School’s out!

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Transcript of School’s out!

Schools Out!

Schools Outfor Summer!The Graduate

DVD 23Ferris Buellers Day Off

DVD 1695The Breakfast Club

DVD 1501Dazed and Confused

DVD 3509Fast Times at Ridgemont High

DVD 197American Graffiti

DVD 646Risky Business

DVD 486The History Boys

DVD 7110Ghost World

DVD 2160Grease

DVD 2914Animal House

DVD 966The Great Debaters

DVD 5678Dead Poets Society

DVD 162Rushmore

DVD 499Pretty in Pink

DVD 8086Freaks and Geeks

DVD 3502My So-Called Life

DVD 5721Daria

DVD 7469Degrassi Junior High

DVD 3584LAuberge Espagnole

DVD 2716Win Win

DVD 8196Glee

DVD 7839The Class

DVD 6869Mean Girls

DVD 4667Napoleon Dyanamite

DVD 3395Election

DVD 1725Freedom Writers

DVD 8948School Daze

DVD 1247Harry Potter films

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

DVD 3022School of Rock

DVD 4461Dangerous Minds

DVD 8949Stand and Deliver

DVD 1820To Be and To Have

DVD 3491To Sir, With Love

DVD 1995Peggy Sue Got Married

DVD 1739Donnie Darko

DVD 2392Boyz n the Hood

DVD 951Clueless

DVD 2252The Blackboard Jungle

DVD 3656Carrie

DVD 132St. Elmos Fire

DVD 1701