Save up to 80% on Medical and Dental Costs

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Save on your health and dental costs. Tired of paying high deductubles, tired of paying copays, are you fed up that you can not go to the doctors cause you are limited to the amount of times you are able to go. Then an Ameriplan Discount Health of Dental plan is what you need to save up to 80% off your health and dental costs. Want more information call me at 1-888-314-1582 or visit my site at

Transcript of Save up to 80% on Medical and Dental Costs

  • Ameriplan Discount Health And Dental Plans Who is Ameriplan Ameriplan is the Nation's Premier discount benefits comapany. Ameriplan is NOT an insurance company but it's an alternative to it. Ameriplan offers health and dental plans at affordable prices. Ameriplan has been around since 1992 owned by brothers Dennis and Daniel Bloom. They identified that Americans was having trouble paying for health and dental costs and came up with an alternative for people to be able to afford health and dental care. Why should you consider buying a plan from Ameriplan It's an alternative to save money on your doctor visits or any other service you recieve from your doctor, also save money on dental costs. When you buy traditional insurance you have to wait to be seen and you have to pay your deductibles which can be very high. And with dental insurace you have to wait to see a dentist and if you need to see a specialist you have to wait up to a year. With Ameriplan discount plan you don't have to wait. You can go and get seen by your dentist the next day and you can change dentists if you want. No waiting to see specialists and you can save up to 80% of the price. 1
  • Why Do I Recommend Ameriplan First you get so much for the price you pay. If you need to or don't have time to go to the doctor well with the health plan you are able to call a doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. Now does your insurance offer that. I've personally have used the plan and I have saved over $1200 for tooth extractions over $200 on prescriptions. My father used to pay over $600 a month for his prescriptions now he only pays $150 a month. My mother saves even more she takes 12 different medications and would have to pay over $1000 a month but with Ameriplan she now only pays $242 a month. She was also in the hospital for 3 weeks and her bill was over $7500 dollars but with the hospital advocacy program that's included my mom only had to pay $150 dollars. Can you see the savings you can get with this plan. What does the Dental Plan Plus Offer With the dental plan plus plan you will be able to go see the dentist immediately. There is no waiting to be seen and it covers your entire household no matter if they are related to you or not. Plus the dental plus plan offers you FREE of charge vision, prescription and chiropractic services for the same low price. So now you have 4 in 1 coverage. Compare Ameriplan To Insurance and tell me which is better As you can see Ameriplan wins hands down. So i'm going to tell you what is covered and the saving potential. Now I must say THAT THESE PRICES ARE NOT TYPICAL PRICES MAY VARY FROM 2
  • STATE TO STATE AND PRICES MAY CHANGE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT NOTICE. THESE ARE SAMPLES General Dentist Service Dentist Office fees up to Ameriplan Fees Ameriplan saving s Initial Oral Exam $130 $39 70% Periodic Oral Exam $73 $14 81% Regular teeth cleaning $181 $65 64% (Light scaling & polishing) Amalgam Fillings $198 $70 65% (silver colored) 1 surface primary or permanent Composite Filling $226 $95 58% (tooth colored) 1 surface (Anterior) Root Canal $ 1,012 $400 60% (excluding final restoration) Porcelain Crown $1,526 $575 60% (with high noble metal) Orthodontic Treatment Child $6,726 $2,300 66% (braces) Adult $7,066 $2,450 65% (Invisalign braces may not be included) 3
  • As you can see you Ameriplan can save you a lot of money. What is the Ameriplan Healthcare plan 1) Includes all the features of AmeriPlan Dental Plus. 2) Includes the incredible telemedicine program - AmeriDoc. Physician: No waiting period. No pre-authorization for treatment required. No paperwork. Instant savings. Specialists included (Where available). Most ongoing medical problems are included. Cosmetic surgery is included (Where available). No age limit. You can change physicians. AmeriDoc: Access to a Physician when you need it most. Around the Clock Physician Access for the entire family. Convenient Quality Care is only a click or a call away. It's like having a doctor in the family. Call or email a physician 24/7, without long waits at the doctor's office. Obtain information, recommendations and prescription medication, when appropriate. 4
  • Store and share your medical history and personal health records. No enrollment periods, insurance forms or denials based on preexisting conditions. Wellness Programs: Life-Line Screening. Stop-Smoking Workshop - 40% off. Hearing Discounts: A nationwide network of hearing care professionals comprised of top researchers, technology providers and patient practices Over 1,700 hearing centers and over 4,000 professionals are in our network Save 25% - 40% on hearing services Save 40% on hearing aids Ancillary Services: Physical therapy. Laboratory procedures. Imaging centers. Hearing services. Mental health services. Diabetic supplies. Hospital Advocacy: Should you need to be hospitalized, and the anticipated charges will exceed $2,500.00, an advocate will be assigned to negotiate the best possible fees for the hospital services. There is a three business day waiting period from the active date of your membership to utilize this program. Podiatry Services: Foot and ankle specialists provide comprehensive management, through medical or surgical methods, of a wide variety of problems that affect foot and ankle function. 5
  • If you want more information on how you can start saving on your health and dental costs Call Patricia Harris at 1-888-314-1582 or visit 6