School Districts - ... Gamifying the security awareness ¢â‚¬¢...

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Transcript of School Districts - ... Gamifying the security awareness ¢â‚¬¢...

  • School districts Security awareness & phishing 2018 enhancing cyber resilience

  • Review goals and challenges What can we help you with?

    • Change individual behavior • Create culture of awareness • Consolidate data to detect vulnerability • Meet compliance regulations

    School district goals and challenges: • Seeing increases in hacking attempts on the system, particularly with phishing, ransomware and

    fraud attacks on end-users • Limited security budgets

  • Growing problem

  • Why Infosec IQ? Changing individual behavior

    • Establish baselines through PhishSim and Assessments to understand behavior

    • Build knowledge with role-based, interactive AwareEd training

    • Ongoing testing and remediation for repeat offenders • PhishNotify™ to empower action

    Changing organizational culture • Analyze and understand organizational trends through

    Reporting and Analytics • Communication strategy for awareness program with

    Program Resources • Foster friendly competition through Learner and

    Departmental Grading and Ranking • Recognize positive change in individual behavior

  • K-12 case study Infosec IQ was recently featured in EdTech magazine in a case study with a school district.

    How Metropolitan School district of Wayne Township combats ransomware with Infosec IQ

  • K-12 content • FERPA • FERPA for K-12 • Phishing for Educators • Physical Security & Student Records • Password Security for Educators • Safe Web Browsing for Educators • Mobile Security for Educators • Working Remotely for Educators • Removable Media for Educators • Student Series • HIPAA, PHI

    Content relevant to teachers to connect security behavior with protecting students.

  • K-12 content

  • K-12 content

  • K-12 content Free Student Series • Security Awareness for

    Grade School (K-3)

    • Security Awareness for Middle School (4-8)

    • Security Awareness for High School (9-12)

    • Cybersecurity Careers (K- 12)

    • Security Awareness Game

  • Gamifying security awareness Gamifying the security awareness

    • Program for Long-Term Change • Celebrate and recognize good behavior • Remediate mistakes • Create friendly competition • Communicate results

    Learner grade Opens any attachment, &

    enables macros. Never does required training

    Dept. grade Financial processing: Low

    program compliance & very high phishing susceptibility rate

    Learner grade Reported 10 simulated & 4 real phishing attacks this

    quarter. Completed all her role-based training on time.

    F A+


  • About Infosec: outcome-based training

    Founded in 2004 – Information Technology Training and Bootcamps for 10,000+ Students Per Year

    • The highest quality training and teaching delivery results in tens of thousands of certified students

    • Our pedigree is in instructional design, information • Security training and security awareness • Most awarded training company

    Information security training platform that combines phishing simulation with security awareness training to educate employees, change behaviors and enhance cyber resilience to human-focused attacks.


  • A comprehensive approach for unparalleled outcomes Security Excellence reinforces lessons from our PhishSim and AwareEd programs through additional online and offline resources.

    Our research shows this comprehensive approach dramatically improves outcomes: When our clients deploy a combination of role-based modules, hands-on exercises and realistic phishing simulations, phishing rates across learners drop to just 1%.

  • Client success program • Dedicated Client Success Manager for white-glove support, from

    installation to day-to-day management • 12-month delivery plan, supplemented with posters, newsletters,

    employee handbooks, employee and executive communications and event plans

    Examples of CSM support include: • Learner management, such as adding and deleting learners • Creating dynamic learner groups - e.g. New Hires • Creating custom email templates, notification, grading • Creating custom reporting and to automatically send out • Troubleshooting technical issues • Deployment and customization of of Security Excellence curriculum

  • PhishDefender™

  • Download your posters! The Art of Cyberwar

    School districts Review goals and challenges Growing problem Why Infosec IQ? K-12 case study K-12 content K-12 content K-12 content K-12 content Gamifying security awareness About Infosec: outcome-based training A comprehensive approach for unparalleled outcomes Client success program PhishDefender™ Download your posters!