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Samsung Galaxy gear

Transcript of Samsung galaxy gear,gear fit and gear 2

  • 1. GALAXY GEAR ---------------------------- --- Guided by : Prof. Anil Chinchwa Presentedby MitaliSagavekar PradnyaPatil RahulMore

2. We are gonna see.. Pranav Mistry & his great inventions Samsung Galaxy Gear Features of Galaxy Gear Applications of Galaxy Gear Samsung Gear Manager New versions of Galaxy gear Comparisons between Gear,Gear 2 & Gear neo Compatible with devices 3. PRANAV MISTRY Mastermind behind of galaxy gear Invented a wearable gesture device SPARSH software Galaxy Gear is the first real smart watch technology from Samsung Sixth sense technology 4. SAMSUNG GALAXY GEAR 5. FEATURES OF GALAXY GEAR Android 4.2.2, Jelly Bean High quality 3 inches OLED screen Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC 4-megapixel camera Support S-Voice for voice commands Uses an Android-based operating system with a minimalistic interface and gesture- based navigation 800MHz Processor 6. Entertainment Purpose Capture an image APPLICATIONS OF GALAXY GEAR 7. Callin g Messaging & mailing 8. Gaming & other apps Gives notification 9. S Voice When you say a command to the microphone on this device, S Voice on the connected smartphone launches. 10. SAMSUNG GEAR MANAGER Manages the connection between your Galaxy Gear and a connected smartphone Customize your Galaxy Gear settings and 11. NEW VERSIONS OF GEAR Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 OS : Tizen 1 GHz dual core processor Heart rate sensor Infrared support 2 megapixels 12. Samsung Galaxy Gear Neo OS : Tizen 1 GHz dual core processor No camera Heart rate sensor Infrared support Bluetooth versions 4.0 Light in weight 13. Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit OS : Tizen Display : 1.84 inches with a 432128 resolution Sensors include an accelerometer, gyro, and heart r Super AMOLED display Instant notification Stylish look Changeable straps 14. Applications of Gear Fit 15. COMPATIBLE WITH WHICH DEVICES 16. CONCLUSION : Samsung Galaxy Gear is a new ERA of Technology. It provides seeing the notifications and messages on watch screen. It also helps in taking calls directly without picking up your big smart phone. Easy way to communicate. Samsung is trying to implement a Smart phone in your Watch like Gear. It will be very useful in a Daily busy 17. REFERENCES : GalaxyNote3andGear_UserDigest.pdf "Samsung unveils Galaxy Gear smartwatch with 1.63-inch AMOLED touchscreen, built-in camera, 70 apps". Engadget. Retrieved 9 December 2013. "Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Samsung Galaxy Gear". Samsung Electronics. 23 October 2013. 18. THANK YOU..