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Transcript of SCBA fixtures - Feuerwehrfahrzeughersteller - Rosenbauer · PDF file 2015-11-16 ·...

  • Ergonomic. Comfortable. Clever.

    SCBA fixtures

    The COMFORT fixture system

  • Rosenbauer – PA-Halter COMFORT

    Your partner for municipal firefighting vehicles.

    Rosenbauer is the leading international group in technology and service for fire protections and civil defence solutions. For more than 140 years, the company name has been a synonym for important inventions and pioneering technical advances, the design and production of fire fighting vehicles as well as extinguishing systems of every type. Rosenbauer offers integrated solutions and individual support during complex projects.

    The majority of Rosenbauer employees are themselves experienced firefighters and therefore they know exactly what counts during operations. Consequently, from the very outset discussions at Rosenbauer are held on an expert-to-expert basis. It is this know-how that results in customized municipal firefighting vehicles that match the tasks in hand.

    Rosenbauer – COMFORT SCBA fixtures


  • General information

    ▪ Equipment tested according to EN1846-2 ▪ Suitable for all the 1- and 2- steel or CRFP bottle sets currently known to Rosenbauer ▪ All components in rust-free materials (light metal, plastic, stainless steel) ▪ Moisture-insensitive, easy care, foam cushioned parts with a gray, structured surface ▪ Foamed, clamp rollers guarantee vibration-secure, damage-free anchorage ▪ Unobstructed view and optimum communications between the driver, the commander and the crew ▪ Simple re- or retrofitting of the COMFORT SCBA fixtures to face the front or the back of the vehicle (see safety instructions)

    One for all. A cleverly conceived solution.

    COMFORT SCBA fixtures

    COMFORT SCBA fixtures – Rosenbauer

    Fire service vehicles remain in service for around twenty years and during this time their equipment requires renewal and replacement on several occasions. This also applies to the SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) fixtures inte- grated into the seats for which Rosenbauer has developed a special COMFORT solution. The COMFORT fixtures can be simply adapted to any type of breathing apparatus (1- and 2- steel or CRFP bottle sets) using an open-end wrench. The components are all foamed and thus protect the apparatus.


  • Top ergonomics. Ready for action in a flash.

    Ergonomics for the entire back

    Stabilization of the back takes place through the combination of a headrest, SCBA back support plate and foamed equipment carrier. As a result of its optimized form and soft, foam insert, the seat cushion offers a high degree of comfort.

    Outstanding ergonomics even without the breathing apparatus

    As a rule, during the drive back from operations, the empty, and dirty breathing apparatuses are not fixed back on the seats. The ergonomically shaped backrest of the COMFORT SCBA fixture is folded out and combines with the other cushioned COMFORT components to form a coordinated unit that provides a perfect sitting position.

    Comfort and functionality for rapid use! The cleverly conceived SCBA fixtures from Rosenbauer.

    Rosenbauer – COMFORT SCBA fixtures

    Comfort both before and after operations


  • Slipping on in seconds

    The breathing apparatus facemask is stored in its own compartment in the headrests. The belts of the apparatus are suspended from the horns on both sides of the seat. This means that the belts are immediately accessible and the SCBA can be put on in seconds. At the same time, the back part of the seat is pleasantly belt-free, which means that the irritating manipulation of tangled or twisted belts is finally a thing of the past. A single pull of the lever unlocks the SCBA, the headrest and the clamping rollers swing upwards and the firefighter is ready for action.

    COMFORT SCBA fixtures – Rosenbauer


  • The ergonomically shaped head cush- ion of the COMFORT SCBA fixture with a gray, structured surface is made of easy-to-clean, PUR foam and is insensitive to moisture.

    An aluminum sheet provides anchor- age for the back support and the head cushion.

    The ergonomically formed back sup- port with a grey, structured surface is made of PUR foam, is insensitive to moisture and has an aluminum reinforcement.

    Rosenbauer – COMFORT SCBA fixtures


  • Comfort in a flexible combination

    The COMFORT SCBA fixture in detail.

    Ergonomically shaped, easy- to-clean, PUR foam vehicle seat (455 x 410 mm) with a gray, structured surface that is insensitive to moisture.

    Or request the exchangeable seat insert is available in orange.

    Safety instructions

    With the exception of the versions with integrated safety belt insertion points, SCBA fixtures are designed exclusive- ly for the secure anchorage and rapid donning of breathing apparatus. Neither the apparatus, nor the fixtures may be used as a type of safety belt. Therefore, Rosenbauer rec- ommends the installation of SCBA fixtures with integrated safety belt insertion points.

    Pneumatic locking is available as an option in order to prevent the unintentional opening of the SCBA fixture. This first releases the breathing apparatus when the vehi- cle parking brake has been applied. However, this form of locking is also no substitute for a safety belt.

    The complete COMFORT SCBA fixture set

    COMFORT SCBA fixtures – Rosenbauer


  • Text and illustrations are not binding. The illustrations may show optional extras only available at extra charge. Rosenbauer retains the right to alter specifications and dimensions given herein without prior notice.

    Rosenbauer International AG Paschinger Straße 90 4060 Leonding, Austria Tel.: +43 732 6794-0 Fax: +43 732 6794-83