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  • What is SDK Technology? Danielle Gatsos UW Smart Phones-MCDM Creative Commons 7/31/10
  • SDK stands for Software Development Kit.
  • It is a set of development tools that facilitate the creation of applications for specific software.
  • SDK can be utilized for all types of platforms
  • There are various levels of complexity in SDK. Simple API interfaces to specific programming language Complex Sophisticated hardware links with embedded system.
  • We often see SDK used for debugging and other utilities in an integrated development environment .
  • How it works. Target System Developer writes SDK SDK is manipulated to produce a new application Software engineer Downloads SDK. SDK is made available on the internet
  • Often SDKs are free to encourage more developers to purchase the application.
  • Some SDKs have licenses that restrict use. Proprietary SDK Typically wont work with Free Software SDK under General Public License Proprietary SDK
  • There is one type of SDK license that is typically universal. SDK under Lesser General Public License Proprietary SDK
  • Apple and Microsoft refer to their SDKs as Driver Development Kits because they are created for specific systems or subsystems. Trying to Sound Fancy
  • You can download SDKs for iPhones and Androids directly from their websites and begin producing apps.
  • SDK development can occur in 1 of 2 ways with smartphones. 1. Build for a specific version that is forward-compatible with later versions but cannot take advantage of new features. 2. Build for a range of versions, so it can launch in older versions but take advantage of new features as well.
  • Software Development Kits make it easy for the development of compatible applications on all types of platforms by providing a specified framework for developers.
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