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  • 1. M&Ms are colorful button-shaped candies produced by Mars, Incorporated. The candy shells have the letter "m" printed in lower case on one side, surround a variety of fillings (Wikipedia) M&Ms

2. Later on in the year, people started making cookies with M&Ms. Every hour, people perfected a process whereby 3,300 pounds of chocolate centers. In 2012, Ms Brown was released.(Wikipedia) 3. Forrest Mars, invented the idea for the candy in the 1930s, during the Spanish Civil War, when he saw soldiers eating chocolate pellets with a hard shell of tempered chocolate surrounding the inside (Wikipedia) 4. In 1980, M&M's were introduced internationally to Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and the United Kingdom. In 1999, Crispy M&M's were released. They are available in Europe, Australia, and Southeast Asia. 5. In 1991, Peanut Butter M&M's were released. These candies have peanut butter inside the chocolate center and the same color scheme as the other brands (Wikipedia) 6. M&M's also introduced another new product called "M&M's Premiums" in 2008. They are sold in small upright cartons with a plastic bag inside. They also made Pretzel M&Ms. (Wikipedia) 7. Thanks for Watching! By Sara