    Three Individual Building Units ------------------------------------------------------------- I-5

    Recording Progress ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I-5

    Testing and Adjustments --------------------------------------------------------------------- I-5

    Tools and Materials ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-6

    Manual Printing Considerations ------------------------------------------------------------- 1.6

    Safety Overview -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-1

    Protective Eyewear ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-1

    Materials Handling Safety ---------------------------------------------------------------------- S-2

    Safety While Using Hand Tools --------------------------------------------------------------- S-2

    Safety While Drilling ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ S-3

    Safety While Soldering -------------------------------------------------------------------------- S-4

    Safety While Potting Motors for Thrusters -------------------------------------------------- S-4

    Safety With Electricity and Batteries --------------------------------------------------------- S-5

  • OPTIONAL TABLE OF CONTENTS II – PVC TUBE FLOAT OPTION SeaPerch ROV Construction Manual – Version 2010-04NW


    Unit 1 – Assembly of Subsystem One – The Vehicle Frame ----- 1.0-1

    Tools and Materials Needed ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.0-2

    Time Needed to Complete Unit 1 ------------------------------------------------------------ 1.0-2

    Procedure 1.1 – Cut the Frame Parts ------------------------------------------------------ 1.1-1

    Procedure 1.2 – Drill the Drain Holes ------------------------------------------------------- 1.2-1

    Procedure 1.3 – Assemble the Vehicle Frame ------------------------------------------- 1.3-1

    Procedure1.4A – Assemble the PVC Tube Floats ------------------------------------- 1.4A-1

    Procedure1.4B – Install the Floats and Tighten the Frame -------------------------- 1.4B-1

    Procedure 1.5 – Attach the Thruster Mounts --------------------------------------------- 1.5-1

    Procedure 1.6 – Attach the Payload Net --------------------------------------------------- 1.6-1

    Unit 2 – Assembly of Subsystem Two – The Thrusters ------------- 2.0-1

    Tools and Materials Needed ------------------------------------------------------------------ 2.0-2

    Time Needed to Complete Unit 2 ------------------------------------------------------------- 2.0-2

    Procedure 2.1 – Build a Motor Potting Holder (If Not Provided) ---------------------- 2.1-1

    Procedure 2.2 – Test the Motors and Mark their Terminals' Polarity --------------- 2.2-1

    Procedure 2.3 – Seal the Motors So That Wax Cannot Get Inside ----------------- 2.3-1

    Procedure 2.4 – Drill Holes in the Thruster Housings --------------------------------- 2.4-1

    Tips on Soldering – Safety and Techniques ---------------------------------------------- 2.5-1

    Procedure 2.5 – Connect the Tether Cable Wires to the Motors -------------------- 2.5-2

    Tips on Wax Melting – Safety and Techniques ------------------------------------------ 2.6-1

    Procedure 2.6 – Pot (Waterproof) the Motors with Wax ------------------------------- 2.6-2

    Procedure 2.7 – Mount the Propellers onto the Motors’ Shafts ---------------------- 2.7-1

    Procedure 2.8 – Mount the Thrusters onto the Vehicle Frame --------------------- 2.8-1

    Procedure 2.9 – Waterproof and Mount the Tether Cable ---------------------------- 2.9-1

  • SeaPerch ROV Construction Manual – Version 2010-04NW


    Unit 3 – Assembly of Subsystem Three – The Control Box ------- 3.0-1

    Tools and Materials Needed ------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.0-2

    Time Needed to Complete Unit 3 ------------------------------------------------------------ 3.0-2

    SeaPerch ROV Electrical Circuit Diagram ------------------------------------------------ 3.0-3

    Procedure 3.1 – Gather the Parts for the Control Box Assembly ------------------- 3.1-1

    Procedure 3.2 – Prepare the Control Box ------------------------------------------------- 3.2-1

    Procedure 3.3 – Assemble the Power Cord ---------------------------------------------- 3.3-1

    Procedure 3.4 – Wire the Vertical Thruster Control Switch --------------------------- 3.4-1

    Procedure 3.5 – Wire the Horizontal Thruster Control Switches -------------------- 3.5-1

    Procedure 3.6 – Finish the Control Box ---------------------------------------------------- 3.6-1

    Testing and Ballasting the ROV

    Time Needed to Complete Testing and Ballasting of the ROV ------------------------ T-1

    Initial Electrical Testing --------------------------------------------------------------------------- T-1

    Ballasting and Trimming the ROV -------------------------------------------------------------- T-2

    Initial In-Water Testing in the Classroom, Lab, or Pool ----------------------------------- T-4

    Using the SeaPerch ROV

    Safety Precautions --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U-1

    Environments Suitable for Using a SeaPerch ROV --------------------------------------- U-1

    Driving the SeaPerch ROV ----------------------------------------------------------------------- U-2

    Post-Run Cleaning and Maintenance of the ROV System ------------------------------ U-3

    Appendix A – Troubleshooting Your SeaPerch ROV

    Things to Try Before Re-Wiring the ROV or Changing ROV Parts ------------------- A-1

    Solving Directional Control Problems ---------------------------------------------------- A-1

    Solving Thruster Operational Problems ------------------------------------------------- A-2

  • SeaPerch ROV Construction Manual – Version 2010-04NW



    SeaPerch ROV Program Overview

    What is SeaPerch?

    SeaPerch is an educational tool – a fun, hands-on learning activity and a curriculum that can be enjoyed by a wide range of students, ranging from late elementary school through high school and even introductory college programs. The curriculum is designed to meet many of the national learning standards identified by the United States Government. Often applied at the middle school (or junior high school) level, SeaPerch is challenging, creative, and gets kids excited about science and technology. The SeaPerch program is sponsored through the National Naval Responsibility for Naval Engineering (NNRNE) Outreach effort, with the goal of helping to inspire the next generation of naval architects and marine, ocean, and naval engineers.

    A SeaPerch is an underwater robot known as a “remotely operated vehicle,” or “ROV.” Students learn best by doing, and during the SeaPerch project, they will completely assemble an inexpensive, yet functional ROV, test it, and then operate it underwater. The experience will enable them to explore science and technology both in the classroom and in a pool, or, for some, in natural marin