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  • 1. Fall/Winter 2012

2. WelcomeIts our favorite time of year here at Scentsy. Fall and winter havealways been wonderful for our Scentsy family full of great activityand anticipation, and some of our most beloved scents have madetheir debut during this special season. We hope you find so muchmore to love this year, like our delicious French Toast; refreshing,woodsy Iced Pine; exotic, plummy Dominica; and amazing, bracingTranscendence.If youre already a fan of our wickless candles, youll find so muchmore to love in Layers by Scentsy. Layers has been incrediblypopular with our customers and Consultants since its launch thisspring, and for good reason! Layers lets you envelop your life in yourfavorite Scentsy fragrance, from your skin to your clothes and nowyou can experience Layers in even more fragrances.Were especially proud to introduce this seasons Charitable CauseWarmer, Champion, which benefits Special Olympics a worldwideorganization that believes every human being has abilities and dignity.Take a moment to enhance this truly spectacular time of year withyour favorite Scentsy products. Wishing you the loveliest of autumnsand the happiest of holidays, Heidi & Orville ThompsonThe Thompson FamilyTable of Contents4 A Simple System32 Mid-Size Warmers6 Silhouette Collection34 Plug-In Warmers8 Premium Full-Size Warmers 40 Scentsy Buddy10 Charitable Cause Warmer 42 Scentsy Fragrances16 Hero Collection 58 Fragrance on the Go17 Patriot Collection 62 Combine and Save18 Campus Collection 64 Layers by Scentsy20 Full-Size Warmers 71 Layers by Scentsy Fragrances230 Premium Mid-Size Warmers 72 Host and Join 3. It Started Witha FragranceBanana Nut Bread, to be precise,melted in a decorative ceramicwarmer by the heat of a single lightbulb. It filled the Thompson homewith the scent of ripe bananas, nuts,and spices, together with the storiesand laughter that come with reminiscing.Heidi and Orville Thompson knew they hadsomething special; something that couldbless the lives of others and bring value to theworld something worth an investment of theirresources, their time, and their passion. Whatcould they do but leap in wholeheartedly?Today, eight years later, more than 200,000passionate micro-entrepreneurs join theThompsons in sharing the Scentsy experienceand the Scentsy difference throughout theUnited States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada,and Europe. What beganas a simple idea witha delicious fragrance has become a rewardingopportunityfor all who chooseto embrace it. 3 4. NEW Porta Porta is a simply sophisticated swirl of elegant scrolls across a dark, glossy background. Shown on page 27.A Simple SystemDistinctive Scentsy warmers melt specially formulated wax with the heatof a low-watt light bulb, enhancing your home with more than 80 Scentsy fragrances safely, with no flame, smoke, or soot.1 Plug it in.2Place one or moresections of a Scentsy 3Enjoy!Turn it on.Bar into the warmer dish.To change wax in your Full-Size and Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers, pour completely melted wax into its original packaging, thenclean the dish with a paper towel. If the wax is still fragrant, store the used bar in a cool place until youre ready to reuse it.4 5. The Scentsy MissionTo bring value to the world by providing an industry-leading,family-friendly business opportunity selling creative, artistic,high-quality products thatWarm the Heart, Enliven the Senses,and Inspire the Soul.Full-Size Scentsy WarmersMid-Size Scentsy Warmers Plug-In Scentsy WarmersMake a statement in any room.Perfect for offices and smaller Great for small rooms withApproximately 4.5 wide andspaces. Approximately 4 wide limited counter space.6 tall; uses a 25-watt bulb.and 5 tall; uses a 20-watt bulb. Approximately 3 wide and 3.5 tall (without the plug); uses a 15-watt bulb.Crackle Finish[G] lowGScentsy warmers with this symbol are made with a glaze that crackles when heat is appliedScentsy warmers with this symbol arecrafted of porcelain that will glow from in the kiln. Tiny cracks appear in the finish,within when lit. giving the warmer a distinct, aged look. Two Charlemagne warmers showing possible color variation.+[G] Reactive-Glaze & Glow Reactive-Glaze FinishScentsy warmers with this symbol combineScentsy warmers with this symbol are one-of-a-a reactive-glaze finish and the glow of kind, created with a reactive-glaze process thatporcelain. Each piece is unique and the gives each piece a handcrafted look. Every Scentsyfinish may vary.warmer is unique and may vary from photosshown in the catalog.5 6. silhouettecollectionAdd new dimension to your space with the SilhouetteCollection. Dynamic Downtown, sweet Chickadee, andregal Castille wraps encircle a simple, porcelain Full-SizeScentsy Warmer. Switch it on and the light shines through,creating amazing, textured patterns.Expand your collection by purchasing additional warmerwraps individually for $12 each.* Castille wrap only, $12 Lili wrap only, $12 Chickadee wrap only, $12 Linden wrap only, $12 Downtown wrap only, $12 Loom wrap only, $12NEW Castille [G] $40NEW Chickadee [G] $40 NEW Downtown [G] $40Fit for a queen, Castille has Little birds perched aboveThe bold beauty of aa soft powder finish anda canopy of leaves create a night-time skyline snaps tocrown detailing.lovely scene. life when Downtown is lit.6 7. Featured onThe TODAYShow* One Silhouette wrap included with purchase of warmer. Wraps designed to fit overSilhouette Collection Warmer only. Individual wraps available separately. Warmer maynot be purchased separately. Lili [G] $40 Linden [G] $40Loom [G] $40 Groovy flower-powerAn outbloom of leaflets Threads of wire-thin petals lend a fun andcreate a subtle pattern metal are woven into a funky look to any room.when lit. whimsical nest.[G] = Glows when lit. 7 8. Premium Full-Size Scentsy Warmers Premium Full-Size Warmers Extra time and care are required to create Scentsys Premium Full-Size Warmers. Higher-end materials and finishes, decorative ornaments, and distinctive shapes combine to create one-of-a-kind, intricate works of art. $35 each NEW Coastline A shiny nautilus pendant dangles from twine against Coastlines lustrous, mossy finish. Shown on page 11.Angler $35 Armerina $35Ashbury $358 9. Premium Full-Size Scentsy WarmersNEW Baby Grand [G] $35NEW Bandeau +[G] $35Bride$35 [G] = Glows when lit.+[G] = Glows when lit, plus reactive glaze.= Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary. = Crackle Glaze. Final finish may vary. 9 10. Premium Full-Size Scentsy WarmersCharitable Cause Warmer: ChampionChampion is a special warmer for a beloved cause Special Olympics. Since 1968,this movement has helped millions of children and adults throughout the world withintellectual disabilities realize their dreams of becoming champions.Help the next generation of Special Olympics athletes reach for the stars! ThroughFebruary 28, 2013, Scentsy will donate $8 USD from the sale of each Special OlympicsCharitable Cause Warmer to Special Olympics International.To learn more about Scentsys charitable cause products and other philanthropicprograms, visit *Champion cannot be purchased using Host Rewards, Perpetual Party Rewards, or in Combine and Save.10 11. Premium Full-Size Scentsy Warmers Celtic Love Knot $35 NEW Champion [G]$35Charlemagne $35Cherry Blossom $35 Citron $35 NEW Coastline $35Flint (natural slate) $35 Flutterby$35Heavenly [G] $35[G] = Glows when lit.= Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary.= Crackle Glaze. Final finish may vary. 11 12. Premium Full-Size Scentsy WarmersJane$35 Margot$35Montauk $35 Mothers Day $35Natures Haven $35NEW Nile$35 O Canada $35 Ohana$35NEW Riga$3512= Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary. 13. Premium Full-Size Scentsy WarmersNEW NileNile combines classic, clean lineswith gold-dappled tones of rich olive. NEW Bandeau Whimsically stacked pale-green saucers lean to and fro in Bandeau, capped by a nesting warmer dish. Shown on page 9. Stand sold separately. See page 29. 13 14. Premium Full-Size Scentsy Warmers Shale (natural slate) $35Silvervine $35Snapshot$35Star Spangled $35 Trellis$35Valentine $35 Whoot [G] $35 Wrangler $35Yukon [G] $3514[G] = Glows when lit. = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary. 15. Premium Full-Size Scentsy Warmers Toscana CollectionAia $35 Fiore $35Chianti $35NEW Baby GrandTickle the ivories with this bold, black-and-white warmer.Shown on page 9. 15 16. Premium Full-Size Scentsy WarmersNEW EMTCelebrate local heroes with EMT,displaying the Emergency MedicalTechnician crest on a pale blue finish.Hero CollectionNEW EMT $35 Firefighter $35 Police Officer $3516 17. Full-Size Scentsy Warmers Patriot CollectionThey go wherever theyre needed from the hurricane-ravagedGulf Coast to the war-torn fields of Afghanistan and our lives aresafer for it. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each warmerbenefits the military and its programs.* Air Force $35Army $35 Coast Guard $35 Marines $35Navy $35* Officially licensed products of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Navy, respectively. Patriot Collection Warmers cannot be purchased using Host Rewards, Perpetual Party Rewards, or in Combine and Save.17 18. Campus Collection Show em which colors you bleed. Scentsy Campus Collection Warmers give you a chance to put your school pride front and center and support important programs at your alma mater. $35 each. Campus Collection Warmers cannot be purchased using Host Rewards, Perpetual Party Rewards, or in Combine and Save. Check for detailed information and a full product list.A portion of the proceeds from the sale of theseofficially licensed products goes to the university.18 19. Find your favorite!Arizona State University Southern Methodist University of MiamiAuburn UniversityUniversity University of MichiganBaylor UniversityStanford University University of MinnesotaBoise State University Syracuse University University of MississippiBoston College Temple University University of MissouriBrigham Young University Texas A&M UniversityUniversity of MontanaCalTexas Christian UniversityUniversity of NebraskaClemson University Texas Tech University University of NevadaColorado State UniversityThe Ohio State University University of New MexicoDuke UniversityUCLAUniversity of North CarolinaFlorida State University Wake Forest UniversityUniversity of OklahomaFresno State UniversityWashington State University University of OregonGeorgia Tech West Virginia UniversityUniversity of PittsburghIowa State UniversityUniversity of Alabama University of South CarolinaKansas State UniversityUniversity of Arizona University of South FloridaLouisiana State University University of ArkansasUniversity of SouthernMarquette University University of CinncinatiCaliforniaMississippi State University University of ColoradoUniversity of TennesseeNorth Carolina State University of Connecticut University of TexasUniversityUniversity of Florida University of Texas at El PasoNorthwestern UniversityUniversity of Georgia University of UtahOhio State UniversityUniversity of Idaho University of VirginiaOklahoma State UniversityUniversity of IllinoisUniversity of WashingtonOregon State UniversityUniversity of IowaUniversity of WisconsinPenn State UniversityUniversity of KansasUniversity of WyomingPurdue UniversityUniversity of KentuckyUtah State UniversityRutgers University University of LouisvilleSan Diego State University University of Maryland19 20. Full-Size Scentsy Warmers Angora $30 Barista $30 Boho Chic $3020 21. Full-Size Scentsy Warmers Full-Size Warmers NEW Corinth At once regal and earthy, Corinth features a base crowned with embossed oak leaves and a burnished autumn finish.Boleyn $30Capri $30 NEW Corinth$30 = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary.= Crackle Glaze. Final finish may vary. 21 22. Full-Size Scentsy Warmers NEW Corten A weathered steel finish and hexagonal panel give Corten an industrial yet elegant feel.onFeaturedse- GoodHou m o keeping.cClaremont $30Classic Purple $30 Classic Satin Black $30 NEW Corten$30 Crinkle [G] $30DoodleBud $3022[G] = Glows when lit.= Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary. 23. Full-Size Scentsy Warmers English Ivy $30Fizz [G] $30 Grapevine $30NEW PalettePlayful, colorful, and glossy,Palette is reminiscent of the shinypromise of an artists palette fullof untouched paint.Shown on page 24.Stand sold separately. See page 29.23 24. Full-Size Scentsy Warmers NEW Grigio $35 Lenore $30Lisbon$30 Lodge $30 Magellan $30Maize $30 Malta$30 Onyx$30 NEW Palette$3024 = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary.= Crackle Glaze. Final finish may vary. 25. Full-Size Scentsy WarmersNEW GrigioA faint shimmer of graphite smoldersagainst Grigios simple curves andrough-hewn edges.Stand sold separately. See page 29.25 26. Full-Size Scentsy WarmersNEW TurretOrganic yet stately, the titanium finishof Turret brings to mind glass mosaicpatterns unearthed in ancient ruins.26 27. Full-Size Scentsy WarmersPlum Garland $30NEW Porta $30Riverbed$30Roma $30Rooster $30 Rustic Star $30 Sol $30 Strata$30NEW Turret $30 = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary.27 28. Full-Size Scentsy Warmers Verdigris $30Windsor$30Zebra $30 NEW Zingana $30Miracle CollectionCharity $30Faith $30Hope $3028 = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary. 29. Full-Size Scentsy Warmers NEW Zingana Sleek and exotic, Zinganas jagged lines of black streak a background of glowing ember. Stand-SquareStand-Round NEW WebElevate your Scentsy warmer!Now in four designs and two finishes. $10 eachStand-RoundStand-Square5 x 3/45 x 5 x 3/4Powder-coated metal with an oil-rubbed bronze finish.NEW WebNEW Flower5 x 5 x 7/85 x 5/8NEW FlowerMetal with an antique silver finish.29 30. Premium Mid-Size WarmersCrafted with the same attention to detail and intricateartistry as Scentsys Premium Full-Size Warmers, thesetop-of-the-line mid-size warmers are perfect for officesand smaller rooms. $30 each NEW Anvil A warmer as dark and inky as if it had just been pulled out of a metalworkers fire, wreathed with hammered silver coils. ABCs [G] $30NEW Anvil $30 Cupcake $3030 31. NEW TiliaThe simple, modern shape andglowing porcelain of Tilia allowsthe stark beauty of a tree inwinter to shine through.Tiara $30 NEW Tilia [G] $30[G] = Glows when lit. = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary. 31 32. Mid-Size Scentsy WarmersMid-Size WarmersNEW DurangoBlocks of speckled color are punctuated by arust-hued band, styled after Southwestern pottery.Mod CollectionCosmos $25 Hydro $25 Rosso $2532 33. Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers Chateau$25 Chisel $25Contenta $25 Daphne $25 NEW Durango$25Enchanted $25 Graphite $25 Hatteras $25 Jadestone $25La Paz$25 Limestone $25 Mission Slate $25 Quill $25 = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary.= Crackle Glaze. Final finish may vary.33 34. Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers Plug-In Warmers NEW Pion Two embossed cones nestle amid a cluster of pine needles on Pions woody brown surface. Shown on page 37.34 35. Mid-Size Scentsy WarmersNEW LeopardExotic leopard spots prowl across aweathered leather background.Shown on page 37.BotanicalCollectionGrotto [G] $20Lei [G] $20Taro [G] $20 WingsCollectionBumblebee [G] $20Damsel [G] $20Lacewing [G] $20[G] = Glows when lit. = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary.35 36. Plug-In Scentsy Warmers NEW Crinkle Undulating ridges radiate across Crinkle, like waves rippling away from a skipped stone. Boho Chic$20Charity $20 Charlemagne$20NEW Crinkle [G] $20 Fizz [G] $20 Groovy Black $20Groovy Brown [G] $20Heavenly [G] $2036 37. Plug-In Scentsy WarmersLenore$20NEW Leopard$20 NEW Pion +[G] $20NEW Plumage +[G] $20 Pop! [G] $20Roma$20 Rustic Star [G] $20 Sand Dollar [G] $20NEW StrataInlaid with bricks of burnt umber,Stratas mesmerizing organic patternresonates in shades of rust, gold,and brown.Shown on page 39.= Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary.+[G] = Glows when lit, plus reactive glaze. [G] = Glows when lit. 37 38. Plug-In Scentsy WarmersNEW SilvervineSilvervine recalls the days of hand-forgedmetalwork, featuring an ornate, botanicalmotif on a subtle pattern of tiny beads.38 39. Plug-In Scentsy WarmersSanta Fe$20 Seashells [G] $20NEW Silvervine $20NEW Strata $20Tea Rose [G] $20 Wonky [G] $20 Wrangler $20Zebra [G] $20 = Reactive Glaze. Final finish may vary.[G] = Glows when lit.Grab Tabs (25 Pack) $3Use the Grab Tab to easily change the wax in Plug-In ScentsyWarmers. No Grab Tab? Turn the warmer on and soften thewax for 23 minutes, remove wax, then clean the dish with apaper towel.39 40. Huggable Scentsy for the whole family! The Scentsy Buddy family keeps growing! Wellington the Duck and Barnabus the Bear are ready to bring a big dose of comforting fragrance to new friends, young and old. And their pint-size baby Buddy friends are perfect for backpacks, purses, or naptime hugs! Every Scentsy Buddy comes with a zippered pouch to hold your favorite Scent Pak fragrance. For children ages 3 years and up. (Includes one Scent Pak, see page 59). Go to to meet all of the Buddies, big and small!40 41. on Featured Y The TODAShowLenny the Lamb $25Mollie the Monkey $25Baby Lenny the Lamb $20 Baby Mollie the Monkey $20NEW Barnabus the Bear $25Ollie the Elephant $25Patch the Dog $25Baby Ollie the Elephant $20 Baby Patch the Dog $20 Wellington the Duck $25Penny the Pig $25Ribbert the Frog $25Baby Penny the Pig $20 Baby Ribbert the Frog $20Roarbert the Lion $25Scratch the Cat $25Baby Roarbert the Lion $20 Baby Scratch the Cat $20 41 42. Scentsy Fragrances Delve into the depths of the season: Crisp Apple Press, unexpected Ace, yummy Frosted Ginger Cookie. Explore new worlds and relive fond memories with 12 brand-new Scentsy fragrances.42 43. Scentsy BarOur classic wickless candle a remarkablemedley of wax and finely crafted fragrance. Apple Press Break it apart, add a cube or two to yourSCENTSY BAR wax/cire/ceraScentsy warmer, and infuse your environment Scentsy, Inc.with scent. Available in all fragrances. $5 each 3698 E. Lanark, Meridian, ID 83642, USAMade in the USA 3.2 . oz/Net Wt. 2.6 oz (74 g) 43 44. Favorites44 45. FragrancesFrom the tropical Coconut Lemongrass to themanly My Dear Watson, Favorites are adored bynew and returning customers alike. Whether youlove fresh, romantic, spicy, or fruity scents, youcan always find something to love in Favorites. black raspberry vanillaclean breeze Delicious, sun-sweetened darkWhite florals with a touch of spring;berries warmed with vanilla. this is the scent of fresh, sb rs cc sp ff tt-brv clean laundry. sb rs cc sp tt-cle coconut lemongrassluna Creamy, tropical coconut andWhite florals jasmine, sweet pea, sunny, bright lemongrass.and freesia juicy berries, andsb rs cc sp ff-clgsandalwood shimmer like moonlight. sb rs cc sp tt-lnamy dear watsonmy homeRefreshing bergamot contrastedSpicy cinnamon and floral scent with mint, cedar, and suede. a must try!Sophisticated and rs cc sp tt-myh sb rs cc ff tt-mdw newborn nursery perfectly pomegranateFresh, clean, and powdery, this Dark and juicy pomegranate with adreamy scent evokes memoriessweet berry finish; this is a classic.of cradling your little rs cc sp ff tt-ppg sb rs cc sp tt-newsatin sheets skinny dippin Sensual and earthy sandalwood,Fresh green apples perfectlyperfectly paired with rich, warm vanilla.harmonized with refreshingsb rs cc sp ff tt-satmelons and juicy rs cc sp ff tt-skdsugar cookie sunkissed citrusWarm, sweet blend of butter,Lively blend of oranges, lemons, sugar, and creamy vanilla. limes, and grapefruit. sb rs cc tt-sug sb rs cc sp ff tt-skc sweet pea & vanillawelcome homeAmbiance of raspberries and Warm and welcoming withsweet pea petals with vanilla. cinnamon and spices. sb rs cc sp tt-spvsb rs cc-whm white tea & cactus sb=scentsy bar rs=room spraycc=scent circle sp=scent pak A clean, crisp, and refreshingfloral mix with green notes.ff=fragrance foam tt=travel tinsb rs cc sp ff tt-wtc45 46. Its time for raking leaves, picking apples, and brisk walks outside; for gathering with family and friends and watching the snow fall. Its time for spicy cloves, bracing mint, rich butter, crisp pine. Scentsys Fall & Winter fragrances awake memories of seasons past and enhance your home as you create new ones. NEW black rubybuckleberry central park pralinesJuicy plum, black cherry, and A bite of summers bounty: burstingA decadent confection of richsparkling persimmon, with untamed fresh berries atop a buttery blanket roasted pecans, buttery caramel,vanilla a luminous, deep fragrance.of crumbly coffeecake.and cinnamon sugar. sb rs cc sp tt-rby sb rs cc-bky sb rs cc-cppcinnamon bear cinnamon vanilla clove & cinnamonCrisp, spicy cinnamon, Inviting blend of vanilla beans, Classic scent of cinnamon reminiscent of Red Hotscinnamon, coconut, and cassia. sticks fused with cloves. candy with a touch of cloves sb rs cc-cva sb rs cc sp-cnc sb rs cc-cbr46 47. sb=scentsy barrs=room spraycc=scent circlesp=scent pakff=fragrance foamtt=travel tin NEW cozy fireside dulce de leche eskimo kissWarm spice notes with zesty ginger A silky-sweet golden custard Blackberry jam, caramelized brownand cinnamon. of sugary caramel, rich cream,sugar, vanilla, and amber in a softly sb rs cc | sp-cfs and just a touch of warm vanilla.romantic rs cc-ddl sb rs cc sp ff tt-eskNEW NEWNEW frosted ginger cookiefrosted ginger cookie honey pear cider NEW iced pine iced pineChewy brown sugar cookie The scent of pure autumn bliss As refreshing as a walk throughspiked with warming ginger fresh, juicy pear and sweet honeynewly fallen snow: green fir and pine,and fragrant vanilla. together with subtle hints of spices.kissed by icy peppermint. sb rs cc-fgc sb rs | cc | sp ff tt-hpc sb rs cc-ipnsilver bells snowberry whiteoutMinty candy canes dance over warm A luscious blend of loganberry,Exhilarating blast of cooland welcoming winter pear,strawberry, peppermint, and zestypeppermint and sweet, golden all enveloped in a velvety blanket, over frosty winter pine.of caramel and vanilla sugar. sb rs cc sp tt-sby sb rs cc-whi sb rs cc | sp | ff-sbl47 48. 48 49. FragrancesIts what you reach for to start your morning orto put a cap on a perfect meal at the end of theday: dark coffee, buttery pastry, sweet berries,creamy vanilla. Scentsys Corner Caf fragrancesare rich, luscious indulgences that whisk you toyour happy place.NEWapple press baked apple pieThe smell of crisp fall days: crunchyFlaky crust, apples, and spicesapples, juicy pears, and just a hint of combined in a strong scent. the last full roses of the rs cc sp tt-bap sb rs cc-appNEWblueberry cheesecake french toastThick, rich NY cheesecake with aA perfect, light slice of bread dunked light graham cracker crust and in golden egg batter, dusted withdelicious blueberries. powdered sugar, and finished with sb rs cc-bbca swirl of sweet maple syrup. sb rs cc-fts happy birthday hazelnut latte A candy-licious confection ofFrothy steamed milk, toasted sparkling sugar, fluffy whipped hazelnuts, espresso, and vanilla cream, and vanilla extract. with a dusting of cinnamon. sb rs cc sp-hapsb rs cc-hzl lemon coconut chiffon mochadoodle Melt-in-your-mouth lemon custard Delicious roasted coffee beans layered with butter cake andand cocoa, balanced with sugar,sprinkled with toasted coconut.caramel, and heavy rs cc sp-lccsb rs cc sp-mdo sticky cinnamon bun vanilla cream Cinnamon and sweet icing with French vanilla with a touch warm, nutty nuances. of coconut rs cc-scb sb rs cc sp-vcm sb=scentsy barrs=room spray cc=scent circlesp=scent pak ff=fragrance foamtt=travel tin49 50. essed shirt and shiny Whether your style is a prd worn work boots, cufflinks or soft flannel an ur spirit of adventure Scentsy Man can awake yon of warm woods, with its masculine collectio s. fresh herbs, and rich spiceNEW ace echohemingway Definitely unexpected: tangerine and Sophisticated, metropolitan Rich, ripe apples and warm, lavender enrobed in dark chocolate fragrance of manly spice notes,woody accents of sandalwood and sweet, musky amber. Mediterranean citrus andand cedar with hints of rs cc-ace herbs, and bitter orange. sb rs cc sp ff tt-hmysb rs cc tt-ech hendrix route 66titaniumSentimental Cider An electrifying blend of earthyA windswept drive in aThe fresh smell of the forest afterpatchouli, glowing sandalwood, convertible an exhilarating rain aromatic herbs and and bold pink pepper, harmonizedbreeze of citrus, herbs, and musk.cedar, with lustrous silver birch.with sweet tobacco rs cc ff tt-rousb rs cc ff-ttnsb rs cc tt-hdx50 51. NEW vanilla suedeweathered leatherNEW zephyr zephyrClassic vanilla with rich amber and Step into an old-fashioned saddle Woody French lavender, buttery hints of sandalwood and spice shop brimming with dark suede and suede, and rich woods in a strong a subtly masculine fragrance.tooled leather over a backdrop of oak. and sensuous fragrance. sb rs cc sp tt-vnssb rs cc tt-wtlsb rs cc-zprzeppelinsb=scentsy barrs=room spray For those who dare to take tocc=scent circlesp=scent pakthe sky: elegantly balanced ff=fragrance foamtt=travel tin citrus and sage soar over sandalwood and vetiver. sb rs cc-zep 51 52. 52 53. FragrancesHolding hands on the front-porch swing, a picnicfor two under the stars, or a night on the townin a little black dress. Whatever your idea of theperfect romantic moment is, find a fragrance tomatch it among the sultry, sweet, or playful scentsof the Scentsy Romance Collection.cerise enchanted mist An embrace of cherry blossom, Romantic blend of juicy apples, fresh plum, and soft white bloomsenhanced and sweetened by warmed by golden vanilla.rose petals and rich jasmine. sb rs cc-crs sb rs cc | ff | tt-encNEWgarden of love linger A secret garden of night-blooming Pink grapefruit, sugared apple, lavishmagnolia and earthy musk interwovenpraline, and flirty marshmallow swirlwith mossy green grass. create a fragrance that says stay. sb rs cc-gol sb rs cc sp tt-lng love story lucky in love Innocent pink jasmine and sensual Sweet bouquet of mandarin,amber embraced by lusciousbergamot, and orange withdark chocolate.hints of peaches and berries. sb rs cc | sp | ff-lvssb rs cc ff tt-lilquiverru n2 me Innocent vanilla flower, warm The spirit of a millennial captured in sandalwood, and sultry tuberose warm pink pepper, deep woods, and in a seductive scent, meant tobright cassis in a scent for everyone.cause a shiver of rs cc tt-run sb rs cc | sp | ff-qvrNEW sheer innocencesimply irresistibleSweet and youthful: lush orchid,Lavender with a strong, woodygreen freesia, and wild violet infusedbackground of amber,with a trace of spicy ginger. moss, and rs cc-srisb rs cc | sp | tt-sirsb=scentsy bar rs=room spraycc=scent circle sp=scent pakff=fragrance foam tt=travel tin53 54. Spa54 55. FragrancesWhen you cant get to your favorite space or todaysyoga class, find a moment to relax and unwind asyou experience Scentsys Spa fragrances. Clean,sunny, or earthy notes mingle with soothing musksor sheer florals to create the ultimate relaxationexperience. Go ahead. Your hammock awaits.awakeningbe still Invigorate your senses with anUnwind as light mandarin, softunexpected harmony of white peach violet petals, and creamy sandal and vanilla, pineapple and amber.tree envelop your senses andsb rs cc-awk quiet your rs cc | sp tt-bst enliven french lavenderWild orchid and renewing currant, Pure, herbal fragrance of wildblended with sweet, soft fruits and lavender from the hills of France. a drop of coconut milk. sb rs cc | sp-fre sb rs cc-enl just breathelotus coveBreathe deeply as soothingA splash of sea air, earthy lavender, eucalyptus, zesty lemon, and water flowers anchored byand a medley of mints comfortrustic driftwood. and rejuvenate. sb rs cc-lcv sb rs cc | sp | ff-jbr mediterranean spa ocean Relax with this smooth, fresh, Cool and refreshing aquatic notes and breezy scent. deepened with water lilies andsb rs cc ff tt-mtsocean breezes. sb rs cc | tt-oce NEW thunderstormtranscendence Very refreshing, sharp, spicy,Take a deep, cleansing breathoutdoor fragrance;of soothing peppermint,like the breeze in a storm. crisp apple, deep green cypress,sb rs cc | sp | tt-thuand brisk eucalyptus. sb rs cc-trs sb=scentsy barrs=room spray cc=scent circlesp=scent pak ff=fragrance foamtt=travel tin 55 56. Seven Seas56 57. Fragrances Tuck a gardenia behind your ear and walk along a stretch of beach in Brazil. Stroll through rows of vivid spices piled high at an outdoor market in Morocco. Pick a perfect, tart lemon from a grove overlooking the Italian sea. Seven Seas fragrances are inspired by the worlds most intriguing places. Choose one and be transported. amalfi coastamber roadA warm afternoon in a sun-drenched Discover glowing red cedar andItalian citrus grove: sparkling pomelo, resinous incense tucked amid smokywhite grapefruit, Capri lime. vetiver and crackling birch leaves. sb rs cc | sp-amc sb rs cc tt-ardcamu camucucumber limeTropical oasis of lush mandarin,Cool, refreshing blend of mellow camu camu, and passionfruit. cucumber and tangy rs cc | sp | ff tt-camsb rs cc | sp | ff | tt-cucNEW dominica havana cabana Plump purple plums nestled withLuscious medley of pineapples,fresh nutmeg, spicy cinnamon, oranges, bananas, and berries.and undertones of rich oak. sb rs cc sp ff-hvc sb rs cc-domkahiko hula midnight figSay aloha with exotic passionfruit, Earthy, ripened figs and goldenmango, and papaya.berries tempered by musky woodssb rs cc | sp-khlwill open your eyes and captivateyour senses. sb rs cc-mdfparadise punchrio beach A medley of wild Indian orange The scent of sun, surf, sand, andand sunny lemon juice, aa samba coconut milk, tropical berries, and starfruit. fruit, and tonka rs cc | sp-pdpsb rs cc | sp | ff | tt-rio sb=scentsy barrs=room spray cc=scent circlesp=scent pak ff=fragrance foamtt=travel tin 57 58. Fragrance on the Go Scentsy Fragrance on the Go! We know youre always on the move thats why we make it easy to take Scentsy along! Whether you want to freshen your car, purse, hotel room, gym bag, or locker, youll find a Fragrance on the Go product to travel virtually anywhere. Scentsy Room Spray One spray fills a room with your favorite Scentsy fragrance. Available in all fragrances, including Odor Out (RS-OUT). $8 each Scent Circle Our logo never smelled so good! Packed with fragrance, each Scent Circle will give you Scentsy wherever you go. Available in all fragrances. $3 each58 59. Fragrance on the GoScent PakBring your Scentsy Buddy to life!Simply insert a Scent Pak into thepocket located in the animal. Alsoperfect for use in drawers, closets,gym bags, or anywhere you wouldlike a touch of Scentsy. Available in41 fragrances. $7 eachamalfi coast sp-amc baked apple pie sp-bapbe still sp-bstblack raspberry vanilla sp-brvcamu camu sp-cam clean breeze sp-cle clove & cinnamon sp-cnc coconut lemongrass sp-clg cozy fireside sp-cfs cucumber lime sp-cuc eskimo kiss sp-eskfrench lavender sp-fre havana cabana sp-hvc hemingway sp-hmy honey pear cider sp-hpc just breathe sp-jbrkahiko hula sp-khllove story sp-lvs luna sp-lnamochadoodle sp-mdo my home sp-myhnewborn nursery sp-newparadise punch sp-pdp perfectly pomegranate sp-ppg quiver sp-qvr rio beach sp-riosatin sheets sp-sat silver bells sp-sbl simply irresistible sp-sirskinny dippin sp-skdsnowberry sp-sbysunkissed citrus sp-skc sweet pea & vanilla sp-spv thunderstorm sp-thu vanilla cream sp-vcmvanilla suede sp-vnswhite tea & cactus sp-wtcto New PakScent e Lin black ruby sp-rby happy birthday sp-haplemon coconut chiffon sp-lcc linger sp-lng59 60. Fragrance on the GoFragrance FoamEmollient-rich, lusciously scented, and alcohol-free, Fragrance Foam killsgerms without drying hands. Available in 24 fragrances. $6 each black raspberry vanilla ff-brvcamu camu ff-cam coconut lemongrass ff-clg cucumber lime ff-cucenchanted mist ff-enceskimo kiss ff-esk havana cabana ff-hvcjust breathe ff-jbrlove story ff-lvslucky in love ff-lil my dear watson ff-mdwperfectly pomegranate ff-ppg quiver ff-qvrrio beach ff-rio satin sheets ff-sat silver bells ff-sblskinny dippin ff-skdtitanium ff-ttn white tea & cactus ff-wtc toNew ncea Fragr mFoa Line hemingway ff-hmyhoney pear cider ff-hpc mediterranean spa ff-mts route 66 ff-rousunkissed citrus ff-skc60 61. Fragrance on the GoFeatured in Budget TravelTravel TinSimply open your Travel Tin to release fragrance. The more you open it,the more scent you release. Available in 37 fragrances. $5 each baked apple pie tt-bap black raspberry vanilla tt-brv camu camu tt-camclean breeze tt-cle cucumber lime tt-cuc echo tt-ech enchanted mist tt-enceskimo kiss tt-esk hemingway tt-hmylucky in love tt-lilmediterranean spa tt-mtsmy dear watson tt-mdwmy home tt-myh newborn nursery tt-newocean tt-oceperfectly pomegranate tt-ppg rio beach tt-rio route 66 tt-rou satin sheets tt-sat simply irresistible tt-sir skinny dippin tt-skdsunkissed citrus tt-skc sweet pea & vanilla tt-spv thunderstorm tt-thuweathered leather tt-wtl white tea & cactus tt-wtc toNew Tinl Trave eLin amber road tt-ardbe still tt-bstblack ruby tt-rby hendrix tt-hdxhoney pear cider tt-hpc linger tt-lngluna tt-lnaru n2 me tt-run snowberry tt-sbysugar cookie tt-sug vanilla suede tt-vns61 62. Combine and SavePerfect Plug-Ins*Perfect Full-Size Scentsy*6 Scentsy Bars of your choice, plus: 6 Scentsy Bars of your choice, plus:2 Plug-In Scentsy Warmers2 Full-Size Scentsy WarmersMP-PP26 $60 ($10 savings)MP-PS26 $75 ($15 savings) 2 Premium Full-Size Scentsy WarmersPerfect Mid-Size Scentsy*MP-PF26 $85 ($15 savings)6 Scentsy Bars of your choice, plus: 1 Premium Full-Size Scentsy Warmer,2 Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers and 1 Full-Size Scentsy WarmerMP-MS26 $68 ($12 savings) MP-FMIX $80 ($15 savings)2 Premium Mid-Size Scentsy WarmersMP-PMS26 $75 ($15 savings) Scent Sampler1 Premium Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer, 1 Scent Circle, 1 Travel Tin,and 1 Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer1 Room Spray, 1 Fragrance Foam,MP-MMIX $72 ($13 savings)1 Scent Pak, 1 Solid Perfume MP-SAMP $40 ($7 savings)62 63. Scentsy Companion System*Travel Tin Pack3 Scentsy Bars of your choice, plus: Buy 5 Travel Tins, get 1 FREE1 Plug-In Scentsy Warmer, andMP-6TT $25 ($5 savings)1 Full-Size Scentsy WarmerMP-SCS $55 ($10 savings) Room Spray Pack Buy 5 Room Sprays, get 1 FREE1 Plug-In Scentsy Warmer, and MP-6RS $40 ($8 savings)1 Premium Full-Size Scentsy WarmerMP-PSCS $60 ($10 savings) Replacement Light Bulbs $1 eachScentsy 3-Pack 15-watt KE-15WLITE3 Scentsy Bars (Plug-In Scentsy Warmers)MP-3PK $14 ($1 savings)20-watt KE-20WLITE (Mid-Size Scentsy Warmers)Scentsy 6-Pack 25-watt KE-25WLITEBuy 5 Scentsy Bars, get 1 FREEMP-6PK $25 ($5 savings)(Full-Size Scentsy Warmers)Scent Circle Pack3-Bar Gift BoxBuy 5 Scent Circles, get 1 FREEScentsy Bars not included.MP-6CC $15 ($3 savings)SB-3BARBOX $1.50 each * Cannot be purchased using Host Half-Price Rewards. NOTE: Licensed products (Campus Collection Warmers, charitable cause products, and Patriot Collection Warmers) cannot be purchased using Host Rewards, Perpetual Party Rewards, or in Combine and Save.63 64. 64 65. layer by layerLayers by Scentsy lets you build a new fragrancewardrobe, layer by layer, from your skin to yourclothes. Envelop every part of your life in scent,from your early morning shower or bath to themoment you rest your head on your pillow.Make your Scentsy fragrance your signature,leaving lovely traces throughout your day.Begin every morning with a spa experience! Lather up with Layer 1Layers by Scentsy Shower Cream or Shower Gel. Or add aNEW, effervescent Bath Tablet to your bath. Layer 2Soothe and moisturize your skin with milky Body Lotion orrich Body Butter. Layer 3Mist yourself with a veil of Body Spray and caress your pulsepoints with Solid Perfume. Layer 4Slip on clothes scented by Washer Whiffs and/or a Dryer Disk. Layer 5Refresh your hands throughout the day with NEW Layers byScentsy Hand Soap and silky Hand Cream.65 66. Layer 1 NEW Bath Tablet Nothing invites relaxation like immersing yourself in warm, deliciously scented water. Our Bath Tablet makes it simple: Just drop it into your bath, let it lightly fizz to release its fragrance as you soak. 4.4 oz. $10 each (Pack of 5)CoconutLemongrass Coconut Lemongrass SHOWER CREAM CREMA DE DUCHA CRME DE DOUCHE Shower GelSHOWER GELGEL DE DUCHAGEL DOUCHE Made in USA/Hecho en EE.UU./ Fabriqu aux tats-Unis This lightly foaming gel refreshes with amazingMade in USA/Hecho en EE.UU./ NET WT. 8 oz / 237 gScentsy fragrance and comforts with vitamin B5. 8 oz. $9 eachFabriqu aux tats-UnisNET WT. 8 oz / 237 mLngrass Coconut Lemo ea. .8 oz. (25g) total5 TABS / 4 oz. (125g) S BATH TABLET BAO BAIN DE TABLETSAES POUR LE PASTILL Shower Creamot )e5g g12 25 . ( z. ( oz os4 .8 /as BSgr TA on 5em tL nu IN BA U OcoLELE D S PO BACoIL AS ETRS EST ET BLPA BL TATA THBA Turn your daily shower into a pampering Lunau.t(25g)) eatal s. conoz. (12asto / .8 oz r 5g BATH TABS LunaCo BSo4ngTABLETADE BAO 5 TABS / .8 oz. (25g) ea.PASTILLE POUR LE BAIN4 oz. (125g) total5 TA Lem STABSTA STILLEPA BAO BAINBATHBLETA DE POUR LEAB H T DE LET BAO BAIN x tats-Un AT AS UR briqLE u au5 B BLET S PO .UU./ Fais experience. Emollient soybean oil enriches this luscious (and lusciously scented) cream to A E5 T STILL cho en EEot a.)t )eal5g g12 25.( .(5 PA A/ He)oz ozg s4 .8 (25 une US as/e inS gr BTAMadOZa / ch ) onac 5em .88 un g smooth and moisturize your skin. 8 oz. $12 eachtL nu0ch / cada (125coIN BA U OCoLE D S OZ lLE PO AIL S ETS EBRST ETA BLeaPA BL TA .4/ en totaTA TH4l BAtotaLayer 2 Body Butter The perfect solution for extra-dry elbows and knees. Our super-rich, moisturizing Body Butter contains aloe vera and soothing shea butter for instant relief. 6 oz. $12 eachQuiver BODY LOTION Body Lotion CREMA PARA EL CUERPO LAIT CORPOREL Aloe vera and shea butter combine with other premium ingredients for a silky-smooth Made in USA/Hecho en EE.UU./ Fabriqu aux tats-Unis NET WT. 8 oz / 230gQuiverBODY BUTTER moisturizing experience that will wrap you in Scentsy fragrance. 8 oz. $10 eachMANTEQUILLA PARA EL CUERPOBEURRE CORPORELNET WT. 6 OZ / 183 g CA: IMPORTED BY/IMPORT PARUS: MANUFACTURED FOR SCENTSY CANADASCENTSY, INC. 3698 E. LANARK ENTERPRISES, ULCMERIDIAN, ID 836422700-700 WEST GEORGIA STREETVANCOUVER, BC V7Y IB866 67. Transform your morning bath or showerfrom a necessity to something sublime. Layer 3 Body Spray Wrap yourself in a veil of fragrance with our Body Spray a light mist adds a perfect touch of fragrance to your day. 4.4 fl. oz. $8 each Solid Perfume Experience our most beautiful scents in fine-Enchanted fragrance perfumes. Each Scentsy Solid PerfumeMist adds the finishing touch to your Layers by Scentsy experience. 0.5 oz. $18 eachBODY SPRAYSPRAY PARA EL CUERPOBRUME CORPORELLEMade in USA/Hecho en EE.UU./Fabriqu aux tats-UnisNET WT. 4.4 oz / 130 mL Featuredon Yahoo! Shine 67 68. Layer 4Dryer DiskImagine pulling your laundry out of the dryer,warm and scented with Scentsy! Simply add aDryer Disk to your dryer and infuse your clotheswith scent for up to 15 loads. Available in packsof two. $7 each Coconut Lemongrass WASHER WHIFFSWasher Whiffs FRAGRANCE FOR LAUNDRYIts pure indulgence: fragrance for your clothes. FRAGANCIA PARA LAVADORA Coconut PARFUM DE LINGE Lemongrass Made in USA/Hecho en EE.UU./ Fabriqu aux tats-UnisAdd a cap of Washer Whiffs and enhance NET WT. 16 oz / 456 geverything from your towels to your Sunday bestwith Scentsy fragrance. For best results, usewith fragrance-free laundry detergent and add68directly to your washer drum. 16 oz. $12 each 69. Elevate the laundry from a choreto an experience. Layer 5 NEW Hand Soap Keep your favorite Scentsy fragrance on hand! Our Hand Soap suds up with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance. 8 fl. oz. $6 each Coconut Coconut Lemongrass Lemongrass HAND CREAMCREMA PARA MANOS Hand CreamHAND SOAP CRME POUR LES MAINSSPRAY PARA EL CUERPOMade in USA/Hecho en EE.UU./BRUME CORPORELLEFabriqu aux tats-UnisNET WT. 8.0 oz / 236 mL NET WT. 3 oz / 85 g Packed with shea butter and aloe vera, this luscious hand cream soothes rough hands that need extra care. Carry the convenient tube in your purse, and bring Scentsy fragrance and a touch of softness with you wherever you go. 3 oz. $6 each69 70. layers by scentsy combine and save Shower Gel 3-Pack Shower Cream 6-Pack NEW Hand Soap 3-Pack 3 Shower Gels Buy 5 Shower Creams,3 Hand Soaps MP-3SG $26 ($1 savings) get 1 FREEMP-3HS $17 ($1 savings) MP-6SC $60 ($12 savings) Shower Cream 3-Pack NEW Hand Soap 6-Pack 3 Shower Creams Hand Cream 6-Pack Buy 5 Hand Soaps, MP-3SC $35 ($1 savings) Buy 5 Hand Creams,get 1 FREE get 1 FREEMP-6HS $30 ($6 savings) Hand Cream 3-Pack MP-6HC $30 ($6 savings) 3 Hand Creams NEW Bath Tablets 3-Pack MP-3HC $17 ($1 savings) Body Lotion 6-Pack3 Bath Tablets (15 tablets) Buy 5 Body Lotions, MP-3BT $29 ($1 savings) Body Lotion 3-Packget 1 FREE 3 Body LotionsMP-6BL $50 ($10 savings)NEW Bath Tablets 6-Pack MP-3BL $29 ($1 savings) Buy 5 Bath Tablets, Body Butter 6-Packget 1 FREE (30 tablets) Body Butter 3-PackBuy 5 Body Butters, MP-6BT $50 ($10 savings) 3 Body Buttersget 1 FREE MP-3BB $35 ($1 savings) MP-6BB $60 ($12 savings)NEW Light Layers 1 Shower Gel, 1 Hand Body Spray 3-Pack Body Spray 6-Pack Cream, 1 Body Spray 3 Body Sprays Buy 5 Body Sprays,MP-LL $21 ($2 savings) MP-3BS $23 ($1 savings) get 1 FREE MP-6BS $40 ($8 savings) NEW Daily Layers Solid Perfume 3-Pack1 Shower Cream, 1 Body Lotion, 3 Solid PerfumesSolid Perfume 6-Pack1 Hand Cream, 1 Body Spray MP-3PF $53 ($1 savings) Buy 5 Solid Perfumes, MP-DL $32 ($4 savings) get 1 FREE Washer Whiffs 3-PackMP-6PF $90 ($18 savings)NEW Luxurious Layers 3 Washer Whiffs 1 Shower Cream, 1 Body MP-3WW $35 ($1 savings) Washer Whiffs 6-PackButter, 1 Solid Perfume Buy 5 Washer Whiffs,MP-LX $37 ($5 savings) Dryer Disk 3-Pack get 1 FREE 3 Dryer Disks (6 Disks) MP-6WW $60 ($12 savings)NEW Ultimate Layers MP-3DD $20 ($1 savings) 1 Shower Gel, 1 Shower Dryer Disk 6-Pack Cream, 1 Body Lotion, Shower Gel 6-Pack Buy 5 Dryer Disks,1 Body Butter, 1 Hand Cream, Buy 5 Shower Gels, get 1 FREE get 1 FREE (12 Disks) 1 Body Spray, 1 Solid Perfume, MP-6SG $45 ($9 savings) MP-6DD $35 ($7 savings) 1 Dryer Disk, 1 Washer Whiffs MP-UL $82 ($12 savings)Choose your favorite scent andenvelop your life with fragrance.70 71. LAYERS FRAGRANCES coconut lemongrass luna bb | bl | bs | bt | dd | hc | hs | pfbb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-lnasc | sg | ww-clg enchanted mistquiverbb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-encbb | bl | bs | bt | dd | hc | hspf | sc | sg | ww-qvr love story sugar cookie bb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-lvs bb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-sugNew tLayer o sawakeningsatin sheetsbb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-awk bb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | sc | pf |sg-sat be still simply irresistiblebb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-bst bb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-sir french lavenderskinny dippinbb | bl | bs | bt | dd | hc | hs | pfbb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-skd sc | sg | ww-fre linger sunkissed citrusbb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-lng bb | bl | bs | bt | dd | hc | hs |pf | sc | sg | ww-skclucky in lovevanilla suede bb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-lil bb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-vns route 66 white tea & cactusbb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-roubb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-wtcru n2 me zeppelinbb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-run bb | bl | bs | bt | hc | hs | pf | sc | sg-zepBB=BODY BUTTERBL=BODY LOTION BS=BODY SPRAYBT=BATH TABLETSDD=DRYER DISKHC=HAND CREAM HS=HAND SOAP PF=SOLID PERFUMESC=SHOWER CREAMSG=SHOWER GELWW=WASHER WHIFFSFOR FRAGRANCE DESCRIPTIONS, SEE PAGES 5065.71 72. Host a Scentsy Wickless Party When you bring together friends and Scentsy products it happens naturally: laughter, sharing, and reminiscing! Fragrances evoke unique memories for everyone. Thats why Scentsy products are best when experienced with others and why Scentsy parties are so much fun. We Love Our Hosts! Your Consultant supplies the product displays and samples. You choose a date and invite a bunch of people who love a great party. And thats it! When you host a Scentsy Wickless party, youre sure to have a blast. But the best part about hosting a Scentsy party? Host Rewards! Youll receive half-price items and product credits to use for your own shopping. Your Consultant can show you the best way to get as much Scentsy as possible just for hosting! Want to see why our Hosts love Scentsy so much? When you throw a qualifying party, you can use your rewards for almost anything in the current catalog. Use your half-price items or product credits for: A Scentsy Full-Size System, which includes The Scentsy Mid-Size System, which includes three Scentsy Bars and a Full-Size Scentsy three Scentsy Bars and a Mid-Size Scentsy Warmer of your choice.*Warmer of your choice.* MP-SS13 $44MP-MS13 $39 MP-PSS13 $49 (Premium) MP-PMS13 $44 (Premium) Also available: The Scentsy Plug-In System, which includes three Scentsy Bars and a Plug-In Scentsy Warmer of your choice. MP-PS13 $34*Not available for use with Charitable Cause Products and Licensed Warmers. Get the most out of your Rewards72with these special Host offers! 73. Heres what you can earn when you host an average Scentsy Wickless party of $300 (USD)!Perpetual Party RewardsIf any guest at your party books their own Scentsy Wickless party, you will receive an extrahalf-price item if you attend their qualifying party of $150 or more!Host RewardsGuest Sales$150-$249 $250-$399 $400-$999$1,000+Free Product 10%10%15% 15%Half-Price Items 1 234Host Rewards are based on the dollar amount of product sold at your party, excluding anysales tax or shipping charges that may apply.Party orders shipped directly to customers instead of to the Consultant or Host incur a shipping fee. Free shippingdoes not apply outside the continental United States and Canada. Licensed warmers and charitable causeproducts cannot be used for Host Rewards or Perpetual Party Rewards. 73 74. Join Scentsy! As an Independent Scentsy Consultant, youll embark on an exciting new business opportunity, enjoying flexible business hours, the ability to earn income, and the satisfaction of connecting people you care about with products you believe in. Reach your goals. Love what you do. Call your Scentsy Consultant or go to to start your journey today. Getting Started Is Easy When you sign up, well send you a Scentsy Starter Kit for only $99.** Your Starter Kit includes everything you need to hold your first party and launch a successful Scentsy business. All you need to add is your love of Scentsy products and a passion to share them with others! Scentsy Starter Kit (only $99**) Getting started is simple! Your Starter Kit includes everything you need to launch a successful Scentsy business: catalogs, brochures, demonstration products, and a full set of scent testers. Ask your Scentsy Consultant for more information on why joining Scentsy is such a wonderful opportunity.74** Plus local tax and shipping. Contents may vary. 75. COMPENSATION PLANMonthlyTitle Frontline SuperStar Consultant TWV Bonus * Lifetime PersonalFrontline Escential or Certified ConsultantCommission from Personal Retail Volume Retail Volume; must Bonus from Personal Wholesale Volume be attained beforeFrontline Lead Consultant TWV Bonus Frontline Star Consultant TWV Bonus 2nd Generation Director TWV Bonus 3rd Generation Director TWV Bonus rank advancement. 1st Generation Director TWV BonusFrontline Director (Q) TWV BonusGroup Wholesale Volume (GWV) PRV is a global pointTeam Wholesale Volume (TWV) system convertible Personal Retail Volume (PRV)Active Frontline Consultants to local currency First Generation Directors using a peg rate, calculated by the formula tax exclusive price / PRV. The current peg rateTWV Bonus for U.S. is 1 PRV: $1. SuperStar Director50080,000 10,0003 425%9% 9%7% 5%2% 3% 3%4%5%Star Director50030,000 6,000 32 25%9% 9%7% 5%2% 3% 3%4% Director500 10,0002,000 325%9% 9%7% 5%2% 3% 3%SuperStar Consultant 500 6,000 325%7% 7%5% 3%Star Consultant500 2,500 225%4%4% 2%Lead Consultant500 1,0001 25%2% 2%Certified Consultant1,000*25%Escential Consultant20%RANKRESPONSIBILITIESREWARDS 75 76. 76 PLACE To order, contact your Scentsy Consultant STAMPHEREThe post officewill not deliver without postage Ask your Consultant about their monthly Making Perfect Scents e-newsletter. There is no obligation to purchase and you can remove your name from the distribution list anytime. 20072012 Scentsy, Inc. AC612