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Kaba B-Comm4 SAP Business ByDesign

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  • 1. Modern time and attendance & accesscontrol with SAP Business ByDesign
  • 2. Integrated business processes in SAP Business ByDesign Time and attendance on a leasing basis with the on-demand solution of SAP Business ByDesign2 B-COMM ERP 4 SAP Business ByDesign
  • 3. Data collection integratedin SAP Business ByDesignAs one of the leading manufacturers of solutions for time andattendance and access control, Kaba offers a time and attendancesolution integrated in the on-demand software SAP Business ByDesignon a leasing basis, thus underlining its technological leadership.The solution B-COMM ERP 4 - In the solution B-COMM ERP 4 - Your timesheet administrators areSAP Business ByDesign is easy to SAP Business ByDesign, your employ- provided with an overview of all theoperate and can be introduced by ees can book the functions In, Out, booked times and thus see, for in-you in a very short space of time. Break and Authorized absence. stance, which times are booked on theIt then runs automatically in the These data are then loaded into the flexitime account on which days orbackground. Attractive leasing SAP Business ByDesign system in whether there are times outside of themodels ensure transparent costs order to determine the actual working flexitime structure. If the requirementsfor you. time, update flexitime accounts or to of your company grow or change over communicate data to an external pay- time, the Kaba system can be easily roll calculation system. adapted.You, as a SAP Business ByDesign cus- Communication with the SAP system istomer or partner, also now benefit always encrypted. The flexitime bal-from our experience from more than ances and the vacation balances are1,300 successful SAP projects world- always displayed to your employees atwide. the time and attendance terminals. B-COMM ERP 4 SAP Business ByDesign 3
  • 4. Benefits of our solution Benefits for you With B-COMM ERP 4 - SAP Business ByDesign and our terminals, we offer you an integrated system for time and attendance with SAP Business ByDesign. The solution developed by Kaba runs unnoticed in the background and controls the communication with the terminals and SAP Business ByDesign. The solution B-COMM ERP 4 SAP Business ByDesign B-COMM ERP 4 SAP Business ByDesign makes duplicate is the customized Business ByDesign interface for small data collection in the system unnecessary. Validation logic and medium-sized companies (SMEs): that has been tried in more than 1,300 B-COMM ERP instal- > Our solution has been specifically developed for use with lations is also available in B-COMM ERP 4 - SAP Business SAP Business ByDesign ByDesign and thus facilitates error-free operation fully > Kaba is the development and solution partner of SAP and automatically and of course in the background. works closely with SAP on the development of modern This makes additional costs for software support, new concepts for time and attendance and access control releases for third-party software and training courses for > Simple and rapid adjustments to customer requirements, system administrators virtually unnecessary. e.g. response texts, booking dialogs or the integration of Our add-ons are supplied already with the installation and different badge systems and biometrics can be activated by a simple license update. Operation is > Simple extensibility to include additional terminals, done via a graphical user interface and makes working eas- software add-ons and mobile data collection ier for you with a uniform look & feel within the Kaba system. A modern, web-based time and attendance system is of course also available.4 B-COMM ERP 4 SAP Business ByDesign
  • 5. System overview Customer side SAP data center Access Control In/Out/Break Time and Attendance Time account balances Mobile Data Collection ESS working hours sheet Payroll calculation Flextime account Projects (external) Web Terminal> The employees record In, Out, Break, Authorized Absence, their project times and their access at a Kaba terminal using a RFID medium, either contact-free or biometrically using their finger.> The bookings are compared against master data tables of SAP Business ByDesign.> The In, Out and Break bookings are forwarded to the time and attendance system of SAP Business ByDesign (in the data center of SAP AG) for processing and further handling. There, the flexitime balances are recalculated taking into account the authorized absences and automatic or booked breaks. Errors, missing times or times outside of the flexitime structure are updated by the timesheet administrator.> The actual working hours determined are transferred back to the time and attendance terminals as flexitime balance with residual vacation. The times can be distributed over an ESS working hours sheet, and also to projects. At the end of the month, the data are prepared according to wage types for the external payroll calculation system. B-COMM ERP 4 SAP Business ByDesign 5
  • 6. Ready for the future with add-ons The add-on modules are executed directly in your web browser and do not have to be installed on your computer. Data exchange between the terminals and the system used is encrypted. This guarantees high data security. For all add-on modules, the admini- Application cases for the Visitor Personal View strator of the system has the option Management module: This module shows you all bookings of assigning each user precisely the > Registration of visitor data in the system at a glance, no matter privileges that his or her work re- as soon as the visitors enter the whether it is from a visitor or an quires. Modules the users are not company employee. This allows you to deter- authorized for will not even be > Prior registration of visitors mine who has posted last at the access displayed to them. This makes by the employee concerned reader of the side entrance. You can navigation in the Web Client simple, > Visitor card management and visitor see all bookings by an employee from quick and user-friendly. card generation time and attendance to access con- > Overview of attendance, absence trol. and registered visitors Visitor Management > Card management for contractors, Visitor Management is a module for such as cleaning services or service Web Terminal visitor and contractor management. It providers With our add-on Web Terminal, you use allows you - independently of SAP - to time and attendance at a PC directly generate and administer identification in the Web browser. In the process, numbers and visitor cards. This allows Attendance Board In/Out/Breaks/Authorized Absences a non-employee to take part in the The Attendance Board provides up-to- are transferred directly into your SAP companys time and attendance and/ date information on the time and Business ByDesign exactly as if you or access control, without his or her attendance status of your employees. were to collect them at a stationary data reaching the SAP system. This can be the last booking by the terminal. Different mask profiles can be stored employee on the time and attendance for the individual users, thus making terminal or even an absence informa- data input very easy and quick espe- tion from the SAP system, su