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Ásatrú and Odinism Historical Influences and Precursors

Transcript of Ásatrú and Odinismjporter/Heathenry condensed.pdf · •Icelandic Asatru. Worldview •Animistic...

  • Ásatrú and Odinism

    Historical Influences andPrecursors

  • Historical Precursors-Historical Precursors-HeathenismHeathenism

    • Pre-Christian Germanic Religion andCulture

    - Tribal - “Carl” or clan leader = civil andspiritual head of clan

    - Religion integrated into daily life

    - Vikings as farmers, hunters, andwarriors

    • Elder (poetic) and Younger (prose) Eddas

    • Tell stories of gods, goddesses, men,women, giants, dwarfs, warriors,farmers, etc. all interacting - rolemodels for how to live, love, die inhonour.

  • Historical Precursors-Historical Precursors-HeathenismHeathenism

    • Icelandic Sagas

    • Multi-generational familystories - very real detailsabout the daily lives,religious practices, etc.

    - Olaf Tryggvason

    - Raud the Strong

    - Queen Sigrid of Sweden

    • Snorri Sturlusson - compiledEddas in 11th c., but storiespredate this.

  • Historical Precursors - Odinism• Social Turmoil in Germany

    – Wotan/Odin worship– Swastika = Thor’s hammer and

    wheel of sun

    • Alexander Rud Mills– The Odinist Religion:

    Overcoming Jewish Christianity(1930)

    • Else Christensen– The Odinist Fellowship (1971)

    • Racism/Racialism

  • Historical Precursors - Historical Precursors - AsatruAsatru•• Norse Mythology books -Norse Mythology books -

    Kveldulf Gundarsson•• The Broader Neo-PaganThe Broader Neo-Pagan

    MovementMovement• “A Wind through the

    World Tree” 1972-1973– Stephen McNallen’s Viking

    Brotherhood (Ásatrú FreeAssembly)

    – The Odhinnist Fellowship(John Yeowell)

    – Asatruarmenn (SvienbjörnBeinteinsson)

    •• Icelandic Icelandic AsatruAsatru

  • WorldviewWorldview

    •• Animistic andAnimistic andpanentheisticpanentheistic– Nature filled with

    spirtis, gods– Magic = miracle:

    asking for aid fromspiritual sources

    •• CyclicalCyclical– Ragnarok

  • WorldviewWorldview•• Nature basedNature based•• Multi-versalMulti-versal• Yggdrasil:

    – Asgard– Vanaheim– Ljossalfheim– Svartalfheim– Midgard– Muspellheim– Joutunheim– Niefelheim– Helheim

  • EthicsEthics• Courage• Truth• Honour• Troth• Self-Discipline• Hospitality• Industriousness• Self-Reliance• Perseverance

    •• TribalistTribalist• Nine Noble Virtues• Havamal

  • TheologyTheology

    •• PolytheisticPolytheistic•• AesirAesir:

    – Odin– Frigg– Thor– Sif– Loki– Tyr

  • TheologyTheology

    •• VanirVanir:– Njord & Skadi– Freya & Freyr

    •• Supernatural BeingsSupernatural Beings:– Landsvaettir– Disir– Valkyries– Norns– Wights, etc.

  • OrganizationOrganization

    • Kindred• Hearths• Garths• Heathens

    • Gydhia/Godhi, Godhar

    • Moots, Things, Althings

  • Ritual ToolsRitual Tools

    • Bowl• Ring• Hammer

  • Varieties of HeathenismVarieties of Heathenism•• OdinismOdinism – The Odinic Rite

    – Emphasis is primarily on thegod Odin, less on otherAesir and Vanir deities

    – Odin as “all father,” the maledivine principle, source of allinspiration

    – Religion “genetically”appropriate for certainpeople and not for others

    – “Without race there isnothing: therefore our firstduty is a study of race andthe significance of Aryanpeople to world history”

  • Varieties of HeathenismVarieties of Heathenism

    •• Folkish AsatruFolkish Asatru – Asatru Folk Assembly– Polytheistic (not Odin-centred)– No “political” racist/racialist agenda - but, still maintain

    “genetic” argument re: religion– Stephen McNallen (original founder of Viking Brotherhood)

  • Varieties of HeathenismVarieties of Heathenism

    •• TheodismTheodism – Garmin Lord– Heathen Reconstructionism - reviving not only the religion, but

    the culture, art, lifestyles, of pre-christian Germanic peoples– Self-consciously “Tribal” - hierarchical structure of Lord/Lady

    (leaders), Carls (active, knowledgeable members) and Thralls(those who seek to join, but not yet found worthy).

    – Stress importance of learning, scholarship

  • Varieties of HeathenismVarieties of Heathenism•• AsatruAsatru – Irminsul Aettir

    – Icelandic model– No racialist message– Not based on Kindred,

    instead on “aettir” - meansextended family.

  • Varieties of HeathenismVarieties of Heathenism•• General GermanicGeneral Germanic

    PaganismPaganism – The Troth– Germanic mythology, but

    can be Druid with Germanicemphasis, Witch withGermanic emphasis, etc.

    – Elders (The High Rede) -governing council

    – Godman, Godwoman(instead of Gydhia/Godhi)

  • Varieties of HeathenismVarieties of Heathenism•• OdinismOdinism – The Odinic Rite

    •• Folkish AsatruFolkish Asatru – AsatruFolk Assembly

    •• AsatruAsatru – Irminsul Aettir

    •• General GermanicGeneral GermanicPaganismPaganism – The Troth

    Asatru Folk Assembly

  • RitualsRituals

    •• BlotsBlots•• SumbelsSumbels

  • RitualsRituals

    •• SeidhrSeidhr• Spirit possession• Hrafnar (Ravens)

  • RitualsRituals

    •• GaldrGaldr

    •• MakingMakingTaufrTaufr

  • Rituals Rituals –– Wheel of the Year Wheel of the Year

    • Disting/Disablot (Jan 31-Feb. 1)• Ostara (March 21)• Maitag/Merry Moon (April 30-May 1)• Midsummer (June 21)• Loaf-Feast/Freyfaxi (July 31/Aug. 1)• Fallfest/Winter Finding (Sept. 21)• Dieses/Winternight (15th-30th October)