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Schedule Planner Guide for Selecting Special Classes
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Transcript of Schedule Planner - University of Texas at Dallas...on Schedule Planner under your Orion...

  • Schedule PlannerGuide for Selecting Special Classes

  • Some classes at UT Dallas are targeted to specific student groups or are corequisite classes.

    Corequisite courses mean that you must be enrolled in both classes at the same time.

    For some of these corequisite courses, specific sections of one course will require you to register for specific sections of the other course.

  • The following slides will guide you through selecting special classes and setting up the Schedule Planner to select the correct matching corequisite classes.

    Log into Galaxy with your netid and password. Click on Schedule Planner under your Orion Self-Service.

  • In Schedule Planner, Click on ‘Add Course’.

    Click on the ‘Search by Attribute’.

  • Under attributes you will find options such as CV Honors, Living Learning Community, Core Classes, and classes with specific corequisite sections.

  • You may select one or more attributes. The subjects displayed below are ones that have classes that meet both of the requested attributes.

  • You can then select the course that you would like to add to your schedule.

    Then click on ‘Add Course’ and ‘Done.’

  • If you select any corequisite groupings such as General Chemistry I, you will need to add each of the courses listed.

  • When you add the corequisite groups in this manner, Schedule Planner will automatically select the appropriate matching sections of the lecture and lab and will disable all the sections that are not matching.

  • For corequisite courses that are section specific but cannot be added via the attribute option, add each class to your list of courses. Click on ‘Generate Schedules’ and find the lecture or lab time that you would like to take. Click on the information button when viewing the schedule and make note of the lecture or lab that it must be paired with. In this example, if you want to take CS 1136.102, then you must take CS 1336.002.

  • Go back to your courses and click on the options for each one. Uncheck all sections and then check the box for the matching lecture and lab sections only. Save and Close. Now when you generate schedules it will only provide you with the correct matching sections.

  • For questions regarding Schedule Planner, email [email protected]

    Thank you!