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  • 1.Sandra Faustin

2. When I am an adult I want to be that kind of person that helps people and create stuff. Because I like to give people advice when they're sad or not feeling well, and I wanna be someone who creates stuff because I like making things and drawing. 3. What I Want To Be In Adulthood... During Adulthood, I might want to be a Doctor or Fashion Designer. 4. My First Career Choice: Doctor. 5. pictures of Doctors 6. My Qualities for being a doctor. - Helping People - Learning my Mistakes - Taking Responsibility -Making Sure Someone Is Ok QUALITIES I NEED: Taking Responsibility , identifying someones problem 7. -5:00 A.m wake up clean, Eat Breakfast -6:30 Go to work -7:00 - 1:00 Doctor Job -1:00 - 1:30 Lunch -1:30 - 9:00 Work doctor -9:00- Go home / dinner -9:00-9:30 Clean / tv -10:00 Sleep. 8. Educational Path: -Kenny school finish grade 5 -f.d.r Finish grade 6 B.L.A or B.L.S ( maybe) finish grade 7- high school - college= umass ( Maybe) 4-6 years (master) - Doctor School 9. Salary information/ cost of living $396,233 ( Per Year) salary. Mortgage = $1650 utilities= $673 tv/internet=$150 groceries=$800 car payment= $3,000 Cell Phone=$138 10. Salary information/ cost of living ( continue ) laundry= $140 Church money = $40 Total= 6,830 PER MONTH 6,830 x 12 =81,960 Dollars per YEAR 396,233-81,960=314,272 left in savings. 11. Being a Doctor will contribute to society because I will be able to help people with problems,make people feel better and healthier with their lives. 12. Interview Questions: on People 1.How Many Years Of College Altogether Including Doctors School Does it take to be a doctor? 2.How Much Money Would I get Paid Per Hour? 3.How Many Hours do you have to work ? 4.which school best get you going to be a doctor? 5.What will i most be responsible of other than taking care of people ? 13. 6.What Opportunities will i have doing being a doctor ? 7. How Early will my job start ? 8. will i have to get my own uniform? 9.When will the job end ? 10. how many specialties will i have to do ? 14. My second career choice : 15. Pictures of fashion Designers 16. Qualities for being a Fashion Designer: Artist , Can Design . My Qualities: Drawing Being Artistic Keeping Opened Minded 17. A Day In The Life 8:00- 9:00 Wake up / clean / change / eat 9:00 got to Work 9:00- 3:00 Fashion Design 3:00 - 3:30 Lunch 3:00-10:00 Work 10:00-10:30 Clean / dinner/ tv 10:30 Sleep 18. Educational Path Kenny School Finish 5 Grade Franklin D. Roosevelt Finish 6 grade (maybe) Bla or Bls (maybe) finish grade 7-high school Boston University (maybe) Bachelors. 19. Salary information/ Cost of living $ 62,860 per year . 6,850 x 12 = 81,960. 62,860 mortgage= $1650 81,960 utilities = $679 -_______ tv/internet= $ 150 -19,100 left in savings groceries=$800 car payment = 3,000 car insurance = $249 Cell phone = $138 laundry = $140 church=$40 total all together PER MONTH is 6,850 20. Being a fashion designer will contribute to society because its artistic,I can create/design my own clothes for me and for people and anyone in the world. so everyone can have clothes. 21. Interview Questions For Fashion Designers 1.How many creations do i have to make in a day? much money do i get paid per hour if i work full time? 3.When Do I Usually Start ? 4.How early do i have to wake up? i get to make my own designs or they choose for me to make clothes with ? i get assignments to bring home ? 7.How many specialties for fashion designing are their ? 8. do i get to do shows ? 9. do i travel or get vacations? 10. do i move station to station in designing ? 22. A. AS A Graduating 5th Grade will affect my path towards my career because I will be one step forward and one steep smarter to to reaching my goal. For example if I go to 6 grade I can learn even/understand more since im gaining more knowledge. B. What I can do now to help me get there is Keep Straight and focus of getting 7 more years of school + going to college and make more good choices for myself. For example taking extra classes or staying focused/ on task for what I need to get done. c. Extra Things Besides School that could help me reach my goal of doing the career is after school classes or more information about how to be a doctor or a fashion designer so I could learn more about the topic. 23. The End SANDRA FAUSTIN THE END