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Apache Sling is a web application framework which eases development of content centric applications. Sling is based on REST principles and uses a JCR content repository (JSR-170/JSR-283) for storage. Based on the JSR 223 specification (Scripting for the Java Platform) it integrates various scripting languages as OSGi bundles. Scala is a scalable programming language for the JVM which is fully interoperable with Java. It is designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type safe way. Scala smoothly bridges the gap between object oriented and functional paradigms. Despite being strongly typed, Scala has the touch and feel of a genuine scripting language. It has the ability to infer types of expressions rather than relying on the programmer to explicitly declare them. Scala thus combines the best of the two worlds: flexible scripting and strong tool support e.g. documentation, safe refactoring and fail fast compilation. Its flexible syntax lets programmers easily define their own internal DSLs, effectively extending the language without leaving it.

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