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  • VOLUME 22 . NUMBER 1 . w iNtER 2013 www.saNfORdschOOL .ORg

    Sanford AlumniBecome Sanford Parents

    See page 25 for the latest on Homecoming 2013!

    Children of Alumni benefit from the Sanford Community.

    Children of Alumni benefit from the Sanford Community.

  • Sanford .Winter 2013


    Sanford Alumni Become Sanford Parents

    8 The Arts at Sanford

    12 Fall & Winter Highlights

    16 Meet the Newest Members of Our

    Board of Trustees17

    Spotlight on Athletics20

    Connecting with Our Community28

    Alumni Notes

    Mark J. Anderson

    A Message from the Head of School:


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    On the cover: Sanford alumni children (clockwise from top left) Kyle Oberle,

    Amelia Kopp, Philip Donahue, Max Congo, Wyatt Conly, and Riley Wohlman

    connect in Stephen May Hall.

    Dear Parents, Alumni, & Friends:A common refrain we hear from guests who visit Sanfords campus for the first time is, Wow, I never knew this beautiful school was back here! Dozens of times I have heard a version of this statement, often from lifelong residents of Wilmington and even neighbors who live right here in Hockessin. When I arrived in 2011, Sanford was described as a hidden gem of our community. We are working hard to change this perception.

    The feedback we receive from our parents and alumni is consistently positive and reaffirms that Sanford continues to live our motto: No Talent Lies Latent. Our challenge is and will continue to be getting this message out to the greater community and our future generations of prospective parents.

    Last year, our leadership team crafted a multi-pronged marketing plan, the first in our schools history that would enable us to spread the word about Sanfords exceptional program.

    First, we wanted to actively bring families who dont attend Sanford to campus. Sanford has partnered with Piedmont Baseball and Hockessin Soccer through sponsorship and field usage for their youth teams. Hockessin Soccer Club held their Spooktacular youth tournament at Sanford in October, and hundreds of athletes spent a beautiful fall day at Sanford. Similarly, Sanford hosted the Michael J. Fox Foundations Pancakes for Parkinsons event in September, and the Second Annual Back-2-School Wig Out brought many visitors to our athletic center this fall. These events showcase the best of Sanfordboth in spirit and locale.

    Secondly, we needed to jazz up our marketing materials and publications. In the last 12 months, Sanford has launched a much overdue new website, added full color to our publications, and created a school Facebook page. In addition, Sanford has designed and implemented a new school logoone which honors the tradition and legacy of our school and speaks to the freshness and vibrancy of the Sanford of today.

    Finally, we asked our parents to take an active role in promoting the great work happening at Sanford. Word of mouth continues to be our very best marketing tool. Each year, dozens of families come to us specifically because friends, neighbors, and coworkers recommend Sanford.

    While marketing our school is vitally important, it pales in comparison to the real work and mission of Sanford School: delivering great educational experiences for our students. Just as we are uncovering the hidden gem that is Sanford, we are also polishing that gem, and making certain that our programs are engaging, richer, and meeting the needs of our students.

    This year, we have:

    Added a Mac media lab to our upper school to complement the full radio studio

    Enhanced the profile of our college counseling office

    Added science offerings in the lower and upper schools

    Begun planning for a campus-wide wireless network in 2013

    Improved technology in our three divisions.

    Our alumni, families and students have known that Sanford has been a gem for over 80 years. I look forward to making our school shine even brighter in the coming yearsand I also look forward to the day when visitors cant say, I never knew Sanford was back here.

    February 2013

  • 1saNfORd aLUMNi BEcOME saNfORd paRENts

    elly McNutt Donahue 86 remembers distinctly the day her son, Philip, now 15, first visited Sanford as a prospective student. He was already enrolled elsewhere at a preschool for three-year-olds, but he wasnt

    enjoying school as much as Donahue had hoped. Every day he would cling to me and he didnt want to go in to school, she says. When Philip visited Sanfords junior kindergarten, she was prepared for

    more of the same, but this time it was different. He was only supposed to stay for a few hours, but he was so immersed in what they were doing that he ended up spending the whole day there.

    By Theresa Gawlas Medoff

    Sanford AlumniBecome Sanford Parents

    Large photo above: While Matthew Stein (right) enjoys the technology that Sanford offers, he also benefits from community collaboration with friends like Steven Wolhar. Above right: Like son Matthew, Mike Stein 86 reaped the rewards of individual attention from Sanford faculty members.

  • 2 saNfORd aLUMNi BEcOME saNfORd paRENts Sanford .Winter 2013

    Sanford felt like home

    he Donahues were already leaning toward Sanford, but Philips visit made the choice obvious. Sending him to Sanford instead of another school felt like the difference between leaving him with my mother or sending him to day care, Donahue says. Sanford felt like home.

    Today, Philip is a ninth grader at Sanford and still happily immersed. He recently completed that challenging first trimester of upper school, and stayed busy preparing for and performing in the schools production of The Sound of Music, in which he played Friedrich. He also sings in the chorus and plays tennis.

    Sanford is like my second home, Philip says. I really like the feeling of community herenot just community, of family. From the moment I could comprehend the idea, I realized that Sanford can welcome anyone as its own. I really like that you can be yourself and feel accepted by everyone.

    Philips sister, Patsy, followed in his footsteps and is now a sixth grader at Sanford. Kelly says she knows she made the right schooling decision, particularly when she sees the difference in what her children are learning compared to the work being done by their friends who attend other schools. The school work Philip and Patsy are doing is at another, higher level, says Donahue, and Im thrilled with the extracurricular activities at Sanford, too.

    In the KnowParents seeking a school for their child typically attend open houses and talk with administrators, teachers and other parents. Those who grew up in the northern Delaware and surrounding areas have an extra resourcethey can draw on

    their own school experiences. And for many Sanford alumni, that knowledge makes Sanford the natural choice.

    I love Sanford, and I always said that I want my kids to go there, says Jaime Corrado Kopp 96, whose daughter, Amelia, is a first grader at Sanford. I attended Sanford since third grade and I had an amazing experience there. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldnt do it any differently, Kopp says. I cant tell you how much Amelia has grown at Sanford just with her reading capability. Shes very happy there.

    Kopps sentiments are shared by other Sanford alumni: They value the education they received at Sanford, and they want the same for their own children. Sanford was a wonderful experience for me. Im always singing Sanfords praises because of what it did for my life, says Nai-te Watson 89, now a vice president in the private bank at J.P. Morgan Trust Company of Delaware.

    Watson had attended public school through eighth grade, and then transferred to Sanford for upper school. He noticed differences immediately, most especially in how much the teachers cared about every student. They really cared about you as peoplesocially and emotionally, not just academically, Watson says. My teachers pushed me and showed me that I could achieve more than I ever realized. Watson played basketball at Sanford, and he says that Coach Stan Waterman always stressed to players that they were scholar-athletes, and that school was most important.

    Troy Grandel 80 likewise says he set his sights higher because of his experience at Sanford, and his education fully prepared him to reach those goals, he adds. I wouldnt have gone to law school if Sanford hadnt prepared me so well for college, says Grandel, who teaches political science, business law and English in the legal studies program at Wilmington University. His three children and his stepson have all attended Sanford: Katharine Grandel 09, Eileen Grandel 10, David Wang 11 and Sam Grandel, a twelfth grader. Grandel says they have all expressed satisfaction with how well Sanford prepared them for college. Katharine, in fact, is managing to hold down a full-time job while simultaneously attending the University of Delaware full time.

    Sanford was a great school when I went there, and its even better now. Its so much better than the public schools in the area, Troy adds. As a professor at Wilmington University, h