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Science Case Network Welcome RCN-UBE Project #1062049


Science Case Network. RCN-UBE Project # 1062049. Welcome. The Vision. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Science Case Network


RCN-UBE Project #1062049 

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The Vision

Our project supports an active community of science educators, learners, researchers, developers, and professional organizations interested in furthering the accessibility, development, and use of cases and problem based learning (PBL) in science education.

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Goals of SCN Build a community of people who want to

use cases to engage students in learning Welcome participants from all institutions, all

levels of experience, all branches of biology Help the community communicate and

collaborate On teaching with cases/PBL On developing cases/PBL On studying impact of cases/PBL

Share what community is doing

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Purpose of this meeting Bring people together to build this

community with focus on SOTL and Designing and adapting cases

Think and plan for the future of the network

What can we do to help you? What do you need from us? Help writing cases? Cases for a topic or lab? How to evaluate effectiveness of cases? How to evaluate student learning?

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Meeting Overview Introduction Focus on the Future Cases and the Flipped Classroom SOTL and Cases New Cases and Adapting Cases Primarily a working meeting for you!

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Future of Cases in Science New technologies

Facebook Cases Authentic products blogs & websites Web-based cases with audio and video

Cases for Quantitative Reasoning Cases for Evaluating Evidence Cases for the Flipped Classroom? Big question: how will we maintain and

develop the primary case repositories? Textbooks, e-books, print books, journals

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Introductions Who are YOU? Three I am statements What was the best thing about your class

this semester? What would you change? Introduce yourself to one other person…

then they will introduce you…

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• Links to case resources

• Discussion groups

• Workshop resources• SCN New Case Scholars and SOTL Scholars