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Transcript of sayre theatre

  • 1. By: Carly Moore

2. Overview
Established in 1914 in Sayre, PA
Operated by BCRAC
Bradford County Regional Arts Council
Mission: to promote arts and culture in our region
Maintained by 15 employees
Manager: Marge Ross
Live Shows/Movies
3. Branding Strategy
Brand Position
Small theatre
Offers great service
Low prices
Brand Promise
Values customers
4. SWOT Analysis

  • Small variety ofmovies/performances 5. Few showing times 6. Lack of Technology 7. Service 8. Management 9. Customer Loyalty/Relationships 10. Comfortable atmosphere 11. Preserving local culture 12. Lots of volunteers/help/staff 13. Less business due to larger theatres 14. Lack of donations/volunteer help 15. Prices of food products rising 16. Ticket sales may continue to rise 17. Technological Advances

-Website improvement
18. Why the Sayre Theatre?
Holds a lot of history
Gives back to local community
Place for families
19. Core Problem
Non-Profit Organization
Not enough advertising for the Sayre Theatre
Relies heavily on marquee and website
People arent aware of shows/events
Results in poor ticket sales
20. Advertising Budget
Spends $800-$1,000 a month
Can get discounts on local radio & newspaper ads
21. Total: $1,146
22. Core Message
Comfortable atmosphere
Small-town feel
Family Oriented
Target Customer
Extended families
23. Radio Ad
Single Voice, :30 radio ad featuring on 102.1 FM- The Choice
Joel Clawson (The Choice radio personality, sounding excited/happy): Bring your family! Bring your friends! The Sayre Theatre offers the Valley great movies and shows at an affordable price with always-reliable service. Come take a look at local culture and art through the Sayre Theatre. Theres always something to see at the Sayre! Located on South Elmer Ave in Sayre. 570-882-9000, thats 570-882-9000. The Sayre Theatre, your familys theatre!

24. Newspaper Ad
Sayre Theatre

The home for local arts and culture

South Elmer Ave
Sayre, PA
(570) 882-9000

Thank you for keeping the Sayre Theatre the Valleys number one theatre! Enjoy great movies and great service with your friends and family.
25. 26. Evaluation
Ticket Sales
Increase in sales over a year?
How did the customer hear about Sayre?
27. end!