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Transcript of Sascha P. Corti Microsoft Switzerland Developer & Platform Evangelism ...

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  • Sascha P. Corti Microsoft Switzerland Developer & Platform Evangelism
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  • Silverlight Streaming Virtual Earth Virtual Earth Control 6.2 Virtual Earth Web Services 1.0 Live Mesh Programming the Live Mesh
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  • Provides developers a free, scalability-on-demand solution for Silverlight
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  • Up to 10GB Hosting per Account Up to 105MB per Video File Map account / application via WebDAV[user]/[app]/ Easily embed applications using IFRAME
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  • Blend Encoder Remote Silverlight Control & Video Embedded in HTML Local Silverlight Control loads Remote Video Silverlight Application Embedded in HTML as Windows HTA Application Silverlight Application Silverlight Video Asset
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  • Your Applicati on Virtual Earth Platform (AJAX Control & Virtual Earth Web Services) MapTiles Imagery Tiles Elevation and 3D Models Search (Yellow Pages) Geo- coding Collections User Generated Traffic Data Routing and Directions Data Services & Reporting
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  • Data Sources ProcessingStorageAccessDelivery VE AJAX Control 3D Control Maps are verified, reprojected, and tiled. In addition to tiling, photogrammetry is used to determine terrain elevation and build 3D models Road data is rendered into maps, then tiled. Aerial Imagery + Elevation data 3D Models Road Maps POI Data Data Centers Images captured via the UltraCam Maps & images licensed from USGA, Pictometry, NASA, GeoEye, etc. Road data and Points of interest are licensed from NavTeq
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  • Made by Vexcel, acquired in May 2006 216 Megapixel 3 GB/Second 14 Processors Swappable Storage limited only by room on the plane Exclusive Source of Imagery for Creating 3D Building Models in Virtual Earth through Photogrammetry: Geometric properties of Buildings and Landscape can be determined from 2-D Photos.
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  • AJAX Control Embedded in a web page, shows 2D maps Managed 3D Control Activated through the AJAX control Virtual Earth Web Services SOAP Web Services that handle server-side requests Map Cruncher A tool from MS Research to add your maps to the VE experience
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  • Developed by Microsoft Research, now in Beta Takes digitized maps (jpg, pdf, etc.) and reprojects them, turns them into map tiles that can be layered on top of the base imagery Easy to use: just find 3 or more similar points on the digitized map and the base imagery (the more the better) and MapCruncher does the rest.
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  • Map Control Access to both 2D and 3D; road, aerial & birds eye imagery Navigation tools: zoom, navigation panel, mini-map Events & callbacks to respond to user control Shapes Points, Lines, Polygons Placed on Layers with custom pop-ups Find Geocoding, Points of Interest/Yellow Pages listings Routing Multipoint routing, driving & walking directions Traffic Integration Integration Vector data from: GeoRSS/KML, Live Search Maps collections Raster data from custom tile layers (MapCruncher)
  • Slide 17 var map = null; function Get"> var map = null; function GetMap() { map = new VEMap('myMap'); map.LoadMap(); }"> var map = null; function Get" title=" var map = null; function Get">
  • var map = null; function GetMap() { map = new VEMap('myMap'); map.LoadMap(); }
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  • Imagery Service Static Maps and Tiles Image Metadata Search Service White/Yellow Pages & Collections One box and structured Geocode Service Geocode & Reverse Geocoding Route Service Multi-point routing Major Routes (one-click directions) Common Service (asmx) Authentication and Tokens
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  • The new Virtual Earth Web Services offers static map images for road and aerial maps. ImageryServiceClient imageryService = new ImageryServiceClient(); MapUriRequest mapuriReq = new MapUriRequest { Credentials = new Credentials { Token = token }, Center = new Location { Latitude = 47.64122, Longitude = -122.107848 }, Options = new MapUriOptions { ZoomLevel = 5, Style = MapStyle.AerialWithLabels, ImageType = ImageType.Gif, ImageSize = new SizeOfint { Height = 400, Width = 400 }, } }; MapUriResponse mapuriRep = imageryService.GetMapUri(mapuriReq);
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  • The full power of the Microsoft Virtual Earth Routing Engine, exposed through SOAP-based web services, expands the potential for powerful location-based mobile applications or by letting server-side code work with routing data before it is sent to the user. RouteServiceClient routingService = new RouteServiceClient(); Waypoint[] points = new Waypoint[2]; points[0] = new Waypoint { Location = new Location { Latitude = 47.741278, Longitude = -121.107844 } }; points[1] = new Waypoint { Location = new Location { Latitude = 47.068869, Longitude = -117.364317 } }; RouteRequest routeReq = new RouteRequest { Credentials = new Credentials { Token = token }, Waypoints = points }; RouteResponse routeResp = routingService.CalculateRoute(routeReq);
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  • SDKs, examples, blogs and more Samples in this session, plus BONUS content Questions on Licensing: Partners:
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  • are a set of building blocks for handling user data and application resources which can connect your application to hundreds of millions of users. Mesh Services
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  • Foundation: Cloud at the core Identity: People, devices, and applications Data: Universal representation Devices: Topology and management Sync: Bring data closer to users and apps Sharing: Distribute data among users State: Complete awareness Comms: Seamless connections
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  • Platforms in Preview: Windows XP Windows Vista Mac OS X Windows Mobile 6 Platforms in Preview: Windows XP Windows Vista Mac OS X Windows Mobile 6
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  • creator consumer processor consumer rich end-point
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  • Access user data Access information on user devices Access users social graph Sync users data Access users profile Provide access control to users data Share users data Provide news on actions Manage applications
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  • Devices Media Resources Data Entry MembersMappingsData FeedsNewsSubscription ApplicationsNewsNotification Queue Mesh Objects ScriptsProfilesMeshContacts Live Operating Environment Data Entry
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  • Bring exciting new devices into the Mesh, integrate with core infrastructure and experience. World of Devices Seamlessly integrate social applications across invites, news feeds, local devices experiences, and more. Social and Community Sites Service-enable client applications, make them Mesh- aware, enable multi-user sharing-based experiences. Client-to- the Web Take your web application and content to the client, enable a rich and seamless offline experience. Web-to- the Client
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  • Talking to Live Services is easy We speak HTTP.NET, PHP, Java,Python, Ruby, AIR, Flash, Silverlight, etc. all speak HTTP Talk to client the same way you talk to cloud
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  • 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Windows, Windows Vista and other product names are or may be registered trademarks and/or trademarks in the U.S. and/or other countries. The information herein is for informational purposes only and represents the current view of Microsoft Corporation as of the date of this presentation. Because Microsoft must respond to changing market conditions, it should not be interpreted to be a commitment on the part of Microsoft, and Microsoft cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information provided after the date of this presentation. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS PRESENTATION.