Scaling Up Academic Excellence

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This talk is about creating an anti fragile education system that enable us to be ready to benefit from Positive Black Swans. The example discussed is bout MOOCs and how they can make the education system antifragile.

Transcript of Scaling Up Academic Excellence

  • 1.Scaling Up Excellence Mushtak Al-Atabi Dean. School of Engineering. Taylors University. Malaysia University Science Malaysia 17 April 2014

2. Photo credit: Intel Free Press Andy Grove- ex intel CEO Engineer 3. Photo credit: Remy Steinegger/World Economic Forum/Wall Mike Duke- Wallmart CEO Industrial Engineer 4. Don Thompson- McDonalds CEO Electrical Engineer 5. Daniel Akerson- GM CEO Engineer 6. Carlos Ghosn- CEO Engineer 7. Ian Read- Pfizer's CEO Engineer 8. Rich Lesser- BCG CEO Chemical Engineer 9. Robert A. McDonald, Procter & Gamble CEO Engineer 10. Education has a dark side 11. Steve Jobs Dropout Reed College Bill Gates Dropout Harvard Engineering Mark Zuckerberg Dropout Harvard Computer Science 12. Observations We seem to be able to educate good graduates We also educate very good graduates But great, world changing graduates seems to happen despite the system, not because of it! Why? I think there are 2 reasons Our education systems are industrial and standardised to cater for equipping the students with discipline specific knowledge We do not have many people who can teach innovation, creativity, collaboration, communication and entrepreneurship 13. Black Swan For centuries, all the swans we observed were white. All swans are white Until a black swan was spotted in Australia 14. Black Swans Highly unpredictable events and occurring 11/9 (negative) Financial Crises (negative) Google (positive) Facebook (positive) Twitter (positive) 15. Fragile Systems Fragile (adj): breaks when exposed to stress What is the opposite of Fragile? Anti-Fragile (adj): A system that gets stronger when it is stressed FragileAntifragile Robust 16. Antifragile Complex systems can be antifragile Biological Systems , Culture, Ideas, information 17. Midnights Children A Novel Do you know the writer? He wrote another book Satanic Verses Do you know the writer now? Why? Ideas are antifragile, when they are attacked they get stronger 18. Antifragile Examples The airline industry Every air crash makes the entire system safer Small errors and mistakes will benefit the system in the long run Posttraumatic growth Tell someone a secret and beg him/her not to tell anyone 19. What Makes a Fragile System When a bank fails, the government bails it out A bigger bank bank is created that makes the financial systems even more fragile Infection can improve the immune system of the human body. Prevent it and you will have a fragile immune system 20. Fragile System Loss Time BlackSwan Gain 21. Robust System Loss Time Gain 22. Antifragile System Gain TimePositiveBlackSwan Loss 23. We have the choice of being fragile, robust or antifragile Wind extinguishes a candle (fragile) and energises fire (antifragile) How to make our graduates antifragile? How to make our education systeme antifragile? With all the Grand Challenges, a fragile system is not an option 24. How to Antifragalise Education Encourage small failures Return on Failure Entrepreneurship Multiple intelligences 25. MOOCs and Malaysia Enable students access to the best professors (scaling up excellence) Brand education in Malaysia Attract international students Enable our students to work with students from all over the world MOOCs is an Antifragile opportunity for Malaysia 26. MOOCs for Malaysia Gain TimePositiveBlackSwan Loss 27. MOOCs @ Taylors We deployed the first MOOC, Entrepreneurship, in April 2013 2294 students from 125 different countries Success with Emotional Intelligence, is underway with 1984 students Global Entrepreneurship 1329 students And more 28. Global Entrepreneurship Students are working in teams. Taylors students need teams from the online community. Teams will need to raise funds using crowdfunding Daily Brain Rewiring MOOC Tools 29. Success MOOC 30. Brain Rewiring 31. Final Remark Education Systems are in the Fragile-Robust domain The more antifragile components that we introduce, the more the entire system becomes antifragile Antifragile education system will produce more antifragile graduates MOOCs on Open Learning are addictive You can always scale up excellence, but it has to exist in the first place 32. Dream.Big.Be.Different.Have.Fun Be.Antifragile