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  • 1. Scratch 1112
  • 2. Spacing Game
  • 3. makes him bounce up and down a little conditionalif something is true, then something else will happen
  • 4. For Banner Sprite For BG
  • 5. Setting Sound
  • 6. For the Lightning sprite, write a program so that whenever Scratchy touches a lightning bolt, a sound will play. lightning bolt randomly grow bigger or smaller make the lightning disappear whenever Scratchy touches it and to control the way it moves
  • 7. For the String sprite makes it change color, just like our Stage. simple animation, using the fisheye effect.
  • 8. Puzzle Game control the flow of game will see how to keep score using variables and control the order of the game using broadcasts
  • 9. For the Stage
  • 10. For the Fantasy4
  • 11. For the Puzzle part