Scrum gathering Paris 2013

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This is a summary of my impressions from Scrum gathering in Paris 2013.

Transcript of Scrum gathering Paris 2013

  • 1. Introduction Sara Lern User Experience Specialist Agile UX Sweden @HeedTheNeed
  • 2. Scrum gathering Paris 2013
  • 3. Scrum gathering Paris 2013 in one sentence: Autonomy, mastery and purpose Scrum gathering Paris 2013
  • 4. Keynote: Henrik Kniberg Culture > Agile Agile & Lean coach at Crisp Culture eats process for breakfast Rules are a good start, then break them when needed Trust is more important than control, fear kills motivation Roles dedicated to culture and improvement
  • 5. Keynote: Dan Mezick Open agile adoption Agile coach at NewTech Imposing agile methods is a very red flag If you can opt out its a great game Meetings are already games and can be used to hack the culture Change creates grief, open space is a way of handling that grief
  • 6. Effects-driven Scrum development using Business Impact Maps Yours truly Having caf crme and a croissant in the sun after a successful speech
  • 7. Brains! Anna Obukhova How neuroscience can boost your productivity Jukka Lindstrm Understanding team dynamics by understanding the brain
  • 8. Fail! Henrik Kniberg How failure is celebrated at Spotify
  • 9. What about UX? Only one session specifically about UX in Agile A lot of questions and general interest Clear that UX in Agile is a lot different from UX in traditional development
  • 10. Open space!
  • 11. Summary Autonomy, mastery and purpose Fear kills motivation It must be OK to fail Scrum gathering Paris 2013
  • 12. The End Thank you! Want to get in touch? Agile UX Sweden @HeedTheNeed