Scottsville Museum: A Photo Archive of Scottsville ... 1*!"#$%&"' (!!"# $ % %%$...

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Transcript of Scottsville Museum: A Photo Archive of Scottsville ... 1*!"#$%&"' (!!"# $ % %%$...

  • SIX . ' THE SCOTTSVILLE SUN THURSDA Y, NOVEMBER 6, 1952 Egood repair and neve: shouid Palmyra News ,day with his sister. "M~s.C. C. L:on-I~he ~a~ily of Allen B. Omo'11undroIHudson, J!f., and ~. and' MrS~ I ey be dtsccnnected Wlt11 wet ; rad, Jr., and her family. in Scotts-] In hIS recent passing. Mr. Omohun- George Gibson, of RIClIDlond, at . ~ands. Use. ~o electrical apPl.iaJ1ces, l'J.'1homasiShittett is worntng on ville. Idro was a first. cousin of ~ttlr faith- tended the University of Virginia- m. 'the bathroom because Of etec- his degree at the University or ViT'-' AUbrey wrtgnt commissioner Oflfll} telephone operator Miss Lizzie Duke-game at SCott St~diu.m sat- trdcal shock I ", I ' ' tn en" . ;·ginia. He is commuting from 'his. Revenue, h'as been confined to his :Seay. urday. After the game ey - Just a few of the many safety h - -, I· M·:'Ia....... . " ed ' t. " orne near Palmyra. I.bome thIS week on account of ill- ar'y Curtts and Carter ~onf'ad JOY a werner roes . , _

    ~recaubons have bee~ men~oned i '\ Richard George and Mrs. Arifue, ness. W~ hope he will soon oo spent Sunday with their grand-' Mrs. Stafford Race, who. ~as. b~en that must be observed In the nome. Oeorga and Mrs. Pearl Conrad at- much better. parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Cen-t convalescing at the nome or ner You and your family may never t d ,,' d S .,.' M L E Minter :for sev-. . .. ; en ed the Revival Serwtce aft Bet- M:. and ~rs. W. J."'. Harman ra, r. whtle their parents made aunt, rs. . . I. ' ' have had ~ serious accident. Good. mont Baptist Church 1n ulatlottes- spent Monday and Tuesday night a trip to Norfolk. era] weeks, is much Improved and But accidents occur_,":hen least ex- vllle 'rhursday night. Rev., Paul in Richmond. I We welcomed Mr. and Mrs. C. C. she and her little sOIfhave returned pected. Take t..'1e necessary steps -0,1' , M' . " h t U· Mills . . •. .0 eVlns, a former pastor of Yseav. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Manning of annmg of Norfolk to worshIp! to theIr orne a mon . I~ your home to gururd agamst"aC-.erdam ChUIiCh in Fluvanna but No~folk spent the week-end with with us ,sunda,y. Mr. Manning I ,MI·s. Clyde Maness 'and two c~Ii1- cIdents ;', . .

    nti almost one-' ;now stationed a,t ,Clarksvme, con- Mr. !1nd Mrs. P. H ll'rance. taught the Bible Class for sund~YI dren returned to Binstol Th;t~sday 1alf of 'The non- \ ,ducted tlhe service. i Miss Katherine Omohunuro and Sc'hool. after spending two weeks wItn her "at J ' . . ,I Ho rd viii I The Palmyra Home Demonstra" P".:! F'f',ance attended tne district' Mr. arid Mrs. Cecil Wi:ckline and~parents. Mr I.andM~s. S. P. Har- [ ,a ~nJurIes re-I wa s e tion Cluo met in the loVJet'yhome me~;ing of Home Demonstration their guests, ,Mr. and Mrs. J::!.:,. B.lland. Mrs. Harland and Mrs ~ B. ,orted in: 1951 in ,: . R ... , . . '.cI .._ th n 'ed Mrs' Maness, '_ ,of Mrs. J. R. HlXlges 'l'uesday, and County Agents which was held ogers anu daughter, Coco, OfI10:3w&yacCOIDl"'am . .he United States I B)· Vemai'd Hurt IOCtober 28. A gOOdmeetmg was in Lyn'Chbill'g,Friday. :Clifton For,ge, Mr. and Mrs. J'. T.: home for a short visit. CCltJTed. in the; Mr. and Mrs. A. L. TIlac'ker of enjoyed by a large numlJer ot mem- F'riends of the Coffeys we':"edis- i ---'--------------------------:A:: .....=:::..::_=;,- .101l1.e.'l'he 27',000: W8.lrrensPent Sunday 'evenin ~th bel's. treSsed to hear of the illness of :'ataliUes and tJle:Mr. and Mil's. John Hurt g Mrs. ~. H. France ;iaen:eted the J'ean Austin Coffee. She is a patient,

    thousands of mJunes remTnct us Mr d Mr W. , National Home Demonstration in the University Hospital. Jeal}! . an s. Irns:rn Goodman' C 'I t· . I., A t· ,

    that accidents in the home are us- d M' d Mr ounCI mee mg WhlC'hwas held in us ill IS the daug1hter of Mr. and an axme an . and 1\7rs. . I . "ual1y caused 'by tnoughEressness 0 N'It .t..~ Raleigh, N. C., Sunday tJIrnt"foohng your way" in the dark . ....."'~ . I Sunday with friends here. \

    :l'h-e next highest On the list are \ M.r 'H E C k 1 f ! I bUll1S, explosions, and fites for tak-l s... 00 e e- t 'ruesdaYj I t' I' f f 'I ~'jafternoon for Cartersville to spend'ng ',ne Ives 0 amI y memuol's. . \

    - . some time VVithher friends there. i Careless smoking habits is a rna- M D Go 1 b 'rs. ewey ()s y spent th~ I

    01' cause of fire. Many burns occur k I in the'!titcllen because of such min- w~ ~~nd at Gladstone. . t 01' things (it seems .at the time~ ...:MIS. John Crews returned to llerl as pot handles not being turned/ h~me :his. week after spending I in, ji

  • , I

    - ----- ~- - - ~ -- --- ----- ---. , , \ •



    Ranibl;n" :'gs Chat N' spent . Saturday, September- 2;;,1 in closely with county health Ieaders ., ,

    . _ __., (b, ,sse ews, the,home of his sisters, Mrs. J . .1:-'. man,'U Cl 1 and the Umverstty of VirgTrfia, and He g-ave a htsrcry of f1'l,uvanna It is 'likely that by the time' this' By Mary.Z. WaltQn Eve and and Miss EVla.hnead. was instrumental in the establish- County compne-t from reco-cs and

    a.p~ars in 'print, everyone on both I! Mr. and :Mrs. F . .S. White left Miss Thelma Cobb and Mrs. ment of the first rural 'Cancer de- memory. ' A 29-yeal'~()ld Fluvanna man is sIdes of, the politic'" scene, wnl lN"ovember 1 for Los Angeles, Cal- Frances Kie spent Tuesday in tne tection center in the naflon. "'n is Inter tl toc.not fiTee on $1,000 bond cn1a.rged withh..... h I M es mg ...e." 11e rth It ,ave g'Iadty turned -,i(rom tne elec_llfornia, to visit their son and ~me 0 '1'. and Mrs. ::: M Den- Other VirginiJa agE!nts attenaing said,. "that the rnrm.utti "'. e assau .and rape of a 15-year-no t lilS' A . - ~t-' a 1011of F'Iu- old glrl last A

    n 0 attend to more .personat ~aughter-in-law, Airman I-C Viv- ~ . gents' .AssOCiation Convention in vanna County in 1890 was 17'800 ug'uat at her nome matters. Pennapa they 'lad" tan W. White 'and Mrs. White. Mr. Mrs. Agnes Kte and Miss Georgia the National Home Demonstration against 7,12l m 1950 ehcwtn ti', t n¥X Troy. Bo,th are IIN'hTIe. to t g I - K t d ' Ch' 1'\T ' ...... ~ g 1& Th

    ge away from pUblic gatner-I ~nd ~rs. Whit,~ ,will motor to cal-, Ie VISIe frrends m Cohassett l~ago ~lovembe.r 5 tfirough 8, many

  • EIGHT. --_._---....,----"-"'.,., ----- rfHE SCOTTSVILLE SUN


    ClassifieD !Church Notes THURSDA¥, NoVEMBE~ 6, lQ52

    I!-- .", Rev. Temple S. Collins, PastOr ..-.,.... 1At medium green peppel', dicec (abo\lt ~ cup) I .:' .~ .services eaeh first and third Sun· r.- ~ ~ ~ ~~~: t~~~:'~~:rpre~cook,ed" rice " ,'~..,\;,< I i each s~ond, fourth and fif'th Sun~ :,:#~ 1 teaspoon salt ·-;'."c.....," ~" I , d . . Dash of pepper I' / \ ay morning at 11 o'cloe:k.. 1 teaspoon prepar.ed mustard, if desired I

    'Sunday school each 'Sunday at 10 I Melt fat in saucepan. Add onion, green pepper. and ric~, and ' FOR SAJIE.: TIu"ee yo-Wlg male a.m.. I cook and stir OVC1' high heat until lightly browned. Add water, tomato i ,II

    TIl i'Ssuee. salt, pepper, and mustard. Mix well. Bring quickly to a boil•. hounds 'ready to start running. e topic of the sermon this Cover tightly, lower heat. and simmer gently 10 min~tes: Makes. 4 Dressed hogs to be de.liv~red the II sunda,~ will lbe "Twelve Wells of I' servings. - '~'---- - last of November. C. R. Baker. Water.' I Scottsville, Virginla_ I 19 New Members i Turkey Supper Scheduled ~

    'I1HE ME'I1HODfST CHURCH ' 'I N A K 'S I: SCOTTSVlULE CHARGE II ov. 14 tents tore LOST: One tractor seat. Please! ' CJ • EI cted T B d ' return to Jeffet'Son Mills, scotts-\ ".rack,B. Taylor, Pastor ! e 0 oar There· will be ;-"r"urkey 5upper ville, Va. • Church school 10 a,.m. George T. i Nine new memners were elected' at the Kents ,Slore A.iR.C. Buim'ing

    Omohundro Jr General Supt. i ~' ~ ,-______________ j .", I'to the Board of Dir~ctors of 'the' Nove-mbe, r 14, W52, from 5:::10 to i Morrnng Worship 11 :15. Sermon ·0"L'ym' g Camp~i(f1l" \ Fluvanna County Red Cross Chap* 8. 0 ~Y the pastor. 'tel" on-Monday night at the meet* ~ Tickets will be on setle at the I I ing in Fluvanna County High door on the night of the supper

    R '1'rumamoles I BA.P'NST CHURCHES School. They are Mrs. J. \V. Mann,' or they may be purChased from'y 1 I ;John P. EU~ott, Jr .. Bastor Mrs. Douglas L. Folkes, Ralph p.,ehurch me-mbit's now. Adults :p.~5 ~----------------------------. C' ed B W· ht ..scorrsVllLI..d!:. Zehler, Jr., F'rank Shumaker, Alan I 'and children 75c. SECOND HAND --'---:t-._ ... _~,It Y ng: ! Swtday School, 1.0 ·a.m. Clarence Dillard, the Rev. J. A. Figg, Mrs.! -Proceeds. will go toward the i •--L- iA. Wltltted, Supenntendent. J'!William Siegfried, Jr., Mrs. 'Lan-; building fund. "Campaign lying hl\a reacll